Please Help Jessica Hudson of Sweet Peas Farm in MI — 211 Comments

  1. Jack, I have sent my letter to Counsel, and have posted it to my FB page, and all groups I am in, to spread the word and I do back the Hudson family along with you do <3
    Thanks for getting the word out to us.

  2. Anyone know if they have a town attorney? Contact info? He could use an email with a brief of Buchler v. Marquette County. Maybe their lawyer could be more influential than our emails.

    I’ll be happy to take a shot at a brief.

  3. Done and Done. This kind of over-reaching local beurocracy has always irritated me, and though I don’t have much to spare, I will always help a family in a situation like this. Thanks, Jack, for spreading the word and making us aware!

  4. Just sent a donation, what I could afford. I agree this is part of what this community is all about!

  5. Have you read her blog… sad and disgusting that this family is being picked on like this. What could they possibly gain by hurting this family? I shouldn’t be shocked, but I am. Donation made, emails sent.

  6. Donation made, will send some emails when i get off work! Thanks for the heads up jack.

  7. I ALSO live in Michigan and just wrote my state rep and senator, to see if they could help…..worth a try. Just in case, I’m sending cash to Jessica. Will email her town this weekend.

    • Please pass along the contact info for the Michigan State Rep. and Senator, Darren. We would gladly write to them, too. We don’t think the State would tolerate a lower government flouting Michigan law if its officials were actually informed about it, on the record. The Township is probably counting on the fact that the higher government doesn’t know about the local ordinance contradicting State law. Thanks!

  8. This is a great cause and I plan to help Ms. Hudson as well. I’ll share something that might be relevant to her plight. When I was in law school I clerked in the city attorney’s office between 2nd and 3rd years. One thing that became apparent early on is that one of the reasons they employed us during the summers (and a few throughout the year – basically for free ) was that they had no money to hire additional attorney’s. And the FT attorney’s that did work there (there were two) made just a bit more than pauper’s wages.

    The point of all this is that if Ms. Hudson decides to fight this and she has a legal leg to stand on (meaning that there is not a lot of ambiguity in the case law/statutes) then the city/township legal will most likely tell the town council to back off. I’d bet that they don’t even know about it yet but given that Jack has mobilized the community I’m sure they will. I’m also quite certain that they won’t be happy with the actions of the council. You see, they don’t make enough money to deal with a lot of headaches that an aggressive plaintiffs attorney can cause. It’ll make their lives hell (I’ve seen it up close and it’s a real pain). I predict this goes away in short order.

  9. In three hours the percentage of goal has grown from about 3% to 13%. This is amazing. Donated and emailed–thanks for bringing this up, Jack!

  10. Donation made and e-mail sent. I put emphasis on their need for control of citizens vs common sense. Go Hudsons ! We are proud that you are taking a firm stand.

  11. Please send address for doantion to send $$ to Hudson Farm defense fund–tx

  12. I just donated. The fund balance stands at $2597.00 or just about 13%. We are done working here in the east and people are getting off of work. Let’s hope the donations start rolling in. The email is next!

  13. Also a good thought my be to send a written letter through the mail. I’m sure they will start to delete emails as they come in but a hard letter can do some good.

    • People are less likely to throw away a fax, because it costs them paper and toner.

  14. Thanks for bringing this to our attention Jack. I am in SW Michigan and currently fighting my township idiots since they see it fit to mandate what trash/recycle collector I have to use. Total waste of their time. Jessica’s problems are much bigger.

    I will be definitely contacting the township and our larger news stations on this side of the state for more coverage. I will check with my wife tomorrow see if we can squeeze the budget for a donation. Thanks again keep up the fight brother.

  15. Just donated. Balance stands at $3227.00 & 16.14 %. Will send emails this evening.

  16. Donated and happy to do so. You are right. If it happens anywhere, it can happen here. We need to fight it from the start. Thanks for letting us know about this cause.

  17. Donated. Sent an e-mail of support to Jessica and a complaint to the Trustees and Township Officials. Pointed out to the Township that the Hudson case has already attracted international interest, as we are Canadians. Will follow this case because something similar happened to us recently, when we were forced to relinquish our ducks. Found out too late that the Ontario equivalent to Michigan’s Right to Farm Act 93 of 1981 is the Farming and Food Production Protection Act of 2005, if anybody is interested in fighting in Canada.

  18. Okay… have donated and am starting on letters.
    I am editing the letters, to let the “powers that shouldn’t be” know, that since there is a health issue involved here that there is some personal liability, individually that is not covered by their being township trustees. Further, that they, individually will be liable once this issue is settled, for damages… Damages, that they are not immune from, because of office or bond. There must be a township attorney that can be located to speak common sense to… will follow up later with phone calls. I am so sick of this bureaucratic crap…

    • Yes, agreed, it is a health-related issue that involves personal liability. Does anybody know the correct person responsible for handling this issue at the State of Michigan’s government offices? We don’t think the State would be pleased that a lower government is flouting its law. We would be happy to alert the State of Michigan that it should quash this immediately.

  19. Donation made. Letters to follow. I find it interesting that the website for the city lists “Zoning Ordinances (Currently Unavailable)!”

  20. I donated, in part because I believe this family has been wronged, but mostly because it gives me license to rant 🙂

    I’m tired of people quoting their “rights”. No law or document gives you rights to anything. At it’s core, even the constitution of this country is just a piece of paper. It’s words (which I believe in) only have meaning when people are willing to fight against violations of those principals.

    Too many rights violations have been mishandled with people hiding behind the constitution, using it as a shield. Paper makes for a very weak shield. It doesn’t defend you, but rather it is your charge as a citizen to defend it. Only in doing so do it’s words have any meaning. This may not be expressly a constitutional matter in the eyes of the law, but the underlying principal is the same.

    Tyranny and malice will never take away your rights. Neglect and indifference will. Tyranny is simply the end result. In this case, the town isn’t out to get the Hudson family. They simply don’t care what consequences their actions may have for Mrs. Hudson. They can’t be bothered to take the time and rectify the situation, it’s easier to fine her and tell her to go to the grocery store for her food like everyone else. That is the indifference I mentioned. The neglect on the other hand comes from us. From those who see the problem, but do nothing.

    If you value your right to own land and use it as a resource to provide for yourself in the manner you feel is best, you have an obligation, not to the Hudsons, but to your self to take some action.

    In taking a stand here, you are defending the Hudsons, you are are defending the honor of the TSP community, you are protecting yourself, and most importantly, though I have no affiliation with the Hudsons, you are in some small way defending my rights as well. For that I am thankful.

    18% right now, great work but I know we can do better.

  21. I’ll probably be sending some money to support them and will definitely be sending a letter to some people but this entire situation is a sad display of just how far this country has fallen. People in government think their job is to enforce and expand a never ending list of regulation uniformly without regard to special circumstance. This is called “fair” in modern society. What’s fair is treating people fairly as individuals and yes, sometimes that means making the decisions that don’t follow some B$ piece of paper written the last time they were bored. Is Everything Illegal in the United States today?? Sadly, probably yes.
    “John Stossel’s Illegal Everything”

  22. Just thought I’d pass along my own email to the Williams Twp. Bd. of Trustees. While it’s derivative of Jack’s I think I also made it my own, which I believe is important because cut-and-paste email campaigns are usually less effective than individually composed letters.

