Audience Q&A for 10-10-23 – Epi-3390 — 9 Comments

  1. I think Israel is partly reaping what it sowed. Sort of bad karma returning.
    Israel’s suffocating the people in Gaza for decades has produced a lot of depressed mentally ill men, (many grew up as orphans). It should be no surprise when they rebel, join a militant extremist group and act like wild animals.

  2. Just thought of an imaginary situation

    Imagine if a group of native American Indians buy a few houses in your locality in United States or Canada.
    Then imagine the indians form a strong community. Next they find a foreign sponsor who gives them free weapons (say China or Russia) who advises them to reclaim the land of their native indian ancestors.

    Next the indians start kicking white Americans out of the houses that they (white Americans) bought & built over the last 200 years

    Next the Indians start transporting the displaced white Americans to the deserts in Arizona, then fence then in with fences, razor wire, dogs & armed police & soldiers.
    And monitor them with cameras & surveillance as much as posible.

    The Indians retunly arrest, search, imprison indefinitely without trial , beat , torture & kill many of these displaced white Americans including their children.
    The indians also bomb their homes with Russian

    Next the indians development a high teck weapons manufacturing base on the repossed land. They marked these missiles showing real videos of the homes of the displaced white Americans being blown up with indian high teck missiles.

    Many of the surviving white displaced Americans are poor,orphaned,depressed & suffer from mental illness. Some use alcohol & drugs as a crutch because they have no hope of progressing in life.

    Now should we be surprised if some of these displaced white Americans rebel, use guns and attack the homes & villages & concerts of the these celebrating Indian settlers..

  3. Can you not see the similarities ?

    Europeans drove native American Indians of their hunting lands.

    Israeli settlers drove the Palestinians off their olive farms.

    What will you do when the Indians arive at 9 mile duck farm to reclaim their farm land ? ?

  4. What is stupid about it ?

    I’m being 100% sincere.

    I was hoping you would analise & disect my view logically and present counter arguments where you think I am incorrect in my analogy.
    It is too easy & rude to just call someone’s opinion stupid, and that does not market your podcast in a positive way.

    Many people with many diverse views will read these comments.

    • Here is an answer then, I am going to do absolutely NOTHING because no “Indians” are ever coming to take my house away. Hence your question is stupid.

      I figured you are trying to draw a parallel to Israel/Gaza but this is so off it isn’t worthy of consideration especially since as always I am already against the next war.

  5. I don’t expect any Indians to arrive looking to recolonise your house, ( I was joking on that).

    Yes, you are very anti war which is admirable.

    The thing that rallies me is the amount of double standards in main stream media, where by so many intelligent famous media people (Jordan Peterson, Ben Shepera, Pierce Morgan etc & many Western politicians Ursela Van der Lynde etc are coming out in support of Israel’s bombing of large civilian areas in Gasa. Some talking about “Gods told the Jews to return to reclaim the holy land”.

    I am asking myself do these intelligent people really believe this that nonsense or are they being paid to take that position, or are they afraid of being ‘cancelled’ by powerful Jewish people in the mainstream media & media sponsers.

    I mean they would not take suck a false stance on any other issues for fear of looking ridiculous.

    Thanks, for your reply.