Please Remember the Real Meaning of Memorial Day — 7 Comments

  1. All gave some………and some gave all. We remember those who gave all they had to give. We can honor our fallen veterans by living our lives in the fullest measure of the freedom they died to protect.

    Thanks for the clarity, Jack.

  2. My remembrance is a bit different. Last week I was visiting with my brother, who told me a bit about my father that I never knew. I did know my father served in France in WWI. I knew he had been badly wounded, had a pension to the day he died. He also had wounds that never healed-when I was growing up, my mother, a nurse, cleansed and dressed those wounds twice daily. Sometime after I left home in the mid-1950s, that changed to once a day. What I did not know was that my dad laid wounded, and passed over by the medics because his wounds were too serious, he was going to die any way. Twenty four hours later the medics were backtracking, when another soldier told them they were going to pick pick up my father. They said no. He pointed his rifle and said either my later to be dad went with them or they were not going back either. My father lived a very productive life, not dying until he was 80 years old. Thanks to someone I never knew about who cared about another soldier.

    • My Uncle returned from Vietnam under similar circumstances. He was discovered in a row of US KIA by a LARGE buddy who noticed him barely breathing. He scooped him up and ran to the helicopters. The medic at the door of the EVAC chopper waved off my Uncles buddy saying they were full up. Said gentleman pulled that guy out the door, put my Uncle on and banged on the side of the Huey which took off. The guy pointed at the next helo about to take off and told the medic he could ride that one. Thanks to someone we never knew who cared about another soldier.

  3. In the hearts and minds of all you served with and those you left behind. Thanks Adam, Tommy and Stephen. Iraq ’07 ’08 and Afg ’13

  4. Let us never forget all the fallen soldiers. So many made the ultimate sacrific.