Episode-2660- Why the Post CoVid “New Normal” may be a Lot Like the “Old Normal” — 4 Comments

  1. Yes!

    So excited to listen to the rest of this.  This whole crisis has really crystallized my thinking about the Fourth Turning and its cyclic view of history.

    Howe wrote an article in the Washington Post in 2017 called “Where did Steve Bannon get his worldview? From my book.”  Here is a partial quote from it:
    “Finally, the Fourth Turning is a “Crisis” period. … If history does not produce .. an urgent threat, Fourth Turning leaders will invariably find one — and may even fabricate one — to mobilize collective action.”
    Not saying that the Covid isn’t real of course, but it kinda sounds like what’s going on to a large extent.

  2. I find it interesting to think about cities, tho I tend to dislike large cities because of crowding, poor air, and not much trees. I do think of Gary Null who is a health expert that I like to listen to. He talks a lot about plants, vitamins and all. He claims many of the worlds smartest people live in a certain part of NYC, I think it was the upper west side. He also lives there but he often leaves and owns farms and such in other places

    I also think of what a Christian preacher once said that god did not intend man to live in cities. He pointed out that sodom and Gomorrah where cities that were destroyed. Recently archeological evidence has been found of singed pottery from the remains of those cities. The Tower of Babel is also a city like structure

    On the opposite end however is extreme wilderness far away where there’s few book stores, restaurants, or health food stores.

    I remember I spent a day in NYC and went around and saw all these musicians say bars but the next day I had a weird feeling like I had to leave and i can’t even explain what it was as it was not a rational thought it was just like a feeling

    I’m more conservative like my grandparents where in some ways. My parents were more liberal but my sister is definitely more liberal

  3. Jack,

    I was hot on the comment by the time you finally said 1973. I don’t like Motley Crews version of this song, I prefer Brownsville Station.

    Thank’s Jack I like Barefootin’ and Midnight Special too.