Episode-1833- Expert Council Q&A for 7-22-16 — 8 Comments

    • Great show Jack – I think your description of Freedom should be turned into a kids book, cartoon, and public service announcement. Please clip your explanation of Freedom from the podcast and make it available for TSP’s to distribute.

      Many thanks from a fellow PA’ian zip 16822

  1. Yep… My first time in the “gas hut” with CS gas we were made to run around and do the jumping jack thing. When it came time and we all took off our masks, people started freaking out and someone slammed into me and knocked my mask on the ground… I had to go fishing for it and was crawling around on the ground trying to find it. I wanted nothing more than to get out of there but of course the Master Corporals were blocking the door. It was bloody awful but after that, I hung on to my mask for all I was worth. The Master Jacks teased me quite a bit after that. I was accidentally pepper sprayed since then but after the CS gas, pepper spray is nothing.

  2. I felt like that last CALLER for a long time and being mad at people for not seeing the soap opera that is American politics. Thanks Jack for helping me look at it another way, I will continue growing and raising my own food that I have been for years.

  3. The expert shows are nice because there is so much less swearing! I have a better chance listening to these episodes with my kids.

  4. I have a different take than Gary on why low carb diets stop working. When you first cut our carbs, you also cut out a lot of fats too (cookies, cakes, donuts, french fries, you get the idea), so you dramatically reduce your caloric intake. It takes a while to figure out how to eat enough food. That period of caloric deficit, where you haven’t figured it out yet is what makes most of these low carb diets “work”. So if you go “back on it” a second time, you already know how to eat higher calories with those restrictions so it won’t work a second time.

    I actually did Atkins for about 3 weeks this summer with less than 25 grams of protein a day. Then I switched to a diet that’s sounds quite similar to the Protein Power diet you described, except that you track your calories.

    Based on my experience tracking my calories, I estimate that I was probably only eating 1200-1400 calories per day when on Atkins.

    When I switched to my current diet (.8 grams of protein per pound of goal bodyweight and total calories of goal body weight x 15), like you say in the podcast I was amazed at how much food I had to eat (if you eat relatively clean). At this point in my journey, I’m convinced that tracking and reducing calories is the only way to sustainable weightloss. (And of course strength training so that you don’t lose muscle along the way.)

    Tracking your calories is incredibly freeing. Before, if I had Chipotle, I would feel guilty about eating the whole thing. Now I have a triple steak Chipotle bowl, enjoy every bite, and still lose weight. By way of proof:

    • Pat, as someone who is pretty deeply entrenched in the health world I found a few things interesting in your response. First, if you are going low carb and doing it correctly that would not mean a reduction in fat calories. This would only be the case if you are going more in a Vegan direction, which is technically not a low carb diet. By taking out the highly processed foods that are sugar and carb heavy and replacing them primarily with healthy animal protein, vegetables with limited or no fruit, your fat calories should not decrease but actually increase. Simple point all animal sources of protein come with a healthy portion of fat already included.

      I think you are doing what a lot of other people do and that is confusing healthy calories with just calories in general. You can reduce your calorie intake, but still be consuming nutrient empty foods, or you can eat healthy food choices with the same reduced calorie count and have two very different results.

      I have never counted calories during my Primal lifestyle years, I simply eat healthy portions until full, and eat only when my tells me I’m hungry. By simply tracking calories is not really an effective way of prolonged health, and I consider an over simplification of weight loss. Sure calories matter, but they are also a moving target day to day depending on energy expenditures. Your metabolism is always a moving target depending on your day to day expenditures, so eating 1200-1500 calories one day then eating 3000 the next can be totally normal in a healthy lifestyle.

  5. I loved the analogy of massive debt being as oppressive as toxic gas…and you don’t know how bad it is until you take off your mask. We tolerated debt for 20 years and lost all our stored energy during 2005-2013 home “ownership”. We’ve gone to great lengths to pay it all off. I am extremely leery of taking on a mortgage again and plan to wait 2-3 years for the bubble to burst again.

    The debt-based life is the Matrix, and I’m done being a battery for the machine.