Episode-547- Prepper, Survivalist or Homesteader — 10 Comments

  1. Digging the sideways mention of Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence Others at 59:00 🙂

  2. Just listened to Episode 547,’Great Podcast”, Jack, keep up the good work of keeping us informed, your a real American Patriot, Thakyou.

  3. Outstanding episode. You did a great job of summing some of our ideas up. Also great to share with people who may not understand the ideas modern survivalism.

  4. Doesn’t matter the term. Pick your life. Forget what the man says and the concepts of how you must live. Picket fences are bullshit. Keep your office. I’ll take the campfire, the sunset, the cabin and the comfort of steel on my hip and fresh meat in my gut.

    Thank you Jack. What I see in my mind can be and is.

  5. You know I got an email from a listener who stated that in this episode I stated that “most survivalists were racist”, this really pissed me off.

    During this show I mentioned the steryotype of the survivalist and that media and society painted us (as in including myself) that way. I did state that there was sub group that are racist but mentioned nothing about their numbers or percentages.

    Of course some are racist, some teachers are, some cops are, I bet there are racist priests!

    The entire point was that the media focuses on those people to the exclusion of the majority who whether believers in the new world order or just average preppers are not racist at all.

    I don’t know how this person came to such a backwards conclusion as to what I said but if anyone else was confused/concerned I hope this clears it up.

    Side note – if you ever think I said anything that is out of character for this show…

    Step one – rewind and listen again

    Step two – email me about the confusion so I can either say, “yea that is what I meant” or clear it up.

    I will never hesitate to stand behind what I say if I mean it, never. But I hate to think of being misunderstood. I know many of my words have been twisted by the people that don’t like what I am doing, such is life but to think that anyone who is part of the audience would think I stated something like the above really troubles me.


  6. Jack –
    You are doing some very good work.

    That said, IMHO this a complected topic and you missed the mark on this podcast 🙁

    You seemingly lack the historical and literary foundation to intelligently discuss this topic. I fear you may be doing you listeners a disservice.

    I would very strongly encourage you to read more general American History, classic agrarian literature and traditional Christian authors.

    Ragnar Benson, St.Benedict of Nursia, Louis Bromfield, Thomas Jefferson, Gene Logsdon, David Henry Thoreau, John Seymour, Catherine Beecher Stowe, Wendell Berry, Wes Jackson and Katie Luther are good sources that come to mind this morning.
    Please feel free to not publish this comment.
    It is not my intent to criticize your work in a public venue, but I did want to leave you feedback.
    All the best,

  7. @Granny,

    Happy to publish your comment I just don’t get your point.

    1. Many of the people you mention have been discussed on the show in the past, no one show can include everything about anything.

    2. As for “traditional Christian authors” I bring some very basic spiritual components to the show that allow each individual to choose how to apply them to their lives and their faith. I am not a preacher, I don’t tell people what to believe about God, that is not my role and never shall be.

    I almost wonder based on this comment if you listened to one show and commented on another?

  8. Hi Jack,
    I am Granny’s husband, and agree that you are both doing some great work and missed the point with this one.

    1. Your great work is the idea that the survivalist movement needs to move from storing food (consumerism) to home production (agrarianism). Your message about things like debt cancer is spot on! Keep it up!

    2. our disagreement is your characterization of homesteaders as the original survivalists, and the necessity of an “individualist mindset”. While we would agree that labels are just conveniences, the homesteader is more defined by his relationship to land and neighbors. If I have a criticism against many survivalists, it is that if each retreats to his own hidey hole, the worthy idea of civilization vanishes. After decades of homesteading, we look more self sufficient on the outside, but what has really grown is the ties to like minded neighbors and family. We make certain decisions about how our lives effect our neighbors, and we are anything but individualistic.

    The references to the Christian authors is not about pushing theology, but about the idea of the homestead as a building block of local economies. One not need be a Roman Catholic to appreciate the role of St Benedict in rebuilding European agriculture after the fall of Rome. One need not be a Lutheran to see the contribution of Katie Luther to revitalizing the idea of the family centered economy.

  9. @richard,

    Thanks for the clarification. I think the misundering is about the word individualist.

    By individualist, I do not mean isolationist. Far from it if you have listened for as long as I think ya’ll have you know I am huge on community and not hiding who and what you are to the extreme.

    I use the term individualist here to mean one who thinks for themselves and doesn’t conform to society. That to me is an individualist, what you seem to be referring to is an isolationist. I don’t know who Mr. Webster would say is correct on this but I don’t think it really matters, what matters is this discussion where each side can better understand the other.