    While using Jack’s email as a springboard can give the Trustees an idea of the size of the opposition, because we likely all don’t live in Williams Twp. the impact is somewhat diminished (we don’t vote there, pay taxes there, etc.).

    But an individually written letter still expressing our being affronted by their actions, and telling of our financial commitment to the cause (if that is indeed the case) can bolster the fact we don’t live there. In short, individual letters are better than mass mailings all saying the same thing.


    Dear Members of the Williams Township Board of Trustees,

    It was recently brought to my attention that Williams Township is pursuing a zoning ordinance case against the Hudson family who resides in your town, and of your intent to remove their animals from their property. Although there are numerous instances when zoning laws are needed and useful to protect the life, health, or property of residents, it doesn’t appear that those conditions apply in this particular instance.

    Worse, it appears that your attempt to enforce the ordinance in this case is in violation of Michigan state law as set down in the case of the Buchler Family v. Marquette County. As I’m sure you are aware at this point, Michigan residents are protected by the Right to Farm Act if they are engaged in any commercial activity related to their farm property. What I think is most disturbing about your actions in this case is that despite being made aware of the precedent set in Buchler, and the similarity between that case and the Hudson’s, you choose to ignore Michigan state law and proceed against the Hudsons anyway.

    Because of this, I feel compelled to financially support the Hudsons in their fight against your flouting of settled state law. Moreover, if necessary, I will continue to financially support the Hudsons for however long it takes to have your township cease its improper and illegal action.

    I’ve also been made to understand that I am not alone in my efforts to support the Hudsons and there may literally be thousands of individuals in Michigan and around the country such as myself who view your actions as reprehensible and are willing to contribute financially to stop them for however long it takes.

    As I stated at the outset, zoning laws may serve a useful purpose, but only when they comply with state and case law. Your application of the zoning laws in Williams Township in this instance runs counter to that principle.

    While there may be a tendency to hunker down and fight for the right to impose your authority at will, the better course of action, the responsible course of action in light of your fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers of Williams Township, is to acknowledge the Right to Farm Act takes precedence in the Hudson case and to affirm your constitutionally sworn duty to uphold the laws of the land. It is not admitting defeat, but acknowledging the reality that the Hudsons have Michigan state law on their side.

    I do hope that in the best interest of ALL the citizens of your community (which also includes the Hudson family) you choose to resolve this issue with some common sense, yet if not, rest assured the problem and the fight will not go away.

    Respectfully Submitted,

  23. Dear Editor,
    First they wanted to arrest Julie Bass, of Oak Park, Michigan for growing food in her front yard! Now the Salem Witch Burners of Williamstown Township, Michigan want to take away Jessica Hudson’s ability to feed her allergy sensitive child organic vegetables and meat. What ever happened to our unalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness? It is amazing the zeal in which some public servants have in ruining unique and creative people’s rights. I guess they are the product of the public school system and function like drones or robots. You know:” I VAS JUST FOLLOWINC ORDERS” mentality. Hopefully 60 minutes or some other investigative program will expose this expanding mentality of control!

  24. Just made my donation. I live a very similar life to Jessica’s so I can feel her pain and know it could happen to any of us. Thanks Jack for bringing this to my attention.

  25. Donation Sent. Emails to follow. I feel its time to “put up or shut up” and I have a big mouth 🙂

  26. I have a question the news article mentioned rezoning for $500, is that still an option or did they say no? Haven’t read the blog yet.

    • From what i read I beleive that the $500 rezoning was just a stall tactic by the township, it appears that they have no intention of letting her keep the animals.

      It appears that this week on Wensday they voted to take legal action against her, according to her FB page. That is why there is such a sense of urgency, she needs to be able to defend her rights in court.

      So let’s help her. I also would like to ask those of us in MI to be available to go down to the court if this should happen to go that far and support her, maybe by peacably protesting or simply being there for moral support.

  27. Soon, I’ll have graduated college debt free, picked up a quality job, and begin to build capital with a dream of building a generational family estate/refuge/homestead/whatever. Something that will create generational wealth, production, and sanctuary; this undoubtedly will result in “code violations” of some sort. When I am working my tail off, living in a cheap apartment, raising my daughter; the more liberty in the existing precedent the better.

    Budgeting a $75 donation to protect her family’s interests goes a long way to protect mine, essentially I’m investing in my own future; just the opposite way public schooling and “the system” intends me to!

    At least that’s how my brain interprets this challenge.

  28. donated… and saving up to donate again.

    Is there a short YouTube vid we could share with others? You know how FaceBook eats that up.

    Maybe start a campaign “Using our Tax Returns to Fight for Freedom”

    • Great idea on the video. Wish I was closer I could help put something together. Maybe a TSP’er closer to Jessica can help.

  29. Just donated, at 24% now. Shared the story on Facebook and I’ll do it again tomorrow when more people are awake.

  30. juggaloprepper beat me a little…

    Jessica’s website is showing she has reached over 25% of her goal. Awesome folks. Keep up the fight. Keep the emails going, and the calls on Monday

    Jessica if you read this you have friends in the Holland/Kalamazoo area. If you make it west let me know (you can message me on the Survival Podcast forum with the name here), we would love to have you, and your family over for dinner (although it seems I may need some help on the menu 😉 ). Keep up the fight for your rights. The wave will reach farther than you will ever know.

  31. I did attempt to look at her township’s ordinances — they have been taken down off the website. But, I suspect they aren’t much different from that of my township — they usually use the same model.

    We also have the designations of ag, low density, high density residential and commercial. I live in high density in town on a double lot. Next door is a lot of 3+ acres, as well as a 40 acre and 80 acre parcel which have been designated high density as well. Township thinking that if the acreages are ever sold, it would given a developer options and increase the tax base.

    We also have the 2 acre farm animal requirements. BUT as I read it this morning, it says any property ad or residential with that acreage. One would THINK they would not include high density in that — it is not. Its any ag or residential meeting the size requirements.

    I suspect that’s where this issue raised its head. The assumption is that high density and small lots go hand-in-hand. If the intent is not to allow those kind of animals in high density–then that needs to be stated, because there are obviously some properties in older towns that do have adequate acreage.

    Having this in this small town/township for nearing 50 years, I understand the idea to regulate stupid. Its like you have to regulate common sense. If we had 2 acres, we would not place the chicken coop on the property line next to the guy with the tiny lot’s bathroom window. You would be surprised. This nonsense has reared its head particularly when the HOA people occupied us. My county actually made up scratch and sniff cards to depict to potential residents that this is an ag area and it smells like cow crap.

    All that said……I am in full support of the folks in Williamston. Blank regulations to control “stupid” harms everyone else. It absolutely frosts my cupcake that I can’t have three chickens on my property, but every neighbor has a huge horse, er dog, allowed to roam and fertilize my yard.

    There’s absolutely no reason these folks can’t have those animals. I would be really interested to know who complained–and where they came from. They are not local.

    The lesson to this is that if you are going to buy property — go to the township and get a physical copy of the zoning for your property.

  32. Email sent to all on the list. How can I donate? missed the link.
    Any little bit helps.
    Cheers from Australia.

    • Looks like one supporter from Australia and two from Canada thus far. Please emphasize in your letters that the Hudsons have international support. The world is watching the disgraceful conduct of Williamstown Township’s officials.

