Episode-1722- Are You Prepared for Life — 15 Comments

  1. Jack, is there a chance you could do a show [or provide links to some quality material] regarding networking and building social capital?

    I don’t even have the slightest clue where to begin with intentionally building relationships with people and developing networks and such.

  2. I was trying to reconcile weather I had a good day or a bad day… when all at once something came from a deep center and a gentle certainty filled everything that “The day is as it should be” “Things are as they should be” this was a fleeting experience but as I ponder it in the midst of conflicting judgment on whatever happens to be going on, the calm and certainty I felt before helps me remember “the day just is” “the thing just is” as bland as that sounds in print, it isn’t bland at all, you just have to experience it… It’s beautiful.

  3. Just wanted to share that before I listened to the podcast. I think the blog lead in coupled with the quote and photograph that inspired me to share.

  4. Jack
    This is a very good episode, thank you. I also put it on my facebook to share. I don’t think I know a single soul who wouldn’t gain something out of this one.

    From the quotes all the way to the ending question of the type of world we want!


    PS: I just had an observation, stemming from my earlier post of “Things are as they are” …it’s like a snapshot, or a print screen, of a moment in time when you just see “this is where you are” — ) It just is.

    …but from there it is a node.

  5. Want to hear how prepared college students are for living in the United States? Listen to the first seven minutes of Krisanne Hall’s Feb 3 2016 podcast. It might make you mad or cry or both.

  6. Excellent show today! If you don’t mind, I’d like to print copies of your show notes and randomly leave places? Waiting rooms, college campus’s, tucked inside a magazine, where ever I come across some place I could pin this to.

    I’m also posting this in a couple of places I look everyday as a reminder of how to get even more sh*t done.

  7. “Do you want to be prepared for life, or do you want life to be prepared for you?” — the Book of Jack

  8. This is basically unschooling. Very interesting episode again Jack! I particularly liked your food pyramid vs. cattle feed comparison.