Episode-2839- Why Those in Power Have No Interest in Real Environmental Solutions — 4 Comments

  1. The late David Fleming(phd in economics and founder of the UK green party) made an interesting proposal, that a carbon budget should be given first to the individual energy user as an entitlement.

    That way those with the most energy efficient off grid systems could sell their unused carbon credits to the less efficient energy users and large industries on an open market (think UNISWAP or similar Decentralized Exchange) This would ensure that during inflationary or deflationary market conditions fair access to energy could be maintained.

    This could be built on Etherum or Polkadot with less than 500 lines of code.

    • A scam is a scam even with better marketing. Carbon credits will never fix a thing, ever, in anyway. It is more fiat money printing for the elite.

      • This is not credit, this is an entitlement, (an externality, which the parasite class is already extracting from us by means of our internalized heath cost. coal=(cancer) and natural gas=(benzine tainted ground water) When a budgeting tool is put in place it could make the end user of carbon more cognizant of their use. (knowing is half the battle, (a spending log is the first step to prepping)

        Rather than dictating changes from the top down this framework is driven by energy-users themselves, This stimulates creative intelligence, When users of the permaculture VPN (virtual private nation)are incentivized by a game theoretical early adoption curve we will bee surprised at the innovation that will emerge. You and I are already doing this stuff for free.