Please Remember the Real Meaning of Memorial Day — 11 Comments

  1. One of the best things I’ve read all day Jack. It can get confusing with a billion different “days” but this one shouldn’t be confusing at all. Memorial Day is extremely special and the advice to just pause and think about those lives is great advice indeed. Our country has an amazing history, I’m so grateful for the people who were willing to put their lives at stake for the privilege we all have to be free.

  2. Thanks
    To mourn is human, to remember is holy.
    We miss our son, and will never let him be forgotten.

  3. It may also be appropriate to remember the innocent civilians of the countries we invade who are killed as collateral in all of the numerous US wars we wage. The loss those families feel are just as real as losing our own boys is to us- they didn’t even agree to fight sometimes and just got wasted by some drone strike- a true tragedy.

  4. Wonderful podcast service with some really usefull survival ideas. Just wondering is there a celebration day to honour those who march, lobby, and protest in there efforts to prevent wars. Wars seem such a waste of mankinds resourcs. Wealthy business owners and there puppet politions send poorer people from similar backgrounds to kill each other in the name of some cause or other. Lets remember the millions of innocent murdered in the middle east and in central/latin america by the US army and by the dictators they propped up in these countries

    • Listen to todays podcast on dogs there is a short segment near the beginning about this. I think you will find we do not disagree.

  5. I live in Europe where even up to 25 yesrs ago the US was looked up to as a model of democracy protecting europe and the world from the evils and threat of invasion from the USSR. Most younger people in europe now see the US as the worlds biggest terror state, with soldiers in about 150 other countries, ready to murder and burn people alive anywhere with drone and aircraft strikes. It is widely believed in Europe that the US sells weapons to both sides in many of the worlds conflicts. The crimes brought in recent years which happend in central america during the ronald regan years in chillie, nicuraga, honduras etc and earlier in Argentina are very frightening.

    • Well Iran has F14s and C130s, where do you think those come from? We funded the Taliban, created them in fact, they were just using a different name and fighting the Russians.

      We funded and created ISIS as well.

      I deny none of this, it doesn’t change why men serve and what they believe they are doing.

      The thing is it isn’t just the US, it is all the developed nations playing this game. The UK, Germany, France, they all have blood on their hands.

  6. Good reply Jack, also excellent Podcast today on dogs, since I started listening to podcasts I dont watch TV any more, conventional media is too false and irelevent to my interests and needs in life. TV will be going to the recycling centre soon. Also I can do gardening and things whilelistening to podcasts at the same time, creating new time.