Nine Mile Farm Property Walks for 3-28-18 — 8 Comments

  1. Why did you quit selling duck eggs?  Was it a decision based on how  much/little money it brought in or something else?  Do you recommend  duck eggs a a good money making business to others?  Thanks

    • Jack has answered this several times on the podcast. Dorthy needs to focus on grandkids and the property is ready to be duck free (plants and saplings can grow without being eaten now)

  2. Hey Jack, That plant looks like wild hyacinth, aka Atlantic camas (Camassia scilloides), and it looks like it’s found in your area ( Of course, I didn’t get a great look at it, and I’m not that familiar with your area. If you go down the edible camas route, then please be sure to thoroughly research the deathcamas species (plural) that could be in your area.

  3. haha….listened a little further where you mention poisonous camas species.

  4. Hey Jack,  I watched your 2014 property walk with Josiah and then watched these recent walks along with your one with the music and the bird at the end… Very impressive changes – Got a couple questions for you – Did the trees you started from seed in the cones, in your makeshift green house in 2014 do well?  Did your huglekultur mounds do as well as you thought?  Didnt see much of those in the most recent walks.  Thanks for posting these…. Really enjoy them.

    • The huguls did fine, good stuff going on down there. Stuff I started from seed didn’t do squat.