Pictures from the TSP Dinner at Tommy Bahama’s during SHOT Show — 14 Comments

  1. so much for the media portrayal of a bunch of psychotic bunker dwellers

    everyone looks a lot happier and healthier than the average person in my neighborhood


    • Really, shouldn’t they all be in camo garb & have scruffy beards? And where’s Burt Gummer? I’m so disillusioned … :-/

  2. Hey Jack,

    He, he,he, is that a “NorCal” Margarita that you are holding in the sixth picture? They kind of grow on you don’t they? I miss my daily beer though.

    It looks like a great gathering. I’m sorry that I missed it.

  3. Had a fantastic time! Great dinner, great people, great drinks too… I recommend the “Painkiller # 2”

    • @surfivor,, I am going to put out something this week about it to see what head count would be like. If it is high we will do something like we did in Vegas if it is gonna be like a dozen or less we may just do it at the bar at the Hotel or a near by watering hole in a less formal manner.

    • I would try to make that .. I assume if it’s at the hotel you don’t have to be an event attendee ..

      I haven’t really followed the facebook stuff so much, but I will try to check over there to see how I can find out ..

  4. I’m glad I went, very nice event. I felt like the new guy since I was slow to join the forums and didn’t know everyone well before or during. Would it be possible to get a forum name with a face for the pics? I didn’t get to talk to everyone to learn who was who. On pic 1, I’m the guy second from the left just beside Jack, MrDan on the forums.

  5. what a fine looking group of people,,i agree with the above commenter,,a much more grounded ,happier, healther looking crew than most you find out there !!!