Episode-1672- Plant Based Medicine with Tamara Wolfson — 21 Comments

  1. Are you even allowed to be from a place called “Gooseneck” without like Chris Ledoux?

  2. I am 75 years old and I and many members of my generation are leaning more and more toward natural and plant based medicine. Most of my friends use essential oils extensively. So, I would say that many members of
    my generation is very in tune with natural healing.

  3. Jack is something wrong with the podcast? The popup stopped playing 63 minutes in and when i click on it now it just says connecting and it’s been telling me that for 10 minutes

  4. Regarding the history of the fire hose, Jack asked what people did regarding hoses in general…

    Hoses are flexible tubing.

    Leather hoses were pretty much state of the art in the 17th century. Rubber was known to the Europeans, but it was a novelty … essentially rubber balls. (Rubber came solely from South America at that time.) The first scientific paper on the practical uses for rubber will not be published until 1755 in France.

    The Philadelphia fire department used a hybrid of rigid tubing with leather joints reducing the need for higher pressures to keep the leather hose from collapsing but flexible hoses for general use did not exist at that time. You sent your kid with a bucket to fetch a pail of water. That’s why you had kids. (In the 1960s kids became TV remote controls. 🙂 )

    London fire fighting was a disorganized mess of volunteer bucket brigades until insurance was made available. (1670s or 80s?) The insurance companies (actually coffee houses) were interested in making sure that their buildings got water fast and well. They opened the Hand-in-Hand office in 1698 and hired men at the waterfront. They gave them distinctive clothing and badges and placed the same badge on the houses the companies insured. (Are you seeing the picture here?)

    The job of the fire brigade was to put out the fire at every building, but the houses with the badges paid 5 shillings to each man to get there and get their right now! The insurance companies had men equipped and ready to organize them.

    The engines thundered through the street,
    Firehook, pipe, bucket all complete,
    And torches glared, and clattering feet
    Along the pavement flew.
    The Hand-in-Hand the race begun,
    Then came the Phoenix and the Sun ,
    The Exchange where old insurers run,
    The Eagle where the new.

    BTW, I learned that the word “curfew” comes from one of the early regulations on fire prevention. At night one was required to “cover yer fire”. This “cover yer fire” time became curfew time.

    Thanks for asking. It was fun looking this stuff up.

    Alex Shrugged

    • Love the history segment! Thanks for the additional info. From – a 1960’s remote control 🙂

  5. Oh… most of my information came from my general reading regarding rubber, and the capture of the early Meso-American Indians, and the journal article…

    THE DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF BUILDINGS IN RELATION TO FIRE RISKS by Maurice E. Webb, Journal of the Royal Society of Arts, Vol. 81, No. 4184 (JANUARY 27th, 1933), pp. 242-255.

    Alex Shrugged

  6. Hi Tamara, I had a few questions about a couple of the products on the site. I’ve tried to use the “contact us” section of the site to direct the questions several times. Not sure if that section is down, but is there another to contact with questions?

  7. This seems like the best show in a long time ..

    I need to study up more on this type of thing. I like the way the material is presented as Chinese medicine seem s like it can be a very dense topic. I have been well aware of it’s ancient roots

    I am in my 50’s and have just about no faith in the medical system so I need to learn more about alternative approaches to medicine. I have done some work towards that but I need to do more ..

    I feel motivated to learn more about Resihi mushrooms ..

    By the way, I believe Nostradamus cured many people of the plague, something that seems not well known ..

    I would have liked to have heard some comments regarding mersa infections since antibiotics where discussed

  8. Regarding Nostradamus and the Plague, he was a Plague doctor and he did make a few reasonable recommendations on avoiding the Plague, but he had no cure for the Plague and never claimed that he did. He simply did a number of helpful sanitary things.

    Alex Shrugged

  9. I think he cured a number of people, although what cure is 100% effective ?

    If we are to believe modern medicine then no single herb can cure anything. If someone dies from chemo therapy or other treatment they say “we did the best we could”. If they avoid chemo and take an alternative treatment and die then they say he should have gone the mainstream route .. It’s like heads we win tails you lose