Prepping, Falling & Rebuilding – Epi-3462 — 4 Comments

  1. I thought maybe comparing the idea that is there a god to is the earth flat would not be a good comparison, although exactly all the reasons Jason was were his head is at were not really fully addressed. What about the cult of leftists? You do criticize them I admit but perhaps not as much time spent on that. Leftist associated movements like communism have killed and murdered more people in recent history than just about anything and it’s still celebrated and going strong and it’s connected to atheism as much as anything in many ways

  2. Maybe you have criticized leftists a great deal because i don’t know since I don’t listen to every show, but I think there is a lesser of two evils. Even if trump or some other America first candidate can’t solve all of our problems and we may still suffer tremendously, it’s still better than the alternative that seems to want endless waves of migrants, wars, gun control, vax requirements, no free speech etc. we seem to agree that trump is against these wars

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