Power Point Deck from My Bug Out Bag Presentation — 24 Comments

  1. Wow. Great slides! I’m new to your podcast and website. It would be great if you had amazon links (or other links) to the specific products you list/endorse. Thanks again for posting.

  2. Nice list. A few questions… what is tarred line? how does it differ from para cord? I’ve never heard of it. I did a few searches and it appears to be ligher in weight but also is rated to #340 instead of the #550 associated with paracord. Many hikers were saying they prefered it over para but again didn’t give specific reasons in how it was better.


    • Tarred line is sold for use with duck decoys. Not sure if you can find it at Walmart any more but any sporting goods store with a good waterfowl section should have it.

  3. Thanks for sharing your presentation.
    It’s always interesting to compare folks’ different philosophies/priorities when it comes to BoB’s/72hk’s.
    Was just watching Jim Phillips presentation last night on “Your 72 Hour Kit Could Kill You” at the Safe Harbor site and his “wilderness wisdom basic 4” emphasis is on Clothing, Nutrition (Water + Food), Shelter, & Fire. I guess he doesn’t include a cutting tool as part of a “kit” because he says he always has a pocket knife on his person.

    The bottom line though from both of y’all, the ” don’t leave home w/o it AMEX card if you will”, is what’s inside of You – your knowledge, your understanding and your skills. Without that, the gear is just “stuff” and stuff can always get lost, stolen or destroyed. Thanks for constantly reminding us of that.

    Hope you have a safe trip home!

  4. That really is the best picture of Jack I have ever seen!! HAHA

    Good presentation Jack, I will be sharing it with a few people who need help in this area. Will there be a video of the presentation?

  5. Awesone, Jack.

    And IIRC, (10th grade English class was a LONG time ago) you employed a style of instruction where you relied heavilly upon what are called “stipulatuve definitions” to not only explain the specialized vocabulary of prepping to your audience, but also to dispell the vast fog banks of preconceived myths and rampant misinfortmation surrounding that vocabulary. Stipulative definitions are very helpful at laying to rest misconceptions whenever they use the phrasing of “It’s this, but it’s NOT that.”

    Very cool of you for correctly sussing out a lot of the confusion that’s out there among the uninitiated.

    • Ah, thanks Oil Lady- I want to begin a tutorial for teens and I knew Jack’s presentation “works” but now I can define why. I will look further into this formating.
      Take care all.
      Commmunity Health Nurse

  6. I have to agree that if I have to choose one, Tarred Line or 550 para-cord I’m taking the #18 Tarred line (some sportsman know it as decoy line).
    The cat looks thrilled in the pic.
    Keep up the good work Jack.

  7. thank you so much…. I have been over killing and now I have a focus… thanks so much, and welcome back to texas!

  8. Thank you so much for posting this. We actually missed this presentation. There was so much going on. I loved meeting y’all. It has been a year of listening to TSP and I am finally beginning to feel like I understand and belong. I now readily admit to being a prepper. After going through this presentation, I am sure we can tweak our bag. There is always more to learn. Thank you for making it pleasant and easy. Well, easier.

  9. Awesome to the point presentation. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet up with you and Dorothy in NH this year. Was out camping with the Pathfinder boys. Take care.

  10. Thanks for the slides. Something about the visuals really helps. Hope it was a safe trip, want to hear all about it on today’s show. Thanks again.

  11. My goodness, Jack. Your BOB is so good (or so much better than what I have seen put out by the emergency 911 com center). The only thing I am concerned about is weigh.

    As a woman, it is hard to carry a BOB that weigh too many pounds and still able to go for any distance. The only cutting tool I have in there is the Craftsman multi-tool. It’s good, but I don’t have enough cutting power.

    One thing that would be very helpful, I believe, is the iodine or chlorine pills. I use that for back-up when I go out backpacking as a hobby.

    • If you saw the presentation you would have heard about the importance of modularity. This is so some of the nice to have stuff can be taken off if you have to go long distance on foot. You should be able to carry your BOB no doubt but 95% of the time if you pay attention your BOB won’t be carried for miles upon miles. I do think most of us would bug out in a vehicle.

    • Jack,

      I have not listened to this one yet, I will in the next several days.

      Regarding bugging out in the vehicle, I have thought of that already and placed a BOB in both vehicles with 3 days food supply, first aid and warm clothes. A lot more simple than my actual BOB but running on the same idea minus shelter. I figured if I have to use my BOB it is going to be walking for a while.

      The only concern with the vehicle bug-out is water and safety. If you can drive to a place, most likely others can too.

  12. Frogg Togg is an excellent water gear. I love the Frogg Togg. It’s light weight and it works well.

    Thanks for sharing.