  33. Since all the ants are marching in the same direction, I guess I’ll pen the dissenting point of view:

    How about the rights of the neighbors? Some neighbors are on her side, but others complained. How about their right to not smell pig shit perpetually in the hot July sun? How about their right to not be woken up at 4:00am by a crowing rooster? How about their right to not have bacterial runoff from manure contaminating their drinking water? I know this may come as news to some in this crowd, but zoning laws aren’t meant to strip liberty from the hands of individuals – they’re there to ensure the liberty of all individuals – & they’re put in place by officials elected by the people. In short, zoning laws are the manifestation of the collective wishes of the people. If some young family moves in next door to me & slaps in a paddock of pigs, I’m on the phone with code enforcement that day. Anyone who has smelled a pig pen baking on a humid summer day can appreciate the purpose of zoning laws.

    This girl messed up. Trusting the opinion of a desk clerk who may or may not have known the entire situation (maybe she assumed she was in an agriculture zone, since she was inquiring about agriculture?) Even so, a desk clerk’s opinion does not supersede written law. This girl didn’t do her homework.

    So neighbors complained – neighbors who have lived there a lot longer than her – and instead of putting her house on the market & moving to the part of town that does allow animals, she’s hellbent on continuing to piss off her neighbors. She’s appealing to all corners of the internet with a savvy online campaign, which has me a little suspicious. $20,0000 goal? Really? Where did she get that number? I thought she needed $500 for a zoning amendment? What happens to the rest of the money? As far as I can tell, she could turn around spend it on meth, & there’s nothing anyone could do about it.

    I’m sorry, but I see this situation a lot differently. There are plenty of legitimate stories of government unfairly oppressing small farms – Watch “Farmageddon” on Netflix. This is just a girl who wants to ignore zoning laws. If that’s a worthy cause, well… My wife has lyme disease, so she doesn’t have the strength to clean the snow off her car. So I need a garage, but the code inspector says setbacks & maximum square footage limits make it impossible. I’ll set up a fund, & you guys can finance my fight with the town council. I think I’ll need about $20,000… what do you say?

    • I think you are the kind of neighbor that none of us would want. You are someone that always sees the negative in individuals.

      See, in my township, as in any township, it’s not what you know but WHO you know. If Jessica was a person of influence or money, she would have been granted her variance. She wasn’t a person of influence before, but she is now.

      Then there is that state law thingy that over rides the township’s zoning law.

    • Mike, I would refute your statement point by point, except I know you didn’t even read the article. I can tell, because she has no rooster that seems to offend you so much. Instead, I will merely point out that you are the worst kind of human being, the kind the considers himself superior to others. You exert your petty authority through government. Your entire premise for life assumes that you have more of a right to live how you want than your neighbors do. So go wallow in the cesspool that kind of thinking creates. There are plenty of places for you. Just leave my places the hell alone.

      • I did read the article. I know she doesn’t have a rooster – I was speaking hypothetically, because the people who move into her grandfathered farm might have a rooster – the next family that cites her case & wants the same easement might have a rooster. Is the town willing to rewrite the code to ensure that these easements don’t include male chickens? How will they police that? How about all the other items that must be regulated to ensure the health of the neighborhood? such things as, is the bacteria count in the water runoff below acceptable amount? Is there detectable fecal odor @ 500′, 1000′, 1500′? A “No agriculture zone” removes the need for the town government to do all this cumbersome micro-managing. It eases the mind of all the citizens who already live there that these tests are unnecessary. Keep in mind that it was a citizen’s complaint that instigated this case – not proactive government meddling, as has been suggested.

        • @Ashaldaron
          Sorry you had to be exposed to the “worst kind of human being” – that being me, as you pointed out. Maybe someday I can aspire to be more like you, a person who tells people they are the “worse kind of human being” for asking people to consider the liberty of all the people in this situation, not just the person Jack instructs you to defend.

      • “If my neighbor took liberties with the setbacks & built a garage next to our property line, my vegetable garden would be in shade all day. But if my neighbor knocked on my door & said, “I have lyme disease, can you sign an easement for a garage?” I’d sound like a real prick if I said, “no, then my tomatoes won’t get the right amount of sun.” So I’d smile & say “Sure,” & hope like hell the code enforcement officer did his job, despite my apparent compliance.”

        @Mike – this is kind of what I was asking you before. If you flip that argument and your neighbor was tired of looking at your garden and decided to build a garage or fence to block his view because he loves grass, do you have a right to tell him what to do on his property? Do you have the right to petition the city to do something for you? How is this different from you taking direct action against him like burning down his shed (in the extreme)? If you went to the door of your neighbor and said hey I need these tomatoes for my wife, does he have anymore obligation to tear down his shed? My answer would be no because it is his property. Property rights again. If you didn’t want your tomatoes shaded, why not buy that property next door or compensate your neighbor for not building a shed. How about you raise up your garden, shit if it was my wife I’d grow them on the roof if need be? Maybe you decide to pay him 20 lbs of tomatoes a year for not putting up that shed. Or maybe give him $100 a year. The law allows this already, they are called easements. I have a couple on my property, I have a road that cuts through it and a stream that borders it, to which I must provide access. I find it very questionable that you would resort to a zoning official sorting it out for you instead of working it out with your neighbor. It is not a prick to say whoa sorry to hear about your wife, but I enjoy these tomatoes, can we figure out another way to do this? This is what current society has lost, is the ability to say these are my needs, what are your needs, how can we agree. Instead we all go and grab guns.

    • @Mike, seriously why are you even here, why do you even listen to TSP. I mean shouldn’t you be out campaigning for Obama to get a third term or something? You are always of the opposing view, not sometimes, all the time.

      Did you even look at where here property is on Google maps?

      I mean really wouldn’t you be happier posting on Huffington Post and listening to NPR? I mean I don’t mind having you around or anything I just don’t get it. Why spend your time being part of something you always seem to disagree with?

      • Jack,
        I dissent, because, as Tommy Jefferson said, “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism”. You can assume that when I don’t comment, I agree with everything you’re saying. That means I agree with you 95% of the time, give or take. Not to shabby.

        I listen to TSP because your show is typically much more insightful than it has been in this situation. If you’re going to call for this type of action, it should be AFTER you at least contacted the town council personally – as in “on the phone” – not an angry, ranting email. You took this girl’s word as gospel & mobilized the troops – did you even speak to her? Very dangerous, IMHO. I think a conversation with an intelligible town council member might have gone a long way toward lowering your blood pressure. I listened to the whole town council meeting. I thought they did a very good job of politely explaining the reason for zoning laws, & the dangers of overlooking them for one individual – none of which did you communicate to your listeners as you called upon them for action.

        • Yes I spoke to her directly several times. Flatly Mike I believe if you live in anything approaching a rural area you should be able to do anything damn thing you want on your land.

          I also know that the state law of Michigan has recent case law that supports this person’s position. It doesn’t really matter if we have every single component perfectly sorted out. I stand for allowing people to the freedom to use their land, their way. I will fight any battle I think I can win to allow that to be the case.

    • @Mike

      You know what, I get what bothers you so much here, funny really.

      Mike you are a modern democrat, that actually means progressive which is simply a socialist. In your mind government (force) should take money at the point of a gun and use it to impose what is called “the will of the people” and anyone that doesn’t line up should be made to shut up, right?

      I mean that is how socialism works, government decides to do something and funds it with the people’s money by taking it in taxes, fees, tariffs, etc. All things no one has any choice about.

