Episode-1135- Prepping from a Teen’s Point of View with Austyn Lehman — 29 Comments

  1. I got really excited about the silver Sentinal coin unti I went to the mint site and saw what they are charging for it. I called to make sure the price was correct and sure enough it was. The price is 28% over spot. That my friend is not okay.
    That means that with silver ask at 22.65 they want over $6.00 dollars in premium for a round that my or my not be reconizable in the event of collasp.
    This instills in me a distrust.
    1st Marine
    I will be most leary in the future.

    • You do realize that is for a limited edition proof right? The normal sentinels are 2.99 over spot for non members and 1.99 for members. If you feel that is not okay it is your problem not mine.

      • I guess he didn’t really listen to your show on silver. You already explained all this.

      • I believe he’s looking at the sub-5 price on the Sentinels ($5.99 over spot), not the price for 5 or more, which is $1.99 over spot with the MSB discount.

        • If so he is an even bigger jerk then I thought. It says right there ($2.99 over 5 qty) and if that is what he is bitching about instead of the new limited edition proofs, I should just ban his troll ass from the site.

    • Wow, I didn’t expect the condescending replies.

      Okay, you are right it is not your problem, nor mine. It is just a show stopper for me. If you authorities knew anything you might know that rounds are not a good choice for silver. The best bet is, IMO, junk because it is discernible and totally recognizable. Who knows what the round you are presenting is unless you have the means to test the round or you are somewhat of an authority or recognize the coin.
      This isn’t going to serve you very well if the SHTF and you need to barter.
      Proof, so what! What does that matter if it isn’t a recognizable coin?????
      Not so long ago junk silver was spot with a 3% premium. What has happened here is the same as what has happened to our ammo. The merchants are taking us to the cleaners and many of us seem to like it.
      BTW, I am a series 7.
      Before you all start taking shots at me know that I am a tried and true Patriot and as far as I am concerned we are on the same side, well, some of us.

      At the ready!
      1st Marine

      • What you are is an uninformed jerk and you come off like a troll. It is a fricken proof, some people like having stuff like that and some don’t. True patriot? Oh wow, gee wiz, let me roll out the red……kick in the ass for you! Seriously if you don’t want this proof and all that comes with it DON’T BUY IT, it won’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

        As for if TSHTF, well if silver becomes that big a barter tool the ability to detect fraud silver will become very common very fast.

        It isn’t a recognizable coin? Really? So go buy Uncle Sam’s Eagles or Pre 64’s if that is what concerns you.

        Seriously you come off here like an arrogant and ill informed dumb ass. Oh you are also clearly not a listener, if you were the last thing you would brag about is a Series 7, seriously.


        • Two things;
          1. I would do a battle of wits with you but you are unarmed.
          2. I find you to be one with an alligator mouth and I feel confident a chipmonk ass.
          I can assure you that if we were face to face this much aggression from you neveer would have or could have ever happened.
          1st Marine OUT

    • Specialty, limited edition coins always carry a high premium, same as the proof numismatic coins. I looked but failed to see a large arm reach out and try to force me or anyone to buy. Ill look again just to make sure… em… no, no forced buy arm found. Its a wonderful thing about free enterprise; you’re free to buy or not to buy. Jack has emphasized again and again (you maybe missed that?) that we should buy what we want, whether its constitutional silver (my favorite) or well recognized mint coins, like the silver eagle, or rounds or bars. Free to choose, so feel free to choose, but casting dispersions on an offer because you disagree with the pricing, that’s unnecessary and uncalled for. Just…don’t…buy.

    • Just an aside, what is a series 7? Sorry for the ignorance. Nonmilitary.

      • @Rick, it isn’t a military thing. It just means you are licensed to be a stock broker. Doesn’t mean much and really doesn’t mean much in the eTrade era does it?

  2. What a sharp young man. I learned a lot from him. It goes to show it doesn’t matter someone’s age, it matters whats in their minds. Good job.

  3. “I is also a writer”. Not picking on you, but don’t you just love autocorrect.

  4. I’m 15 and got into learning survival skills when I was about 10-12 and then got into “prepping” a few years after. This was a great show that I could really relate to it.

  5. Good show. I wish my grand children were as observant and thoughtful as this young man. Think I could adopt him?

  6. Great discussion, smart guy. I’m 24 and wish I got to prepping at an earlier age. I think it’s harder for young folk to prep because of non establishment, but it’s worth every effort to start early. Even if you can’t do it because of practical reasons, getting the prepping mindset is a priceless asset.

    • @john Hey, Jack asked that his audience not insult his guests. You should respect that. Anyway, I am thrilled that there are young people out there who are not self absorbed and are aware of the world. I imagine my life would have been better if I had started prepping at his age as opposed to 28.

      • fair enough. Didn’t mean offense. You’re right, though, it is inspiring to hear a young person thinking about this stuff.

  7. Please disregard EVERYTHING he says about California. Yes it sucks here but its not even close to what he describes.

    • It’s always good to point out to people that CA is the 3rd largest state in the union. That’s a lot of space for political/social diversity.

      Are some places in CA pretty nice? Yeah.

      And are some places there as bad as the guest described? Absolutely.

  8. We did not get to everything I wanted to in the interview. I enjoyed it and I’m glad that I had the chance to be on this great podcast. I’m about to set up my blog Prepping Teen soon. I hope that I can get this chance again some day.

  9. Austin Lehman, Thank you very much.

    While listening to the podcast discussion about the bars on the school windows. I wished you had mentioned something about the psychological effect of bars on windows.

    I love my freedom first, and my security second.

    By caging the schoolkids, are they forcing conformity to their “rules”?

    Do we lock them up in schools, for a dozen years to get them used to being locked up walking around downtown?

    Jack made an earlier comment about “Normalcy Bias or Perception Bias” that’s something he had grown accustomed to while growing up. I’m sure being locked in a cage will do the same thing.

  10. Impressive to see a nice young man actually thinking about long-term goals for himself as well as his family. Austyn best of luck on your future endevours with EMT/Medical training. It’s definitely a skill that can be used thoughout a lifetime.