Episode-1467- Diego Footer from Permaculture Voices — 23 Comments

  1. Haven’t listened to it yet but the Permaculture Voices Podcast has been a great resource. Thank you Diego for putting it out there.

  2. I hope they make the powerpoints available. The videos last time were not as good as they could have been with the slides.

    • We aren’t recording video this year. And on the slides, I acknowledge that. That is my fault. The goal is to update the videos at some point with the slides of the speakers who agreed to submit their slides.

      • Thanks Diego. last year was great. I think audio would be great. audio and powerpoint would be even better. 🙂

  3. Diego, I love your podcasts. I can not wate to come and speak at the event. Question I have do you want film coverage? I have a crew that might beable to help you on that if you want.

    I do have a bottle of Mead i will be trasporting for you to enjoy when I come.


  4. Every time you have a podcast like this it is very inspirational and I am trying to move into a direction in the permacaulture industry. I absolutely love the small scale stuff you guys come up with IE microgreens and that stuff. Your podcast has truly helped me put a direction on my energies that I have.

    On the Forums I am IronTeaCup

  5. Great show! I drive a ton, and only listen to podcasts anymore; so I need more than just Jack’s show. The PV podcast has become another must-listen podcast for me.

    A techy detail, but could you share how you captured the audio for this interview? It is bar-none, the best audio-quality interview I have ever heard on any podcast; and I’m guessing you guys are not in the same room. I know you both have exceptional microphones, but how did you capture the audio? It almost sounds like you each recorded local audio and Diego sent you the audio file. But did you capture it in one stream?

    • I was doing the same as always. Samson CO1U mic which is a low end condenser USB mic. Recording from Skype to Pamela.

      What made it great is Diego also has a good mic and is set up to podcast.

      My end is always the same, with guests it is a crap shoot. Some are on headsets and skype and many times lap tops suck ass for that. You get back static. Some can’t use skype and I have to call a phone, they are always soft and I have to boost them. You boost audio and you also boost noise. etc.

  6. Jack, I may be missing it but what is the process to submit the essay? I see the contest link but it doesn’t say it is for pv. I want to let the permaculture ohio group on fb know about it and I want tho make sure before I do so. Thanks, Jeff RN on Zello.

    • Well what was said in the episode? Send it to me in an email with Permaculture Voices in the subject line. So um, yea, um, do that. LOL

  7. Jack,
    How do you compress your audio files sizes? Diego’s podcasts are averaging about 75 mb while yours are around 25 mb.

    • I just encode at 32kbps which most podcasters won’t due because they are concerned about audio quality. That quality that I use is about as good as FM Radio though, its a podcast! I see that as more than good enough.

  8. Permaculture Voices is now added to my top 5 favorite podcasts. Thanks Jack for having Diego on!