      Yet here we don’t have that, oh and we don’t have the loophole socialists are okay with either we don’t’ have a charity at all. No nice 501C6 that plays along with the rules the goons laid down, no central authority. Nope all we have is something that should be done and people funding it in a 100% fully informed and voluntary manner and gee it is something you would not want to fund to do something you don’t want done. Wow imagine how we must feel everyday Mike when our money is used this way without consent if it troubles you so much to see our money use with our own consent.

      God this must drive socialist progressives nuts out of their mind! I mean people like you are fine with taking my money from me, against my will, using it in a way I find unacceptable and many times frankly immoral and telling me to shut up, that is all okay right? But by God if we by our own choice fund something you disagree with that is just wrong right. I mean now I am violating the rights of someone that doesn’t even live near these people who doesn’t want to drive by a place with those ugly goats on the way home according to you.

      Folks that is the mind of the progressive socialist! Wow, the more I understand you folks the more concerned about our future I become.

      Tune in Tuesday Mike, Marjory Wildcraft will be on, she is just back from Cuba and you can hear all about where the false promise of socialism leads to.

      • If you were right Jack, I’d admit it. But you’re off the mark. It’s this thinking that has right-wingers (oh sorry, I forgot – you’re not a right-winger) underestimating democrats and losing elections. I’m a registered independent, btw, but I’ll happily defend Barry in this crowd, as he certainly gets a bum rap. He’s certainly done more than any president in recent history, dem or rep. to shorten the leash on the DEA while states take the inevitable step of legalizing marijuana – a victory for libertarians everywhere, though I haven’t heard one bit of praise from this community. It also makes me chuckle to hear you reconcile your theories on the “coming economic collapse” as the stock market continues to break record after record… One of the smartest things I ever did was to ignore the anti-government Glenn Beck types after the 2008 collapse & KEEP INVESTING IN THE STOCK MARKET.

      • btw, I have no problem with this sort of private fundraising. If TSP members are moved by this, that’s fine. I just feel it’s misguided. more than anything, I’m just sad for these folks who are coughing up $100+ for this questionable cause because they trust you. I really don’t see a major theoretical difference between her situation & my wife needing a garage. I just accept responsibilty for not doing the research into zoning when I bought my house. I also accept that if I want a garage, I’ll have to move. I’m ok with that. Because I’d expect my neighbors to feel the same way, given the same situation.

        If my neighbor took liberties with the setbacks & built a garage next to our property line, my vegetable garden would be in shade all day. But if my neighbor knocked on my door & said, “I have lyme disease, can you sign an easement for a garage?” I’d sound like a real prick if I said, “no, then my tomatoes won’t get the right amount of sun.” So I’d smile & say “Sure,” & hope like hell the code enforcement officer did his job, despite my apparent compliance.

    • Mike,

      You should do your research before you put your foot in your mouth.

      First of all none of her close neighbors object to her having animals.

      second, she was lied to not once but twice that she would be ok to have them.

      Third, she dosen’t have any neighbors close enough to be woken up by a rooster crowing.

      Fourth, she has 2 pot belly pigs with a handful of piglets she is selling, hardly anywhere near the smelly confignment pig lots you are refering to.

      Fith, you have your head shoved so far up your own ass how can you smell anything but your own shit anyway?

      Sixth, unfourtunatly you are wrong about zoning laws, they are written by laywers, who are hired by the townships to write them. Most of these townships don’t even understand the laws but they pass them because they trust the lawyer they hired they go ahead and pass them. When an issue like this comes up they are too afraid of getting sued to make a change to the law even though they may be in full agreement with the person. They have backed themselves in a corner and are to chicken shit to do anything about it. Or they are on a power trip and don’t care who they step on.

      We had zoning in our little township of Crystal MI at one time, the board voted in a zoning law that was almost identical to Lansing’s Zoning at the time. It caused so many problems that a few of us passed around a petition to remove the entire board and elect a new one, and we did, we also got rid of zoning! That was 15 years or so ago and none of the people that were on that board have been able to get re-elected, they tried but they failed!

      By the way we are a resort community, and we manage just fine with common sense ideas that we come up with that make sense for our community and we do not now nor will we ever have zoning again! Zoning is ment only to line the pockets of lawyers and to oppress the people that live in the community. Zoning is not necesary, if you have it then your elected officials were just to lazy to try and solve problems individiauly and thought a blanket cure woud solve all the problems, well guess what it doesn’t work!

      Sorry about cussing, but people like you really piss me off!

      • Barn Geek-
        I applaud you. You did it right. You got the citizens to overturn the zone laws. They are only there because the citizens wanted it, & if the citizens don’t want it anymore, they overturned it. Democracy in action! Good for you. See? we can agree on something!

        Now, let me again play devil’s advocate & point out that Jessica is a new farmer. Do you know how many kids have had the ambition to start a farm &, despite the best of intentions & efforts, completely failed? Sure, her pigpen is clean now. But how about in 2 years, when she realizes she doesn’t have the energy to properly maintain a farm, & she lets the whole thing go to pot? THAT is a more common story than many on this forum would ever care to admit. I can take you on a ride & show you “farm” after “farm” of dilapited barn & mudpit yard as overgrazing & lack of care have eliminated all vegetation from the premicis. THAT is what brings down property values of entire neighborhoods, as new homebuyers don’t like driving by cows chained to trees that sleep in their own feces. THAT is the sort of thing that causes problems between neighbors, as innocent bystanders who have nothing to do with farming watch their home value plummet as word gets out that the local aquifer is contaminated with petroleum based fertilizers. & lastly, THAT is a big reason for many of these zoning restrictions, the wisdom of which seems to elude people of your ilk.

    • Please read the part of Jack’s intro, where he states, “. . . Mrs. Hudson has already agreed to not use the money for other purposes but make it available to others who have to fight a similar fight. To pay it forward. I have personally been contact with her an I KNOW she understands that this fight is bigger than her and her family.” We would like to think $500 for a variance would finish the job, but realistically, it probably won’t. Even that $500 “fee” is extortionate for using one’s own land. Think of this as a communal fund for average people who get into a similar fix in the future. Food security is a very important health issue for us all. The Hudsons are an important test case. Providing the animals’ place is kept clean and tidy, and they are disease-free, we should look the other way on town ordinances. Why was home-grown food patriotic and healthy during WWII in Victory Gardens, but now it is unsightly, smelly, inconvenient, and riddled with disease?

      • @Theresa & John, yep you got it. That 500 bucks was a stall tactic, if that is all it was going to take I was PERSONALLY just going to pay it for her and walk on. Mike is just pissed his mind can’t grasp what is happening here.

        See in his brain money to do things must be taken as taxes and used by wise members of the government for our best needs, the key is the money must be taken against the will of the producer.

        To see producers VOLUNTARILY send money for a cause and not even have the decency to do it for a tax write off via a 501c6 well it just makes his brain spin inside his skull. Everyone knows us greedy types only donate money in order to get a tax break. He just doesn’t understand how such “greedy conservatives” (what he mistakenly labels libertarians) would be willing to part with their precious dollars this way.

        It just doesn’t make sense to a guy like mike. Voluntarily spending money for something we all agree on with no one forcing anyone to participate and what is needed still gets done. You bet that would piss off anyone who believes is big government of any sort, kind of shows the truth, government is the problem, the revolution is you.

