Episode-2619- John Pugliano on the Current and Future Economics of CoVid-19 — 11 Comments

  1. Looking forward to some extra gardening time!  Well prepped and this is a great opportunity for me to enjoy being at home.

  2. John Pugliano said that owning dividend paying stocks makes sense for retirees (me) because the dividend is paid even when the price of the stock falls. So, how would you see Real Estate Investment Trusts, REITs in the current economic environment, when they (REITs) have a history of paying up to 12% dividends?

    • I like REITs but I don’t go over board with them. They tend to take it in the ass pretty hard during recessions. They basically lend money outside the “conventional” lending system.

  3. An economy that is “fundamentally sound” probably wouldn’t have required such aggressive repo operations before this virus SHTF. The helicopter money that’s coming should soften the blow, but this is uncharted water. Anyone thinking they know what’s coming next is guessing/hoping….but I hope you are right.

    Thank you so much for helping tens of thousands of people reduce their dependence on external systems of support. #VoteForJack


    the mood of this show was positive and upbeat which I really appreciate and it had reasons to be hopeful

    the thing that concerns a bit greatly me is that trump apparently said that “experts “ are saying that we may need to keep the social distance/stay at home thing going through July or August and over in England some imperial society of experts says that they may need to stay locked down for 18 months. That all seems hard to fathom

  5. Love getting the economic angle of this… lately I’ve been a little less focused on the virus and a little more on what’s coming as a consequence. What do you think about doing a show on the likely government reactions/responses in the near future and how that may play out over the next several years. Just some things I’ve been kicking around in my head:

    – Gov’t emergency healthcare initiatives/takeovers eventually transitioning to some form of single-payer system

    – One-time stimulus checks morphing into a beta-version of UBI

    – Student loan forgiveness or gov’t takes student loan debts off lenders’ hands to manage themselves (offering forgiveness or partial payoff incentives for certain behaviors they want to encourage, and penalties for behaviors they want to discourage)

    – Mass bailouts & other stimulus setting the stage for high inflation (like 70’s style, not necessarily hyperinflation) once the economy recovers and money starts circulating with a vengeance.

    – The gov’t using the pandemic to bring about new surveillance powers.

    – The start of a new war abroad, either done intentionally to jump-start the economy and please certain gov’t & lobbyist factions, or in response to certain nations taking advantage of US distress/distraction to seize territory or weaken US influence.

    In essence, I think with things moving and changing so fast there’s gonna be a massive power grab by the gov’t on financial, health, and education sectors, and in terms of our liberties. That’s going to be a lot more persistent than the virus I think.

  6. Thank you John and Jack for making this podcast!

    Voices of reason are very welcome to hear.

  7. A new term inspired by John Pugliano.

    Prepanoia (or prepanoid) – a state of being or wanting to be prepared out of an irrational fear.

  8. The world is coming to an end. Well at least as we know it. The velocity of currency is coming to a neckbreak hault. Boomers are going to be scared and hord any savings they have remaining. States and cities shut down their commerse. No more tax revenue =bankrupt. Markets crater = underfunded pension bust. Massive layoffs ? 20%+ unemployment = depression… Feds pump trillions to try and jumpstart world economy after 12~18 months of “social distancing” Goodbye cruel world… ?

  9. Regarding the death of the elderly improving the economic recovery, a libertarian science fiction book makes that same argument…. “Live Free or Die” by John Ringo.

    The story is of a libertarian who uses a principle he calls “Clothed Capitalism”. Despite the attack of a hostile alien force with a virus that will kill off most of the human race, the main character uses capitalism to save most of the world… not all of it, but most. It is an interesting application of libertarian principles.

    FYI, I am elderly and it is obvious that my wife and I are disposable. That message is implied in news reports. I get it. I’m not offended. Don’t be offended if I ask you to step 6 feet away from me.

    Alex Shrugged