Episode-2792- Growing Your Own Poultry Feed — 3 Comments

  1. Storing whole grain for birds would allow the feed to last for years. A nice but of cheap insurance for lean times. I purchase my feed from a local, business/side hustle feed mill made from mostly locally grown grains. I asked them about whole grain feed and bought a 1000 lbs for trial. If it worked might have stocked up a few tons just in case. But my birds didn’t like to eat whole peas. (It was a non GMO, no corn or soy blend). Without the peas they weren’t getting enough protein. Since I live at 47.5N parallel I can buy enough ground meal and it will last 4-6 months through the cold winters. If I can grow enough sunflower perhaps I could buy enough barley and triticale for a balanced diet. It is fairly easy for me to buy 1000 lb totes of various whole grains around here for .10 to .20 a lb, mostly closer to the higher price though. For a smaller farmer that is a lot more than they can get from ADM. Even though I raise all my chicken meat and eggs I have realized I am still dependent on outside inputs. Been thinking on that for a while. Thanks for the excellent thought provoking episode. Jim

  2. Talking to “old farmers” that grew up on the farm in the early 1900’s, they never bought feed for any of their animals. Somewhere along the line they were convinced that what happened for how many thousands of years wasn’t working. Getting back to that old mind set would set people free from the establishment. I’m a fairly new listener since finding your podcast this summer and becoming a fan.

    • That’s basically what the ‘great reset’ is all about. They think the old way isnt good enough anymore, they want a new way of doing things. I prefer the old ways, I think it is fun and satisfying to do things myself.