        • You made it clear in your email to her that your community would do whatever you told them to. So it was no surprise to me that your people started handing over their hard-earned money without question to this woman. I just hope, for their sake, you vetted her better than you did Mark Kirkwood.

          In response to your question, “Why am I here?” all I can say is this: just because I take an opposing view on this situation doesn’t mean I couldn’t possibly be interested in sustainability, or frugality, or prepping, or weapons, etc. I appreciate 95% of your program, & I know exactly why your average listener feels the way they do about the world we live in. Most of my posts are just a subtle attempt to get your listeners to put themselves in someone else’s shoes – to expand their perspective a bit. & maybe realize that liberals arent’ the enemy, but a people that look at this country’s history and it’s current condition in a different way than they do. I consider it a personal failure that I’m only seen as a troll. That’s certainly not my intent. I’ve endured a lot of unfair name-calling – mostly from you, Jack. I could have gotten offended & run off. But I’m still here – still proud to be a part of this community, albeit a very unique one. Just don’t come crying to me when your neighbor, in the name of personal liberty, decides to start a tire retreading business in your residential zone, & you have to breath in the carcinogenic smell of melting rubber 24/7.

    • The problem with this argument is there are a bunch of what ifs and not facts. You are using a slippery slope and part to whole generalizations. Basically you are jumping to conclusions, where are the facts. Is pig waste running into her neighbors environment? How did these zoning laws get implemented. There are plenty of cases where a busy body just wants to tell people what to do and has connections to the city council and there are cases where a factory was dumping into a river and the zoning laws were passed to stop it.

      I agree it would be nice to get the other side of the story and to be able to view the farm. I feel the reporter did a shoddy job on the article. If Jessica is truly polluting her neighbors property than she is liable and should be sued by the neighbors. If my neighbor fracks for natural gas and destroys my ground water then they destroyed my property and I must be compensated. That is the problem with this country, you don’t need zoning laws just enforce property rights. The other problem is we have a legal system not a justice system, out systems are based on who has the most money.

      My view is if you buy a piece of land you have every right to develop that piece of land as to how you see fit. You have the right to feed yourself and your family. Your argument of selling her house could work the other way too, where if the neighbors don’t like it they should buy her out. Either you own the land or you don’t.

      • What we know as all her close neighbors, not just the adjoining ones signed off saying they had no problems.

        Also pig shit isn’t any more toxic then dog shit, anyone who has dealt with pigs knows you can barely tell the difference. She has 3 adults and a litter of piglets so any toxicity is like having 3 dogs and puppies.

        Now I agree that if she is doing harm to her neighbors that is a problem and one for them to deal with by the way. Again though, and I am sure Mike doesn’t care, none of her actual neighbors have a problem. Some turd that doesn’t even live next to her made the initial complaint, like I said someone needs a good punch in the throat.

        • How do you know it wasn’t one of her close neighbors that privately complained, then, when face to face, lied & said “Sure, I don’t have a problem with it?” That does happen, you know. Again, zoning laws remove this problem. It takes individual out of the equation.

          Also, pigs are much larger than dogs. You’ve either never been around a rancid pigpen, or you’re deliberately playing ignorant to avoid admitting I have a very good point. I can take you to places in Maine where you can smell rancid chicken shit miles away from the source, if the wind is right.

        • Jack,
          I just want to let you know that I won’t be commenting anymore. My motive was always to stimulate discussion, maybe get you guys to see that liberals are just good people with different ideas, not communists who are conspiring to ruin the United States. But it’s clear that none of that has happened. I just look like a guy peeing in the punch bowl, & it ends up being a waste of everyone’s time.

          So you guys can carry on thinking you know exactly what is going on in the world, & burying your head in the sand when someone tries to show you how you’re wrong. Clearly, that’s what you want. The libertarian in me is ok with backing off & letting that happen – we have pro wrestling after all. Nothing about that is based in reality.

          All I ask is that you don’t come crying to me when this socialist, tyrranical president continues to get this economy back on its feet & the collapse you promised your listeners doesn’t happen in their lifetime. Don’t complain to me when regular folks are riding the stock market wave toward early retirement while your TSP members having nothing to retire on but a handful of devalued silver coins and a room full of expired navy beans.

          I will continue to listen to the show. I look forward to hearing about Cuba on tuesday. I won’t be commenting though. I’m sure that will make everyone happy. Feel free to delete all my former comments if you see fit – I promise I won’t complain.

        • @Mike, this response is to all of your latest tirades in one place.

          Trust me Mike no one will be crying if the collapse doesn’t happen, yet if you can do math, well, can you?

          Next, I will not cry if you are really gone, it won’t take a micrometer of skin off my nose.

          This is what you don’t seem to or want to get, liberal in the modern world IS a socialist. The majority of this group believes is PERSONAL responsibility and isn’t ever going to be okay with having their money taken by force to do that which is not needed and worse that which they oppose.

          Self Sufficiency and Self Reliance ARE NOT AND CANNOT be compatible with big government and “social justice programs”. The fact is Mike I haven’t seen you make a single positive comment in I guess two or more years? Dissenting opinions are one thing but if you never agree again I just don’t get it.

          How can you say you are interested in guns when the people you support wish to take them away?

          How can you say you are for sustainability when you would be a person to prevent individuals form being sustainable because others don’t want to see it?

          How can you claim to be independent and support an assclown like Obama? Not just settle for but defend and support him?

          This is always the problem with liberals, they want to say the right things and feel good about it but never understand that FREEDOM is necessary for the right things to happen. They refuse to accept that if you have freedom there will be both success and failure and failure is necessary as a driving force for good.

          People like you claim to be liberal and then support blowing up people in a third world shit hole for 10 years after a terrorist attack, people that likely can’t find our nation on a globe.

          You claim to be liberal but you are probably opposed to gay marriage and legalization of marijuana and then you turn around and call me a right winger?

          So let me get this strait I want to get the government out of all walks of life, the bedroom, the church, your living room, everywhere. I want illegal surveillance stopped, marriage to between two people and their personal view of God and the state out of it all together. I want people to grow food in every back yard and front yard and have the absolute undeniable freedom to do it on their own property.

          I want cancer patients that can’t fricken eat to be able to get pot given that doctors can already prescribe meth to children with supposed ADD. I want fluoride out of our water so people can choose it for themselves or not. I want actual transparency in government, I want your ASSCLOWN you supported to make good on promises he has broken like posting all legislation for 5 days before signing it to allow for public comment. Remember that? I want Gitmo closed. Remember that, another broken promise? Oh yes and I want warrantless wire tapping and the Patriot Acts repealed. Remember that another promise your clown broke he stated, “these are things I can and will do with the stroke of a pen”. I guess after 5 years he still can’t find a pen.

          So what about these positions makes me a right winger Mike?

          Mike what you don’t get is I am actually a true liberal, I am willing to let you live your way and I only ask that you let myself and others live our own way. That is actually a liberal position before socialists bastardized the word.

          Mike, I am sorry that you don’t comprehend what a libertarian is, but trust me it is far from being a “right winger”. Many of my positions trouble my audience which is largely right leaning, yet I make those statements anyway, putting my integrity ahead of my bottom line.

          Yes Mike do tell if you can make another post or two what exactly makes me a “right winger”, is it only that I oppose the Democrats? If so what does it mean that I also oppose the republicans?

