What Would Post Empire America be Like – Epi-3260 — 4 Comments

  1. Opportunities: small engine repairs, car repairs, car conversions alternative fuels, security systems, gun reloading and repair, firearms training, local food processing like freeze drying, canning, butchering, etc.

  2. I don’t think almost anything you said was wrong, but I think you are missing out on one of the big possibilities and that is a big withdrawal from the rest of the world. i.e. We now police the world and pay for it by taxing the world with the petrol dollar. If you want to read a book on it, it is Peter Zeihan’s “The End of the World is Just the Beginning”.

    If the world dumps the petrol dollar, we can remain solvent by just cutting our military budget which also solves the recruitment issue. Since we are the only ones with a true deep water fleet, we will then collapse globalization as the seas will no longer be safe. i.e. don’t think of the fall of Russia, but the fall of Rome or the end of Pax Romana.

    I wouldn’t worry about anyone else coming after us to settle scores, they will have their own problems to deal with and almost no one has a navy that can even reach us. Sure they will attempt cyber attacks and maybe even nastier things but we will still be doing that also and they will need all their attention to keep their own neighborhoods safe.

    So now instead of a world market for products and everyone being a specialist, every country has to do everything themselves. China is toast. They only produce the cheapest bulk items and only using western expertise and even if everything goes perfectly, the one-child policy will collapse their economy in decades once their workforce ages out without anyone to replace them.

    So Post Empire America will be just NAFTA. So no more cheap anything from the east or maybe even Europe. If it isn’t produced here, then it will cost too much to get. I’d say build greenhouses and get ready to produce all the food no one will be able to get any other way, like chocolate or spices. Go look around your pantry and your house for anything that isn’t made in Canada, US or Mexico, then add in the remaining stuff that needs parts or resources from outside NAFTA and that is what we will be left with.

    I see it as much more likely that we would let the rest of the world burn then allow our own economy to collapse.

    The US has been the world’s abusive police force for a while, but what if their wasn’t any police? That is the world post empire at least until everyone else can step up and fill the vacuum.

    • Cutting mil spending won’t do jack if the world dumps the dollar. The interest on the debt is the third largest expense we have and will eclipse defense spending in less than 5 years. Economically the only thing holding us together is the world not dumping us as the world reserve currency. They moment we lose that status it is full on economic disaster.

      We will recover of course but it will be far worse than most imagine and those hardest hit will be those on welfare. If China ever really goes to war with the US they don’t need to fire a shot, not one bullet. Cut off our supply to key materials, stop buying debt from us, sell off or call in what they have. We have never been so weak in the existence of modern America.