PermaEthos Plant Propagation Course Opens Friday — 25 Comments

  1. I’m really excited to bring everyone this course! It’s been a lot of long hours but so worth it! I hope everyone checks out the videos and the free chapter on layering, unlike the majority of the course, the chapter on layering was shot outdoors, but will give you a feel for my teaching style and methods. Hope you enjoy!

  2. The production quality of the intro is great. I can’t wait to get started, spring is around the corner.

  3. From what I experienced at the 2014 fall workshop, I think it’s safe to say that Nick’s teaching style will resonate with 99.99% of student. I hope the Plant Propogation course is something everyone considers taking, good luck!

  4. Sorry I can’t make this one. Will there be a chance to take the course later on in the year ?

  5. Jack, I see that you and Nick Ferguson are also offering a plant propagation course this November in Texas. Will this be a repeat of the PermaEthos online course or entirely new information?

    • No and not exactly. Some of what was taught is in the course but it is not the same. Also it isn’t coming this November, it already happened last November.

  6. Sooooo excited for this course!

    Jack, will this be the same as the PermaEthos PDC where we can download the videos for playing later? My connection is pretty awful, so I like to queue up a few to download overnight instead of having the video buffer every few seconds. I’ve also found watching the videos a few times helps too.

  7. I cannot find the option to pay for the course in installments , how do I arrange that please!

  8. That’s exactly what happened Jack, thanks! Waiting for the email then on to payment!

  9. I got it to work, so I think you got it de-bugged.
    Looking forward to getting started. Thanks for your dedication to teaching and sharing.