          Doesn’t it strike you odd that I have respect for a socialist by his own words in our government oh isn’t he gay too. Bernie Sanders and I agree on little politically but he is honest and I respect him for that and consider him head and shoulders above most in government. How right wing is that? Doesn’t that line up with, “I disagree with what you say but will defend to my own death your right to say it”? Sorry refresh me isn’t that the hallmark of a so called “classic liberal”?

          So let me get this strait just so I understand. I am for re-greening the worlds deserts, promotion of food sovereignty across the nation and the world, no illegal government surveillance, giving all people accused of anything no matter their nation of origin constitutionally protected rights because I believe the constitution applies to humans not just US citizens. I don’t think the government has any business policing the institution of marriage and feel it two men or two woman want to marry while I don’t find it very appealing it is none of my damn business. I don’t think any natural substance should be subject to regulation. I think when a president lies he should be held accountable for doing so no matter the initial after his name. I live my life exactly the way I suggest others consider doing. I have worked my ass off for years, I created jobs, built this community, changed the lives of many and even helped many see past bias and bigotry on many social issues and that makes me a “right winger”?

          Mike flat out socialist progressives are not liberals, liberal was just the branding used to sell this pile of shit to the American people.

          Look up liberal in the dictionary and one definition you will see is “of or befitting a man of free birth”.

          Know what you will see as an identifier on that definition, “archaic”! Do you know what archaic means? “obsolete – antiquated – old – ancient – out-of-date”

          So the definition of liberal that says it means “befitting a man of free birth” is now, what, “”obsolete – antiquated – old – ancient – out-of-date”.

          So liberal meant at one time a belief that all men (meaning humans) were befitting of the same rights and should be born into true freedom. In other words that all should have equal opportunity but not equal results. Yet now that definition is archaic?

          Mike if you are going to use a word like liberal why not study its roots a bit? Archaic in this case goes back to about the turn of the century between the 1800s and the 1900s when the word liberal meaning what I just told you was used to sell progressive socialism a step at a time to the people of this nation. But I am a “right winger”, right?

      • Adam,
        I am playing devil’s advocate, to be sure. A lot of folks seemed to miss that point. Maybe she isn’t doing these things, but perhaps the person she grandfathers the ‘farm’ to will have a rooster, or unkempt pigs, etc. Or perhaps, like so many other wannabe farmers, she’ll loose interest in farming after realizing how hard it is, yet not have the heart to sell her animals. Then the farm goes sour, & the neighbors DO get affected. Zoning laws have more wisdom behind them than this community gives credit.

        Thanks for keeping an open mind by showing concern for the liberty of the neighbors as well as that of the woman who clearly failed to research the zoning laws adequately. Most other folks just called me names, and suggested I have no place in this community.

    • Mike, even if what you say were true, though it doesn’t appear to be the case, it’s still clear that Williams Twp. is violating state law by pursuing this. There are any number of things our neighbors can do that irk us, but the law lets them do so regardless.

      The Hudsons are in compliance with Michigan law which allows what they are doing. The town can’t simply choose to ignore which laws it will follow and which it will violate. Rather than be upset that TSP members are trying to have the Twp. simply follow the law, if you’re so opposed to it you could form an alternative group that could seek to have the Right to Farm Act overturned. Of course it would likely mean that people like the Hudsons who already have established farm businesses would have to be grandfathered in, but that would be the proper course of action for you to take.

      It seems odd that someone would object to people calling on the government to uphold their sworn duties and follow the law So in essence really what you’re saying is that you support the Twp. breaking the law and they should dig their heels in and continue to do so.

      I find that a very strange way to think.


      • Hey, I have no problem at all with you guys giving your money to her. I wish her the best. I just think there are much better causes out there – but if this is what moves you guys, go for it.

        As far as the Right to Farm Law, keep in mind that the town council are not lawyers. They cannot be expected to interpret state law! They need to consult their lawyer & I believe they said they were doing that. What more does jack want? I don’t get it.

        That’s another reason I think this is just silly. This girl is loading up on TSP cash & the town lawyer might just supersede the town’s decision tomorrow, citing michigan law. Like I asked earlier, what happens to the money? She gets to keep it, I guess. Was all this necessary? not in my opinion.

    • Gosh, Mike, you wouldn’t happen to be a mole from Williamstown Township, would you?

  34. “Brent in Prince Edward Island”

    Even though I’m Canadian and cannot do much from here, I made a small donation. Similar things have happened up here. I sent you a story two years ago and you featured it on the show; about a bed and breakfast that had to close because the eggs were free range and were banned.

  35. I sent my $20 (all I can afford, sorry), I sent all the letters, and I am doing my best to mobilize my 700 strong Facebook community. Since this effort is tied to TSP, I was polite in all of my letter, but man, I wanted to unleash hell. I will just do that in my own blog instead. Sniveling human beings like this make me sick.

  36. I have tried and tried to use the donations button and it is not working for me. It will however allow you to buy items so I bought a scoby. There are a few other items you can get as well. Water kefir grains and a body butter other things can only be picked up locally.

  37. My letter:

    My understanding of your actions against the Husdson family is abominable. In these economically trying times I find your actions against the Hudson’s family struggle to provide for their children and their own livelihood inexcusable. I strongly urge you to review the facts and reconsider your ruling against them. This could save a family and a town from a lot of hardship.

  38. Donation sent, it feels good to stand against tyranny, even if it’s a somewhat small contribution. I’d love to see the township push this and draw national attention.

    Also Jack…you mentioned not wanting to abuse your “leverage,” but I for one will say that I really appreciate you bringing this to our attention. Perhaps this is an idea for yet another site…somewhere to post grievances where liberty is being threatened.

  39. Donation made, emails sent. Looks like they have a long way to go to reach their goal. Prayers help too. Will be saying some for them for sure.

  40. I sent in a contribution and e-mail to everyone. There actually are probably a lot of ways for the township council to back out of this gracefully if they want to; they can see the contribution meter on her site just like everyone else. Maybe they’ll conclude it’s just not a cost-effective venture at this point.

  41. Letter sent….

    I am writing to inform you that I have donated to the Hudson family’s defense fund. I believe that by now you must be aware that this situation has reached a national audience of over 65,000 people, and growing. I am from North Carolina, so obviously I have no direct stake in what Michigan laws are, or what arbitrary rules your township wants to enforce. I do however recognize unnecessary regulation when I see it, and will do what I can to stand against it wherever it is found.

    From all accounts of this situation, it would seem that the Hudson family has been given mixed information, and the proverbial run-around. Despite a recent case that is very similar to this one, (the Bulcher family in Marquette County), someone in your office has chosen to go against what clearly appears to be Michigan state law.

    Since this community of over 65,000 people feel strongly about liberty and rights, and since we believe that your township is in violation of a state law, we are funding a legal defense fund for the Hudson family. I would urge you to seriously consider allowing this family to live as they have chosen to live, and to make the necessary concessions in your township ordinances to adhere to Michigan state law.

    Tony *****

  42. Ok….Letter sent.

    Dear Members of the Williams Township Government Offices,

    I am writing today to let you know that I am aware of your actions against the Hudson family/Sweet Peas Farm. I have contributed to their legal defense fund and I will do so again in the future if required.

    Perhaps you are unaware of Michigan’s Right to Farm act?

