Potential Bee Keeping Workshop with Michael Jordan — 31 Comments

  1. I fully intend to come to the Food Forest Workshop in April, however, if it sold out before I got the chance to get signed up, I would probably come to the Bee Workshop even though I feel that I am about a year away from being to a point to where I could have bees. I don’t think I could get my second in command to let me attend both, however………

  2. 100% for sure, unless something happens, the wife and I are wanting to attend this event. This is the event we’ve basically stated we were going to go to (and I was actually going to bug you about getting a date so we could mark it down, looks like I don’t have to do that).

    I will say May begins to get a tad iffy for us just because our goats (at least one of them) will be giving birth then. HOWEVER, the sooner (first week) is definitely better than later. I’ll say if its any other week other than the first week, then we probably can’t go. As the dates are currently laid out I think that just might work out for us.

  3. Jack,
    Would you be willing to postpone the bee workshop to later?

    In order for anyone wanting to get started in beekeeping it is too late for most people to get in on this season… Most folks would have to order bees in Jan or Feb in order for bee suppliers to have them ready to deliver in May… So, anyone attending the workshop on April 30th will not go home and start beekeeping unless they can get lucky and catch a swarm. This is also generally above the pay grade of most newbies… So, since it is not mission critical to do it on April 30th – why not bump it back a month to end of May or first of June (depending on how hot it gets there) – I know I would be more likely to attend the bee workshop after the first week of may…

    What say you?

  4. Jack – I would love to attend, if the class was a little later, only because I am picking up my bees on May 3rd

  5. I would love to attend this workshop. The workshop in early May is not ideal for those picking up bees for the season.

  6. If you need help let me know. I am in Weatherford and currently have 80 colonies of honey bees.

  7. My wife and I are interested in coming. We would also be interested in picking up bees at that time as well assuming the details all work.

  8. My wife and I are very interested in attending the bee keeping workshop. Do you know where the workshop would take place?

  9. After listening to all the great podcast last week (shame there was only three-you were in the zone Jack!) I stated flat out that I was going to the Food Forest workshop. Then I found out it was on my son’s first birthday….can’t be missed.

    So even though I’m currently enrolled in a beekeeping class at the the state botanical gardens (very conventional), have hives built, and bees ordered I’m planning on attending. What I’ve learned so far about bees just makes me want to learn more.

    Looking at the outline, my only suggestion/hope would be more than an hour to see the homestead/food forest?

  10. Hello. I am glad so many have emailed me on this. LOL
    The course is broke down for three days of hard core bee stuff. from one day of class room to one day building hives and placing them in there locations. I would like to show you products we can make like lip balm and mead.

    I think we could do one in may for this class. but do it once more dropping the day of making products to putting bees in the hives.

    suggestion: May 2014 three days. one day the class out line I have sent it. One day build hives, swam traps, and NUCs. and one day of product making with extras
    April 2015 same class but drop swarm straps, NUCs and the products and the last day lean to put package bees in a hives and making bee feed.

    the ones that missed out after food forest can come next time. one gets product the other gets bees and feeding.

    let me know. look forward to see some of you once more.
    I would love to go to the food forest course, but I have opened the University of Wyoming Bee College and will be teach those times. I am trying to fly out the 12th of march to permaculture voices on the 13th and back home on the 15th to teach.

    keep up the good work.

  11. Jason, do you do splits and nuc’s? If so we need to talk. how far out are from Jack’s? do you queen? message me Jason we will talk. I can split mine after Almonds in California, but local bees are better bees.

  12. Jack,

    I would really like to come to this workshop(I’d love to come to all your workshops if I could). I just have to get the OK from the wife. $500 seems more than fair. I just need to find a more economical way to get there. Anyone else from Southern California interested in going to this? Timing is good for me, but I’m not trying to get anything set up this year, I’m just curious and want to learn.

  13. Jack will keep sending you information, u tell me how u want to do It

  14. Man I hope this one happens and Ill be there. I was at the November Workshop and I can tell you that Michael Jordan knows his stuff. I cant think of a better way to learn about beekeeping although I remember how hot it was last May even though the rain really did help. Being able to see the food forest 30 days in is another added bonus. Even if I have to wait a year to get bees, having the ability to learn from Michael without having to head out west is worth it wait and the price tag. Count me in!

    • LOL….Shawn, I for got that you got to hear the RANT of bad beekeeping. I need to see If Nick Ferguson has a video of it.

      Man I had a good time, You want to know the truth… like for me vacation I have had in a 4 years was with you people.

  15. I’m there! It’s coming down to a decision between the workshop and a share of Permaethos stock if the pricing is similar.

    However, if I could get an exact cut-list/parts list from Michael, I could put hive kits together for those interested. I’ve got the tools, why not get some use out of them!?! That may be my way to do both.

  16. Jeff,
    I am not Michael but I am cheap and lazy. I build most all of my bee keeping equipment. If you are wanting the measurements for the hive bodies I can give those to you.
    I am not sure of your wood working skill, I use rabbet joints to put my boxes together and not the finger joints that are common on the commercial boxes. So far the rabbet joints have held well as long as I use glue and staples.

  17. I can take on about any woodworking project – you want dovetails? – fine. lol.

    I’ve seen many a plan for top bar hives as well as langstroth and warre hives; I just wanted to comply with Michael’s exact wishes if he has a specific methodology in mind such as side angles, entrance locations, stand configurations, hardware requirements, etc.

    Thanks for the offer Jason – it may come to pass yet.

  18. the type of hive is up to the style of beekeeping you do.
    You can remove the bottoms of lang frames and go top bar in a lang hive….it depends on the size of bees you get, small bees less mites but more aggressive……..if you go none aggressive or easy hit and run beekeeping.
    Are where is it warm or cold, wind or wet, and what do plan to feed.

    all are factors on beekeeping that is not thought of.

    on top bar, you can go any style you want…..get wax from local beekeeper for starting your comb…..set up hive on single wood pole 3foot to top of platform to help keep pests out like ants and mice.

    • Right now it is not, we ran this post to gauge interest. It appears that because it will be after the time you can get bees this year there isn’t enough interest to do it.