Listener Questions & Answers for 1-16-20 – Epi-3430 — 6 Comments

  1. My keto pizza involves using sliced turkey breast as the base, and then just putting the tomato paste with some sprinkled oregano and then top it with Meatlovers toppings!

  2. Neither Elon Musk nor Jeff Bezos benefitted from the Cantillon Effect as stated min 60 of this podcast.

    • You know nothing of their history if you claim that.

      Go look how much government money there were handed. And go tell me they paid the same on loans as you and I did.

      • Not Cantillon Effect.
        Low interest govt loans don’t equate to Cantillon.
        What is definition of Cantillon?

        • May be you should know the definition before saying something isn’t it.

          “The Cantillon Effect is a phenomenon that describes the uneven effect of inflation on goods and assets in an economy. It occurs when new fiat money is injected into the economy at specific points, and its effects are felt by different people and industries at different times, causing a distortion in relative prices that benefits certain parties while disadvantaging others. The effect can be seen as a non-legislative and regressive tax on the purchasing power of citizens by the government.”