Episode-2663- Developing Your Personal Counter Economics Game Plan — 3 Comments

  1. What a nice bit of synchronicity, I was thinking a couple of shows ago how great it would be to have an episode of a conversation between Spirko, Armani, and Quinones. SpArQu maybe?

    I guess this is close enough.

    I know Vin is currently hunkered down somewhere in the Pacific with his family so might be a bit hard to accomplish tech wise.

  2. While I think the odds of the current $3 trillion house bill passing are very minimal (at least w/o big changes), I’m thinking there’s still a large chance that SOMETHING will get passed to hand out more stimulus checks and the like. You say that if they keep doing these kinds of measures they’ll speed up the destruction of the economy, and I agree. But let me put it this way… the past several months have demonstrated the epic level of shortsightedness and “dumbass-ery” the US political establishment is capable of, and also their inability to admit when they screwed up and try a new approach. I’m a hard-core cynic about government and even I have been surprised at how extreme both the lockdowns and the corporate bailouts have been.

    So I think the majority of elected officials will double-down on whatever they’re doing and eventually rely on continued bribes… er… stimulus checks… to the people. Anything to avoid accountability for their past mistakes and to distract the public from noticing how much money is being created and funneled to Wall Street and the big banks. It’s also an election year and both parties have incentive to promote it or at least play along. It’ll be a really stupid decision long-term, sure. But based off of their past record and their current incentives, my money is on ‘stupid’.

    • Something is a may be because something could be anything, but there is zero chance the dems bill has any chance of being fixed.  I was not designed to be something that could be fixed.  It was designed to fail.