    Even if this act did not exist and even if what you were trying to enforce were fully within the bounds of law, that would not mean that what you are doing is morally acceptable. You are heading down a path of using the force of government against a family because they have a small number of animals on a large tract of land. Please think about that for a moment. If you have young children or grandchildren, please think about how you will explain the morality of perhaps sending men with guns to someone’s property – not because someone is being hurt, not because there was some great outcry from neighbors that their rights were being infringed but rather because these people are raising their own food. After you finish justifying these actions to your children, explain to them again how great it is to live in a free country.

    You may find that you can justify your actions to the community and to your own children. If that is the case, you should do so with the awareness that there are still people who believe in freedom who will stand against what you are trying to do. Williams Township is not my town, Michigan is not my state, but liberty IS my cause and a fight for liberty anywhere is a fight for liberty everywhere.

    I hope and expect that you really do believe that you have the best interests of the people of your community in mind. If I am correct, I am sure you will find a way to resolve this issue taking into account the needs of the community AND individual rights. If not, you should know that the Hudson family is not alone.
    Respectfully Submitted,

    Jeffrey Creem

    • Great letter. The $500 zoning variance “fee” was clearly a request for a bribe to make the problem go away. Protection money, like during Prohibition. Seems like grow-your-own-groceries is shaping into the moonshine of 2013.

  43. Just posted about this over on Kinda surprised nobody beat me to it actually because plenty of the Permies types could find themselves in the same situation. My small donation going out in Monday’s mail, emails too.

  44. Email and donation sent. This situation is total BS! Hopefully we can help her fight back and win.

  45. Contribution made, emails sent. Let’s make them all scared to ever open their email (or their mouths…) ever again!

  46. Btw – this one hit close to home and I’ll be following it closely. My husband and I have most of the same dietary issues Jessica and her children wrangle with. The modern food and medical system is making us ill, We dream of owning land soon and joining her on the journey towards producing our own safe, clean food and to (hopefully) introduce our extended families to the concept.

  47. When I posted a link to her story in Facebook it made me do a security check and verify Im a human. I never get this for posting a link.. anyone else have this happen?

  48. Money donated and e-mail(s) sent.

    To anyone who hasn’t donated yet…I’m a college student who lives off of savings and odd jobs in San Francisco, California and I easily found $25 to send her way. If I can do it, anyone can find at least $5. It doesn’t sound like much, but it all adds up. Like Jack said, if you are in any way, shape, or form aiming to have any kind of homestead in your life (what the Hudson’s are doing is actually almost exactly what I want once I graduate and start my career), or what you already have, help them. Because, one day, you might need the help yourselves.

    • No Reddit, but my kid Tweeted it and Julie Benz (the actress from Dexter, George of the Jungle, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc.) re-Tweeted it. Word is getting around.

    • Still no Reddit, but I e-mailed the Assignment Editor at The Young Turks, requesting coverage.

  49. She made an update on her Facebook. I hope this doesn’t affect her case:

    Sweet Peas Farm
    5 hours ago ·
    Very quickly I wanted to mention something that I keep hearing and keeps coming up in emails. I’m not sure where the mistake started, but we do not own 3 acres of land currently. We own only an acre and a half.

    We have been speaking with the school in an attempt to purchase the adjoining 2 acres of wooded land, which is technically city land, which would bring our land total to more than 3 acres. Plus, by owning city land we could move the animal enclosures a few feet to the north and they would technically live in the city, which would make it legal for them to be here, since farm animals are allowed in the city (insane, right?). It was just another avenue we were pursuing when we had no idea if we’d ever be able to afford to fight.

    It still shouldn’t matter in regard to anything the township has stated, and 1.5 acres is still more than enough on which to raise the few small animals we have in the manner in which we intend to raise them (managed rotational grazing, or “mob grazing”). But I wanted to make sure to correct that very quickly, just so that you wouldn’t think I’d led anyone to believe we have 3 acres. We were originally looking for a house with 3 acres, and the first 3 properties on which we put in offers had that or more, but this one had everything else and just not quite that much land, but still just enough for everything we had planned. 🙂

  50. I just contributed 20 dollars. I live in the same County as this family and will support them as much as I can. WE MUST STICK TOGETHER! We can’t fight alone.

  51. Donated $100.00 and sent an email to every one of those Officials.
    Will donate again if needed.

  52. Donation sent and I’m going to try to get an email sent in the next day or so. For now, it’s bedtime!


  53. This makes me sick to my stomach. Just donated $20 to help her fight the people who are trying to restrict what she can do.

  54. @Jack, don’t get your pressure up and waste your time with these socialists!

    I just made my donation, and wish I could do more. I will send my personalized email tomorrow. I do believe that you shouldn’t have farm animals in a neighborhood, but guess what – THEY AREN’T IN A NEIGHBORHOOD!!

    One day I hope to have a similar homestead, and I hope to have support if i have to fight a local government. It’s really simple….do unto others as you would have them do unto you! Rock on tsp listeners. Rock on.

  55. I have received 2 “delivery failure” notifications on my emails. Anyone else? Perhaps they are shutting down/blocking email.

  56. in defense of @Mike.. who has taken quite a beating from the mob. 😉


    the ‘facts’ (as presented by Jessica & Will Kangas (reporter))

    – Before purchasing her home Jessica called the Township and some anonymous bureaucrat told she was good to go (j)
    – Someone complained that she was violating zoning regulations to the Township (r)
    – The Township informed her that she was in violation of local law, and needed to comply with local law (j, r)
    – An anonymous bureaucrat at the planning office helpfully suggested that 4-H might be exempted (j)
    – She was told by a more senior (knowledgeable) Township bureaucrat that it was not, and was invited to the next town meeting to request a zoning change (j)
    – She gathered neighbor signatures, made a plan, and made copies of laws from other jurisdictions which she presented to the board (j)
    – The board decided NOT to change her zoning, or modify the Township laws to match those of a neighboring town (j)
    – She went to the Farm to Consumer Defense Fund. Pete Kennedy sent a letter to the Township informing them of a similar case where the Right To Farm act was ruled to supersede local zoning ordinances (j)
    – The Township made her case an agenda item at the next meeting. Jessica presented her case, and the boards counsel was of the opinion that the Right To Farm Act didn’t apply. So now its time to go to court and get a ruling..

    Now.. NOTHING nefarious has taken place in this timeline. A SWAT team was not dispatched to forcibly remove her goats, she was not fined, threatened or jailed. This is standard little government 101.

    ‘Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity’ – Hanlon’s Razor

    As @NorCal Mike said in the show notes.. if you don’t have something in writing.. it isn’t real (legally). And in Jessica’s case, she’s not even saying who she spoke to at the Township.

    So.. that being said, why did I contribute to her ‘defense fund’?

    I believe that food sovereignty is a right, and that this case may allow a precedent to be set in MI that will keep other homesteaders from being f’d with by their local chowder heads.

    But @BarnGeek has an even better solution.. throw out the chowder heads, take ‘legal control’ of your area, and then do away with the anti-liberty laws.

    Cuz here’s a little rant on laws vs. rights.

    Whenever laws are proliferating.. it means you’ve lost your connection to your neighbors (community). Laws are a crappy replacement for relationships.

    And the thing we (IMHO) need to remember is that a law is en-FORCED. Meaning every law is an act of coercion, through seizure (fines, forfeiture), imprisonment or even death. And that even the smallest law, can be escalated to the ultimate penalty (death).

