Pre Registration for the PermaEthos Phase One Plant Propagation Course is Now Open — 23 Comments

    • Josiah is now working on that with Michale Jordan but that is going to take about a year to produce.

      • Oh, I plan on taking Nick’s course. But I’d also planned on buying bees and getting hives going here on the homestead this spring. No worries Michael.

    • I have changed the form to a full html version on the site so it will display likely now but this is not a FireFox vs. IE issue it is YOUR settings in your firefox browser likely not allowing javascript.

  1. I have been really looking forward to this! Will we have the option of doing three payments like before? I actually did pay in full at once for the PDC but money is pretty tight right now.

    • We are looking into this, it might be the case that the answer is yes, but not with the discount. We have to discuss this with all involved parties.

    • Payments are good, even with no discount. Helps spread out the pain after the holidays. But looking forward to it. I used the spread out payments for the PDC and appreciate that the option was there at the time.

  2. Speaking of great Christmas gifts, did the MSB ever get a PV2 discount code? I couldn’t find one on the benefits page and thought I would ask.

  3. For the internet only listeners I’d like to see the first “episode” or at least some kind of notes for free to give an idea of what the course will be like and what it will cover.

  4. Will there be a certain point where we all get locked out ie the same as the pdc? I am a permaethos founding member and so I am aware of the fact that right now we arein the middle of the pdc and no one can buy into the pdc now so will it be the same with this plant propagation course? In other words, would I be able to buy the ppc in March or so when I imagine the course will be in full swing?