Katie the Russian on Plan B Passports – Epi-3170 — 2 Comments

    • Hi, fun podcast today. Moving is a pretty big part of my life. It taught me life can always be better somewhere else. My parents move from Poland to Germany, where I was born. Then to South Chicago and we kept moving south, I saved up my money and finally pulled the trigger at age 32 to move out of my parents to Indiana. It’s a golden gem that no one seems to know about… media only talks about Texas, the desert/invasion land and Florida, Jurassic park and hurricane land… I keep getting the vibe, Jack doesn’t want to fight or stand for anything, except himself. He’s doing a great job inspiring people to turn off the world and care for yourself instead. It’s a great philosophy, at the end you get the biggest results. America is as founded on people coming together on a similar belief and fighting for freedom. In my lifetime Trump has been the biggest movement, I will not abandon ship and hide out on an island by myself… I just wish you didn’t push your fan base away from fighting or even casting a vote. At the end this is your legacy you’re leaving behind.
      Your AI Millennial owner OP Truck Driver, Adrian.
      Oh and by the way, the man who recommended me this podcast is a 45 year old man living at his moms house basement refusing to get a tax based job and not knowing how to file for bankruptcy after his Buisness partner passed away but he’s made a pretty sweet garden.
      Sorry to get you involved Katie, I think you can stop looking at other countries and just look for the right state in the USA. There is a Tax Bible that can help you pay 0 income Tax here in America. And if you guys can’t appreciate that the American global system helped you 10x your money in 5 years than no one can help you with that…