PermaEthos Summer Workshop is Now Open for Registrations — 26 Comments

  1. I am seriously considering attending this. Anyone from the Southern Wisconsin/Northern Illinois area thinking about going too? I’d be nice to carpool.

  2. I would really really LOVE to come. Too far away dang it. I will have to save up money and time off work and hope for another one at the right time. Have fun everyone 🙂

  3. Andrew I’m thinking about going I’m in southern wi. Message me in the forums I’m bushman.

  4. Im in central Massachusetts and considering attending. Anyone interested in carpooling?

  5. I don’t have the money to swing this one right now, so I’m going to have to figure out how to bust my butt and pull some major strings because the folks at Elisha’s Spring rock! They had to butcher a rabbit while I was there with the Zello crew, and Brandy was kinda enough to slow things down and let me touch, learn, and help. One of the other Zello folks took a video of the whole thing, and she said she learned so much just by watching a blind person help and ask questions.

    Do you think there’d be some sort of advertising advantage? “Come learn from all these great folks, and oh yeah, watch the blind lady that carries a gun work and learn alongside everyone else.” 🙂

  6. Probably a stupid question, but I’ve never been to a TSP event…is camping required? I’m not really setup for it.

  7. Jack
    I would like to go and do everything. The extra event when does it start on the 11th.

  8. Never mind just clicked on event page it said to show up on the afternoon or evening of the 10th for the added event.

  9. White Russian, camping is NOT required. I think they will get a block of rooms at a nearby hotel for attendees

  10. @Hope

    My partner is flying in from LAX on June 10, arriving @ 10:30 am. It appears the only way to get to the event is car rental or taxi. I just called C&H Taxi (304-344-4902) and the cost is about $60.

  11. @Carol
    Thanks for that information. Taxi is certainly a cheaper option than holding onto a rental car for 4 days.

  12. Hi everyone,

    I’ll post information about the closest hotel later today–we reserved a block last event but only had 2 rooms taken, so I’m not sure if it’s worth the trouble. Savings was only about $5/night, and the military and AAA discounts were actually better.

    Everyone will be getting a registration packet around June 1 with detailed directions, contact info, etc., and there is a special TSP/PE workshop group that you’ll be added to if you want. You can check with others about sharing a ride instead of renting a car, and it may even be possible to have someone pick you up.

  13. My flight gets in at around 6:30pm on wed. If anyone wants to share a taxi let me know!

  14. Lodging for PE Workshop: LaQuinta – Elkview, WV – $99 – Expires May 27!
    As I said above, this rate is probably not as good as the AAA or Military rate. LaQuinta changes their rates based on occupancy, and this is only a $5/night savings.
    Ask for “PERMAETHOS” rate (or mention Kevin Keegan if they don’t know!)
    Contact information is:
    Abby Adams or Angela Davis
    101 Crossing Shopping Mall
    Elkview, WV 25071
    (304) 965-9200

  15. @Kevin

    I was wondering if those registration packets have gone out yet because I had problems with the online registration but made special arrangements with Josiah.

  16. I’m having trouble printing the registration packet. Are you also sending hard copies?

  17. Yikes, since Hope received her packet and we didn’t, I’m wondering if my partner is registered! We’ve already purchased the airfare.

  18. Carol- did you receive an email from Kevin with info and rules and pages to initial? I got it the other day. Is the registration packet different? I just assumed you were talking about the info in the email.

  19. Hi Carol,

    I thought I had all the e-mail addresses but I might have missed yours because of the arrangement with Josiah. Send me a message at “billing (at)” and I’ll get you one today!


  20. Hope, If you can’t get it printed we’ll have one for you when you arrive…