Episode-1219- John Pugliano on Rules for the Beginning Investor — 17 Comments

  1. Jack, you don’t like Suzie Orman? You’re just not standing in your truth… 😉

    Also, the ford stock thing and what neil said. Its an example of results oriented thinking (aka roty) .

  2. Been so busy have not been able to listen much. Yet once again bulls eye. Preps get out of debit and have a savings! There couldn’t be more sound advice. How much to save? MORE. Some times crap storms come with a one two three punch. If you are not prepared it can be a 1-2-3 you’re down and out. Or you can be a bit bruised and beat up but still walk away and carry on. Thanks to both you & John Pugliano. Loved his straight forward easy to follow style. Ha this time I knew the words spoken!

  3. No Thanks Jack. For what I see coming down the pike (I’m 40) I see that having anything in paper(i.e. stocks,bonds, annuities, et al) except some cash is a fools errand.


    PS. If you want to delete this comment that’s fine since I will not take the time to listen today anyway.

    All just my $.02

    • #1 is NO DEBT (NONE/ that includes mortgage)
      #2 a MIN 1 -2 years cash cushion including $ to pay prop taxes.
      #3 tangibles / preps (MIN 1-2+ years supply)
      #3 (yes I know) Skills that Jack talks about on his great show.
      #4 SKILLS (Yes even more)

      ALL IMO

    • Believe what you want and think what you want but if you were to be informed and follow advice like John gives you won’t be holding much “paper” in the end but for now paper is what trades.

  4. The only problem with John on the expert council is that I can see him getting hit with a lot of questions he’s not really comfortable answering because of legal issues. But if he doesn’t think that will be a problem then I also think it’s a great idea to at least ask him.

  5. Never buy and hold? Is this guy serious? The reason that people lose money despite the general upward trend is because timing the market is notoriously difficult. Warren Buffett seems to like buying and holding and it seems to have worked out OK for him.

    Get in after the rally has begun and get out early? No kidding. Lets have this guy tell me when the next rally is somewhat underway, and when to get out.

    • Well there is what Buffet says and then there is what he does, the two are VERY different. Buffett is a consummate trader in practice.

    • True, but Buffet doesn’t try to time the market at all. We all know that past performance doesn’t indicate future performance, but trying to time the market is what gets people burned IMHO.

      For those that think there will be a full-on MadMax collapse, that is fine. But the rest of society will enjoy making reasonable returns on investments (and taking advantage of insanely low fixed-rate mortgages) by managing their money as if the whole world isn’t about to collapse. Don’t get me wrong, there is a space for prepping. And we all are sovereign to decide how big it is. Nobody can tell the future, and I may be wrong. But I much prefer actually investing money and getting a return and not treating my entire financial portfolio as if tomorrow is the apocalypse.

      • When you start your entire point with a false statement like, “Buffet doesn’t try to time the market at all” I am sorry but the rest becomes moot. Buffett is constantly timing the market, Buffett NEVER buys and holds.

        He just does it with billions of dollars at a time and well, I give up, if you think Buffett doesn’t time the market you are still plugged into the matrix, let me know when you want the red pill.