    [Example: Unpaid traffic tickets -> failure to appear -> home seizure -> forced eviction -> suicide by police]

    Laws are NOT the answer.. unless you believe others should be COERCED into only the actions that you believe in.. with penalties for their ‘disobedience’. The creation of a new law should be a grave event.. only entered into after all other means of remedy have been exhausted, and only then when the ‘harm’ caused by the violation of said law is SO GREAT that locking someone in a box, or killing them, would be ‘better’ for the community as a whole.

    Now RIGHTS on the other hand are the opposite.. a RIGHT asserts ‘you may NOT coerce someone else into your way of thinking regarding X’. Which is why I’m all for a ‘Right to Farm’. Personally I think the only reason it isn’t in the Bill of Rights.. is that its so fundamental the founders would never even think to include it (the ‘Right to Breath’, ‘Right to Sleep’?)

    The only limit to your ‘rights’ which IS codified into law is that they can’t harm the rights of others. Where the squabbling begins is ‘what constituted harm’. (but lets leave that alone).

    So for Bill of Rights 2.0.. I’m all for the ‘Right to Food Sovereignty’.

    • Insidious,

      While the SWAT team might not have been called in, it’s incorrect to say NOTHING nefarious has happened. You apparently didn’t read all the way through the woman’s blog post because in the last paragraph is this sentence:

      “At last night’s meeting they voted to take legal action against our farm and family.”

      It might not be jackbooted thugs kicking in her door, but the fact is it’s not just all theory about what might happen to the Hudsons as Mike suggests. They are moving again her so it is necessary to mobilize those who value property rights as Jack has done. I’m glad you’ve also donated, but I just wanted to clear up that one item to make sure no one else thought this was much ado about nothing.


      • =)

        Something has happened.. which is why I donated to her legal fund.

        By ‘nefarious’ I mean ‘sneaky and underhanded’. For example:
        – Telling a person that they should show up on the 10th to say their piece, and then having the meeting on the ninth
        – Mailing out public notices about a proposed code change, that will happen if the public doesn’t object, and then ‘forgetting’ to actually mail them (and passing the change)
        – Retroactively rezone an area, and then retroactively fine people not in compliance with the zoning
        – Declare a property a ‘wetlands preserve’ AFTER it changes hands (meaning no construction or human disturbance allowed)
        – Even better, FLOOD a property, and then declare it a wetlands preserve (Half Moon Bay.. they got sued)

        Its a long list, and these have all happened within 50 miles of my house.. several of them on my block.


        P.S. Yes I’m in the ‘Walking To Freedom’ forum

      • the other thing is that I always feel for the underdog..

        In this case, that is no longer Jessica.. its the creepy crawly things under the rock that just got kicked over (the bureaucrats).

        They’re disgusting, but you do feel a little sorry for them watching them squirming around in the dirt.

        I really appreciated Chris Duane’s comments on this.. we need to stop being afraid of them and realize who really has the power.

        IMHO pity, not fear, is the appropriate response.

    • Note:
      Apparently Jessica has a 1.5 acre lot, so the initial statement by the city (‘you need 2 acres for large animals’) may have been correct (in regards to their code).

      • I screwed that up and have amended my post. What she was told is that the 2 acre requirement was for large animals like horses and cattle.

    • “Laws are a crappy replacement for relationships.”


      Unfourtunatly the township has pulled out sneaky tactics.

      1. They lied twice

      2. They did change the date of this past weeks meeting here is a quote from Jessica’s page on the 12th

      “Went to the township meeting tonight. I even got one single friend AND her husband to show up in support. And they postponed the meeting. Without any notice or announcement.

      Meeting’s tomorrow. I’m assuming it’s at 7:00 just like it would have been tonight. ”

      “It may just be the cynic developing in me, but it really feels like they did this deliberately to thwart us. We brought press last month, so this month they had an unannounced date change…?”

    • @Insidious,

      Rest assured Mike didn’t take a beating for his comments here, Mike took a beating for a massive track record of comments. The beating was because people have heard from him many times and while he claims to be in “95% agreement with the majority of the TSP community” he has never made a single positive comment.

      If this had been his first comment or if he had ever made any positive comments I think people would have gone a bit easier on him.

    • Thank you for sending this to Julie Bass. I had misplaced her information. Ha now I have it again. Thanks for that too! Julie is doing so great work!

  57. Just made a donation and sent off an email to Township.

    I live in Michigan and am outraged by the treatment of this family. Thank you to Jack and all TSP members for being sentinels!

  58. I made a donation, what I could do to help.

    I’ll also keep her in my prayers. I hope you all will as well.

  59. Just sent a donation via paypal. Sent this note to the town supervisor.


    Just wanted to inform you that I have made a donation to the Sweet Pea Farm. Hope you guys lose.

    Have a great day,


  60. Gave my support to the family, donated and then sent my letter to the foolish township.

  61. Thank you, Jack, for letting us know about this. We helped and sent out emails.

  62. Emailed, donating, and sending a fax when I get home……

    @mike, nothing wrong with a different perspective, even if it’s wrong. (obviously you come off as a plant / troll, even you would have to admit that) As far as your outlook on the stock market……anyone who chooses to not see can be blind. Can you honestly feel safe about the market if that 80 bill prop per month was taken away?? Oh, btw, stay tuned for Cyprus fallout later this morning. It’s a global ponzi.

    Anyway here’s my email to the clowns in MI.

    Dear Public Servants,

      I’m am writing to inform you that I will be financially supporting th Hudson family in their fight to live as free citizens.  All of you working against this family are overstepping your public given power.  This attack on a family with a few farm animals on an ample amount of land is abusive and a waste of time / money.  Whatever it takes, many freedom seeking individuals will be helping this family.  A fight for freedom somewhere is a fight for freedom everywhere.  Both political sides are letting its citizens down in this country.  Please get out of our way, and let us take care of our selves untill you can fix your own short comings.  We really DON’T need you as much as you want.  

  63. Does anyone know if there is a lawyer in MI that is fluent in the MI Right-To-Farm act? My township has some restrictions placed on farms that I feel are protected in with the MI-RTFA. I would like to stay under the radar right now because I, like Jessica, do not have the funds to wage a legal battle (but TSP is rapidly changing that for her). However I would be willing to pay for a little of a lawyer’s time to write a letter to the township to inform the township that some of their ordinances are in conflict with State Law. This may be enough to get things changed before it becomes a conflict that causes the township officials to dig in their heels.

  64. she’s over 50% of the way there!

    i will be doing my donation later today.

  65. this is interesting, i just looked at the site and the link for ‘zoning ordinances’ is currently unavailable… i wonder why?

  66. Jack- the sample email above still says 3 acres [on my screen at least]- in case someone copies & pastes the main text, you may want to update it.

    Great job as usual, Jack, and thanks for bringing their situation to my attention.. I am proud to pitch in a help.


  67. I sent a small donation, [i figure there will probably be other worthy causes coming up so didn’t want to over do it yet.. but if more is needed I can try to do more.]

    And btw, i am a total liberal myself. Just so happens that what Jack sees as conservative, or libertarian, fits with my view of being liberal. It just depends on how you are viewing an issue. Is ‘let and let live’ accepting differences as long as they do not hurt others, or is it upholding the sacred value of respecting man’s natural rights? libertarianism is both.

  68. Emails sent from Long Island, NY. Donations too.

    Hey I can shout from here too! A act for liberty somewhere is an act of liberty.