Episode-1991- How Preparedness Leads to Liberty — 7 Comments

  1. Right on! Great show.

    I looked at my scores over the past few years I’ve been listening in to the show:
    Self Sufficiency, Self Reliance, Independence, Liberty – all much improved thanks to the helpful information found here. Thanks.

  2. Today’s song is fantastic. It was one of my favorites from those two GNR CDs. The words didn’t resonate then like they do now, “It feeds the rich, while it buries the poor.” Oh, how true.

    Another favorite quote from another song (the title escapes me) on Use Your Illusion I, “Your satisfaction lies in your illusions, but these delusions are yours and not mine.” I almost used that as my quote for my Master’s Thesis, but decided against it.

  3. It’s not that pot is bad for you, it’s the proven fact that it is a gateway which directly leads to the doubling of consumption of those Cheetos.

  4. Recently discovered your podcast, Jack. No stranger to bug out bags, but just now committing to the longer game. Listened to this episode 3 times in a row, and will listen again. How on earth have I lived 55 years, been educated BA/MA, worked professional state government jobs, taught college and never heard (much less understood) the now obvious truth of why Prepping makes so much sense? You have reached me deeply, and I am grateful. Thank you for “getting back to the basics” for this podcast. Talk about something missing in the US education system!

    • Thanks for giving us a shot, please stick around and keep letting us know what you want to hear about.

  5. Listened to this podcast more intently than I usually do it is what I needed to hear , right in this moment
    This struck me to the core ,will be shareing this to my teenage boys
    Thanks to you and Dorethy for all you do
    Cheers Finster

  6. I noticed you started tying-up your shirt and wearing Daisey Dukes in your duck chronicles, to each there own, hope you recieve your desired effects.?