Episode-251- Prepper Mentality vs. Self Sufficient Mentality — 33 Comments

  1. I really enjoy the initial period of crap and advertising in each episode that seems to be expanding, while at the same time shrinking the substantive material put out in each episode. Your commute is not getting any longer, yet your advertising (aka – house keeping) section is definitely being lengthened.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Please post a link, if you can, to the source of that new Orwellian rat out friends policy. (The white house web site is a labyrinth.) When I pass this on, I\’ll need something to back it up. Knowing our President this is, I’m sure true, but it sounds unbelievable.

  3. Great episode. Even though there’s no specific practical information, it’s a good “big picture” “gut check” which is important because that’s where everything else emanates from.

  4. “If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to”

    This sounds less “1984” and more “419” if you get my drift.

    Really enjoyed the show today – excellent way to get people thinking about not just what they’re doing or planning to do, but why they feel this way.

  5. Hah Hah! Sistren is a real word, but they stopped using it in the 1500’s. Until of course feminist literature took off in this century. So Jack must be either a 600 year old vampire or a feminist. Or he makes up words.

  6. I’ve always liked saying “brothers and sisters” but that’s just me

  7. Devil’s Advocate,

    Dude your sarcasm isn’t effective because it isn’t accurate. I am surprised you are not doing what you usually do and correcting my spelling and grammar.

    So how long was my house keeping today, the intro segment is not part of house keeping it is an intro segment about current events.

    The actual house keeping started at 6 minutes and 47 seconds and ended at 8 minutes and 42 seconds. Let us call that 2 full minutes. If that is to much for you I think you need to find a new podcast to spend your time listening to. I guess when I start featuring two sponsors on each show to better serve them you will just have a heart attack, it should take house keeping up to like 2.5 minutes, God forbid right?

    Today’s show was also about 44 minutes long meaning that minus the house keeping and the intro segment you got a 36 minute show, if that ain’t enough then again I think you should spend your time listening to something else.

  8. @Louisiana Survivor,

    That sisterin comment is what got Devils Advocate in a wad! He was exactly who I had in mind when I said “someone is going to email me and say stop making up words”.

    He is all bent because I don’t allow his comments when they are simply designed to pick on my typos.

  9. Well I vote you start doing the show at home full time and make it a 3 hour show like coast to coast. That’ll fix the bastards. 😉

    Then you can hire me to work for you full time.

    “so, what do you do for a living, sister wolf?”
    “Oh, I tell people to f*** off. I work for Jack Spirko.” 😀

  10. Jack:

    Your style is your style…and I’d rather you spend your time doing YOU rather than defending.

    Those who dislike your style are welcome to go hang out somewhere else (IMHO).

    Best Regards,
    Sharon in Mississippi

  11. I wish you would completely drop the word Assclown, I believe it takes away from your great message. My two cents….

  12. I would like to say, if I may, that a movie about robots blowing thiings up is way cooler than any movie about falling in love. The only exception would be two robots that fall in love while blowing things up and end up in a death match at the end of the movie.

  13. @Lee,

    I will tell you I am sorry in advance, honestly the assclown of the day is a huge hit. I get about 50 emails a day saying people love it, no exaggeration.


    I think to a degree you are correct. In this recent case something stunk to high heaven with that blogger. I can tell you that such responses from me are the exception not the rule.


    Amen brother but if you want your wife/girlfriend to go to such movies you have to give and get. I will never understand what women see in movies like “The Notebook”, “Sweet November” and that God awful thing about Traveling Pants but if you love someone wasting two hours of your life isn’t a big deal. Besides if you take your iPod and use only one ear plug on the side away from your wife then, oh crap I have said to much :>)

  14. Jack, nobody can out-Spirko Spirko, so keep up the good work and ignore the nit-pickers. Most seem unable to keep their ass-hats balanced on their pointy heads.

    I’ve been listening for a couple of months and after a tough day in the salt mine I look forward to your unique take on things. Thanks and keep on truckin’…

  15. This is a great show for me to share with my husband. I am all about being self-sufficient and he thinks like a prepper. He is all about having just enough to get him by until everything is “back to normal”. It gets us head butting each other quite a bit. Also, the comment about the polar bears eating baby seals had me LMAO on my walk…which caused me to draw attention to myself from the neighbors :o).

