Episode-83- 9 Predictions for 2008 – 2012 — 2 Comments

  1. Great show tonight.
    I fear that you are right about the things that you spoke about tonight. Our country is going down the toilet.
    For the first time in my life, I am fearful about the race for President. Many times before, I chose the “lesser of two evils”, but this time, I believe that the “deaf and blind” are going to vote Obama in and they don’t even know who or what he is! (Don’t much care for McCain either, but I don’t get the feeling of dread when I see and hear him.)

    Although I know it would take a miracle, I will pray that McCain somehow pulls ahead of Obama and wins the Presidency anyway.

    So, until his term (hopefully only one) is over, I will try to stay under the radar (and hide my guns) and “put in my time” until the next election.
    Thanks again for your podcast.

  2. Jack, a great programme this morning (that’s when I listen to it). Your first point about perspective and perception is ever so true, it’s based on the where one is from (whether that be political, geographic, moral or ethical in nature).

    You did bring up a good point about violent crime, here in my part of Canada, the perceived level of such crimes is on the rise; the police say the numbers are down; but the randomness of the violent crimes is on the rise and that is causing fear in my home city. The cause is high levels of disenchantment/under-employment in certain communitees in the city. I hope it doesn’t get worse; but whether it does or doesn’t, my family it looking to move well away from it to a location where we can homestead (or to a significant degree).