Episode-1815- Expert Council Q&A for 6-24-16 — 14 Comments

  1. Question for Jack, Doc Bones, or anyone, does night work weaken ones bones, especially ribs?
    Anyone know of a vest to wear to protect ribs, does one exist or anyone have have s design and list of materials to build one. I would add shoulder injuries as being up there with knee and neck\back as very annoying injuries. Great show today. I would add that tv retards peoples ability to think critically, dump your tv and you will be amazed how your free thinking ability improves.

  2. Just made our first tspaz order and want to thank you for a great show. Happy anniversary!

  3. Steve!!
    Solar Water Heater (homemade or purchased) – Would these be useful for thermal (in floor tubing) heating? Would they be a wise purchase then? I don’t have a radiant heating system – but would like to build one in my trailer, for 1 or 2 rooms (not the whole thing).

  4. Re: jacked up knee (and other inflamed tissue!)…though I cannot recommend this for anyone else, as it is an alternative treatment, and one which is not without some risk, as DMSO is a solvent. Nonetheless, I successfully treated a torn mcl in my right knee using only DMSO (70% solution). The doctor had said the mcl tear was bad enough that surgey was my only real option, and arthritis would be inivitable, even if the procedure worked. After hobbling around with a cane and fairly extreme persistent pain for several months, I remember that I already posessed pharma-grade DMSO. I applied it to clean (no soap!) skin twice per day allowing it soak in and dry for 20 minutes. This was done for only about 6 weeks and I experienced full mobility and complete relief for the pain. Pharmaceutical DMSO is relatively cheap, has a 7 yr shelflife and has been shown to be a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-coagulant (amongst other things). Please do your own research, but for me, DMSO has helped me off and on for over 20+ years for muscle strains, ankle sprains, bruises and now for my torn mcl. To this day, my own Dr. is both amazed and a bit upset that I undertook self treatment with DMSO. However, he cannot deny its success and has not found any ill effects. I saved myself a $6000 surgery with part of a $30 bottle of DMSO. Prices have gone up recently, but my source is Caveat emptor. Hope you find my story interesting. Thanks as always for a great show Jack!

  5. On the FBI sting topic- I recall when I was still living in NYC that a similar story occured. FBI posing as somebody else encouraged a guy who lived in Flushing, Queens. They worked him up and empowered him and later provided him with the tools to do the job. Later the news was all about the attack the FBI “prevented”. Back then though, the news still says that the FBI did coax him into getting involved and the FBI acknowledged it.

  6. Many thanks to Sue and Mike for this week’s (and previous) episodes. For reasons involving stupid financial decisions on my part, I Went back to work and put my son in government school. In February the bus dropped him off at the wrong house and left him. He’s 6 years old. I’ve heard nothing but excuses as to why the entire thing was my fault (I was at work).

    Ever since I was pregnant with him I knew I wanted to homeschool. And the whole thing was just so confusing. I kept getting hung up on the “common core requirements” and the huge number of options out there. Soon I realized that I was making it more complicated than necessary and settled on something like you mentioned – buy blueberries, turn it into a lesson. My plan was to use fairytales and pull elements from those to create a whole unit. (And I think we will do this for Summer Homeschool at your suggestion to use summer to our advantage)

    But I did not consider the history unit rotation. Since we’ll be taking the kids back out within two years, I still need to plan. So thank you for the tip!

  7. Great song choice Jack. My grandfather would sing it to me going to school when I was kid. I still remember every word lol.

  8. Great show and great information on use/filtering of waste oil. I am wanting to do this soon. Any chance we could get some pictures of Tim Glance’s or even some listeners’ filtering setups?