  16. Meh. I love your show dude. Just not the commercials – I guess in a way you could take it as a compliment. Today’s show was great and the time allotted to substantive discussion was appropriate (IMO). But come on now, you must admit, if you analyze the totality of your shows – the earlier ones, and even some later episodes (such as today)have far less commercials – and far more TSPC.

    I’ll listen regardless of the proportion of crap to content (up to a point).

  17. Most grammatical and typographic errors committed around these parts are funny when pointed out – the one about ruples did detract from the legitimacy of the info you were putting out, hence my initial correction. Other than that – take a yoke <- see humorous typo.

    I think people who don’t like the word “assclown”, are themselves assclowns or “air biscuits.”

  18. @Devil’s Advocate,

    I think you seriously are an asshat and I could do without you and I honestly mean that. I really don’t give a crap what you think of my numerous typos. There is a reason I do this as a spoken podcast not a written blog.

    As to your comment on commercials yea two minutes is more then zero, why, because I had the integrity to not take an advertisers money before I could deliver value EVEN THOUGH MONEY WAS OFFERED when the show was still to small for me to take it as an honest business practice.

    I want to be clear, I am not being funny I think you are a dick, I really honesty wish you would go find a show that gives you all that I do with out anything to bitch about. Of hell yea that’s right there isn’t one so perhaps you would be better served by commercial radio. I am sure that 2 minutes of commercials in 45 minutes will sound great after you try on AM radio for day.

    In all seriousness, check out comment #11 and add to my comments to you, what she said! Please do go find some other way to spend your 30-50 minutes a day other then wasting them on a guy like me that isn’t interested in you being such a parasite that you begrudge my sponsors WHO ROCK their 2 minutes a day.

    I seriously don’t want you as a listener at this point because you are a prick that has no respect for the people that support the show you take for granted. No sarcasm, I am 100% serious, go screw!

  19. Jack,
    You said that well and clear to Devils Advocate. If you had give us the time we would have done the same. If he was serious about commercial time then he is devoid of understanding commerce !

  20. @Devils

    I deleted your last comment I am tired of you, seriously you have worn out your welcome as a commenter on my blog. You don’t get to occupy another centimeter of my online real estate today.

  21. Jack, love your show. This most recent one was a very helpful perspective check that I got _a lot_ out of. And, any guy that served in Airborn is good with me. Of course, Airborn is basically the watered-down-boy-scout version of the Marine Corps! 😉

    With regard to Devil’s Advocate — I really think you need to quit bottling up your feelings and learn to express yourself. Otherwise you’re gonna explode. 😉

  22. Give ’em heck, Jack! I am personally tired of our “Emperor’s new clothes” kind of world. I say, “Say what you think, and think what you say” (On second thought, that philosophy might get me in trouble, oh, well, I stay in trouble most of the time.)

  23. I don’t understand some people. Do they enjoy being unhappy and trying to make others unhappy?

    DA, if you have a problem with Jack’s show, you have the freedom to stop listening at any time.

    If you think that you can do better, then start your own show and leave us that enjoy Jack’s alone. We won’t miss you or your unconstructive, mean spirited comments.

    Geeezzz, I hope I spelled everything correctly ;-}

  24. @Possenti2264

    Thanks, I really felt that I under delivered on this one, glad it worked well for some. I do my best every day but sometimes a full show every single day gets tough and I try to not be to repetitive.

  25. Jack, again awesome show and I like the segment, I just think it could be a different name. How about DA “Dumb Ass” of the day in honer of the “DA” Devil’s Advocate?

  26. The whole White House fishy email-Rat out on your neighbors bit reminds me of something similar here in good ole broke d*ck California, CHEATERS.

    If we notice someone here in CA with out of state plates we are supposed to report it so Arnold can come and get his dues.

    You hear the bit on Britian’s in-home government monitoring program?

    Hope Prince O doesn’t catch wind of this idea.