Episode-2860- Is it Even Possible to “Wake People Up” at this Point? — 3 Comments

  1. Back during the Ron Paul/End the Fed movement I would have said yes. But I did a radio show for 2 years during that period, and for the most part it was a lot of ‘preaching to the choir.’ And the few who did call in to disagree were blinded by false patriotism (and a bit of fear). After being very frustrated trying to help kickstart the freedom movement, I moved on to my own freedom and that of my family.

    I don’t look at it as red-pilling, more like helping others to gain pattern recognition. Those things that the media claims are conspiracy theories are often in fact true, if one only spends a moment to research it or figure out the patterns of who-why-what-when-where. I see pattern recognition and other higher brain functions to be failing in man. Some form of mass decline in in effect, and it’s depressing to watch. Rather than writing articles and pulling my hair out in anger over the stupidity of mankind, when I see foolishness now I just make a habit of buying another ounce of silver, a box of ammo, or a pack or garden seeds.

    When my awakening happened many years ago, I felt like someone holding a bucket trying to bail water from a giant tsunami. Like Noah from the bible, perhaps it’s better to put down the bucket and start building a boat.

  2. That episode was brilliant. While listening I was talking out loud « yes », « exactly », « so true » , « i love you Jack Spirko ». You have helped me to make major good decisions in my life since 2009. I don’t know how to thank you
    Thank you for continuing the podcast for those of us that are awakening