PermaEthos PDC Hits 200 New Students in 18 Minutes — 48 Comments

    • Again check your shopping cart, if you a class added to your cart it won’t let you add a second.

  1. At first it said I was 1587. Then it said it can’t complete the purchase because the product is no longer available. There’s nothing in my cart and the Add This button is not showing. Help?

    • Diane,

      Try logging out of permaethos. Then go back to the MSB link and start the process over. I had to do that for the same reason you are mentioning but that worked.

      Also, I think if you are trying to get a second one, you might have to create a second account due to the way the system looks at the course purchase.

      I hope this helps you!

  2. I’m so relieved to have gotten in. This marks the beginning of a truly auspicious period in my life…I’m getting married in one week, on my family’s property, which will be the focus of my design submission for the course!

    I’m looking forward to building something special with all of you.

  3. That’s awesome! what a way to start a new life Walker. Glad I got signed up, we have just bought a “farm” here in CO, well we are turning it into a farm anyways. Cant wait to take the courses.

  4. WoooWHoo! I’m in.

    Thanks Jack and crew. You have changed my life over the last 4 years and i am forever grateful for that. Here’s to another 40 years!

  5. Casey, I logged out like you said and I got the course page. So I guess I’m in?? Oh my God, I’m in!! I never had so much trouble giving someone $500 in my life!

  6. Congrats to all who have gotten in, and I am still amazed at the strength of this community.

    Hats off to Jack and Joe.

    The Revolution Is You!


  7. My wife is going to kill me, I’m now in 2 pdc’s! I’m excited to see what perma ethos will do in the next year!

  8. Check your email. If you got in you will get a confirmation email. I had that same error after i signed up in the first round, but i got the confirmation email.

  9. I am in. This is very exciting! This is the only thing “permaculture” that has no downside is this crazy world. Thanks for the second chance. My chickens thank you, my bees thank you…. sorry today is a good day.

    • Don’t be sorry Kelly. Just rejoice and enjoy the moment.

      If any of you are not yet that deep into permaculture and most of your exposure has been from Jack…..get ready to have your mind absolutely blown.

      In the mean time there is a video series of permaculture lectures from the found Bill Mollison. That dude will blow your mind.

      Congrats for getting in everyone!

  10. How do we know if we got one of the remaining 5-10, 1000 original founder memberships?

    • Let me say don’t bet on it and we are still ferreting it out. If you get one we will tell you. We still have a lot of “pending payments” to wait out from the first round.

  11. good morning, I am excited to see how many people that are able to get in on this PDC. I would love to, but funding won’t allow it right now. My husband and I are on a very limited income and I don’t need to whine anymore:) I do have a question……Is there anyone in the south eastern part of Oklahoma that does permaculture design? We have just come into the knowledge of Permaculture and are very excited to learn more. We have 20 acres and much of it is boggy during the damp season, then just hardpan the rest of the time. Any help would be much appreciated.
    Rose Mary

    • We are about an hour east of OKC. How far south east are you? I’ve done one PDC and I won’t claim to know everything but feel free to email if you’d like!

    • Sometimes the soil can’t handle water well because it has no ’tilth’. This can happen when animals have been allowed to overgraze. When the rains come the water washes over the soil instead of being absorbed by it.

      Planting nitrogen fixers and rotationally grazing animals can build healthy soil.

    • We live in Stillwater. I do not have a PDC, yet (enrolled in PermaEthos PDC) but we have done a lot with our garden over the past five years to manage water and improve the soil on a very tight budget. Our garden began as red clay. It now has 12-18 inches of loam depending on the age of the bed that reminds me of the soil back home in Iowa. It turned out the that the things that provided the most beneficial impact where all free.

      This comment roll is probably not the place for a list but if interested LMK and I would be happy to summarize our experience.

      • Would love to hear from any who have been into PermaCulture for awhile. My husband and I are “newbies” to farming. We do have 3 milk cows that we are milking now. That is a full time job. 🙂 We are retirement age, but are just getting in the swing of things. Thanks for the comments. My e-mail is
        Rose Mary Nipp

  12. I took Geoff’s PDC last year and count it as on of the best investments of and for my life. I’m expecting this one to be better because we get to see permaculture in action. Thanks to the people who are giving us permaethos. 🙂

  13. This is one excited group of like minded People!
    Guess that would make a community.

    That makes me smile and happy I am on this road to a different way of living. I just found the survival podcast last week, now I am in the PDC and really only know a little bit about Permaculture. By the way, just made my first payment on my 10 acres and small house. (debt free again in 5 years)

    Here’s to a good year.

  14. I sat and waited with both the phone AND computer logged it so I could get it
    I GOT IN!!!
    Thank you Jack and Josiah you have all been key in this jersey boys life changing look on life and future.

  15. Also thrilled to have gotten in this round. Been listening since the car days, and I first learned about permaculture here. I’m really grateful to be taking the PDC with this community.

  16. I got in! Jack, I am one of many that called or emailed about available land for the second Ethos farm. I’m going to start on my own and get a business going but the offer stands. Contact me in the future.

    My life is forever changed now. Fifteen years in retail will come to an end within the next year or so….All thanks to Jack.
    Here we go….!

  17. With all the ruckus, armchair quarterbacking, and angst over the missed opps to be a “Founder” last weekend, in hindsight it really does look more like a storm in a teacup, with the nice round number of 1,000 being just a wee bit low, as the 2nd round PDC buy in is still open for “Non Founders” as of mid PM Sunday. How much of that would have been avoided if the door had been opened just a little wider to start with…? Who knows, but it’s all in the rear view mirror now (or should be), and hopefully, those with the responsibility of administrating future PermaEthos offerings will benefit from the whole thing and not get knocked a’rd again like they did this time.

    For our household, this means that instead of us getting in with 3 tightly budgeted (due to timing & circumstances) spots at $300 each, and having equality amongst ourselves for future PermaEthos Founder opportunites over the long run, we were able to get one person in for $540 on the payment plan, for a grand total of $585 after Texas Sales tax was added. Not quite what we hoped for, more than most others paid per head, but it still beats a poke in the eye!

    Collectively, the price of what for the 3 of us would have been a second PDC in addition to the long term benefits of the $300 a head Founders concept was very attractive going forward even tho to be honest, it’s still just a little vague exactly what those might be. That said, we were more than willing to “step up”, scrape up, and plunk down $900 to see where this journey leads, but that door closed before we could pass thru it, and no can do at 3 x $541 a pop (or $585 on the payment plan) on the 2nd round. One will have to do, and it will.

    On a final note (since I won’t be participating in the PDC and will go back to being a sideline MSB member while another family member carries the torch)… tho it has several meanings, “stepping up” is a term that can also be used for what someone does when no one, or very few others are willing to do a thing. Regarding the description of the “Founders” Group on the Community forum as “This group restricted to Founding Members only. Founding Members are those that stepped up and purchased PermaEthos’s first PDC on the first day it was released”, I found that a little off-putting, when possibly as few a a couple hundred folks simply didn’t “make the cut” due to timing, job requirements, having babies, surgical schedules, lack of or controlled internet access at work, bosses from hell, or any other circumstances beyond their control.

    I’ve particpated in a few other forums that had tiered or exclusive Permission levels within them, and they all eventually fizzled or atrophied to the point of becoming irrelevant. I sincerely hope the newly birthed and evolving PermaEthos community does NOT wind up polarizing around who’s a “Founder” and who ain’t, who’s got the lower Founder number, who can post in the closed Founders Group and who can’t, ad nauseum. Tho unlikley, methinks that if that ever DOES happen (and is condoned on any level), then the potential for unintended consequences looms very large indeed. Selah.

    • “That said, we were more than willing to “step up”, scrape up, and plunk down $900 to see where this journey leads, but that door closed before we could pass thru it, and no can do at 3 x $541 a pop (or $585 on the payment plan) on the 2nd round.”

      Randy what is your excuse for not passing thru the door before it closed. Maybe that’s where you should focus your attention and hind sight?

    • Hi Randy.
      I have contacted Josiah and we have modified the description to be less inflamatory. It obviously wasn’t an issue for many people that they didn’t “step up” and saying that was wrong. We’ve changed it just to indicate Founders were the first 1000 people to sign up for the first PE PDC. Thanks for bringing that to our attention.

    • You are ranting like a fricken child here.

      1. There is NO CLOSED GROUP of founders when it comes to posting, etc.

      2. The number people are talking about means nothing, we have said that and it isn’t our fault that people won’t listen.

      3. We made a promise of only 1000 founders and the main issue was a lower cost for the course and first consideration for our programs in the future, we kept our word, if you don’t like that you should not have bought even one course on the second round.

      The reality is there are a few benefits to being a founder and they matter, they were an incentive to back us in the beginning. As for your crap about “carrying the tourch”, perhaps ALL OF YOU SHOULD SHARE THE COURSE and just one of you gets a certification.

      I mean the certification has value but the education is what is priceless. In any event I am shocked at your above rant and more shocked that you chose to buy a course feeling the way you do. Perhaps you didn’t come across well, text is the lowest form of coms so if that is the case, no harm no foul. But when you say stuff like,

      “I’ve particpated in a few other forums that had tiered or exclusive Permission levels within them, and they all eventually fizzled or atrophied to the point of becoming irrelevant. ”

      It sounds like what you need is a refund so you can go find a place where everything is done your way or something. I mean every member of your family and frankly your friend and your friend’s dog can take the course with you. It might be a great learning experience. It is up to your family to decide who benefits most from the certificate and who should submit the final design but that doesn’t preclude you from the knowledge.

      Frankly if you think the reason to take a PDC is JUST for the certification, you have no real understanding of what a PDC is really all about.

    • Yeah, seriously! Randy Jack was upfront with everything so if you have a problem leave. It’s really that simple.

  18. Randy, never get on here and even hint at criticism, it’s not tolerated. Next time just stick with “Wow! Sold out in 18 minutes? That’s so impressive!” and everyone here can go on high-fiving themselves until their hands start smoking.

    • Yes you are sensitive! And there is a difference between a hint of criticism and bitching like a child especially about things that are not even true.

  19. Wow… didn’t see that comin’.
    Note to self: Shut up & stay the frack off of online forums.

    Note to Jack: Regarding what is a massive misunderstanding with how you & others took my post, I’d like to reply, but will not take a chance on fueling this little brouhaha here any more than it already has been. If you’d let me know where to send an email that you’ll get, I’d be happy to clear a few things up including the closed Founders Group thing. If not, I’ll take the hit and leave things where they are.

    • Randy, you can reply here if you want, like I said text is the lowest form of communication and if you were misunderstood so be it.

      That said how could anyone at this point need to ask me for my email address? I have only given it out in I think every episode and we did like 1360 today.

  20. I’m thinking there may be a corporate troll or 2 hanging out here.