Episode-1335- The PermaEthos Model 3.0 — 43 Comments

  1. Is the Permaethos site down? I just keep getting a web page not available message.

  2. The site was up for a while. The video is great. But I suspect the community has crashed it in our excitement.

  3. So anxious to hear the complete podcast today. Unfortunately the video won’t plan 🙁

  4. Something tells me Jack is needing to contact the web host for PermaEthos. I think we all broke it and he’s likely telling them to run some more money on the debit card.

    • It is on a shared HostGator Server, we need to move it over to the main TSP server but can’t do that today, Jack

  5. So you’re saying your pack of “wolves” will literally change the path of the rivers on that farm? Huh… funny how things work out.

  6. The link didn’t work for me either but when I clicked on the photo, the video came up fine. Great video BTW. I’m in for the PDC As soon as available!

  7. Great show,

    But….do you know how many times you used the word AWESOME in the show?

    I think it is the permaculture equivalent of Tourette’s syndrome.

    Thanks for the update!

  8. Maybe a little early for this question but… Can two people work on one final design project, or do we need to find separate ones? I have three folks very interested, but only two properties to design between us.

    • You could have the two people do their own separate plans for the same property without working together. That would make it interesting after the design’s ‘ink is dry’ to compare and see whats similar and what’s different between the two.

    • You can both design the same property but each design should be your own. You can collaborate but one design equals one certification.

      You also don’t need to own a property to design it. Design one of your city parks, design a school property. Etc.

  9. BOOM!

    I’m all in. Sounds great Jack – I can’t wait to get acreage here in PNW and get a PermaEthos farm going!

  10. I know your not taking applications for farms right now, and I’m not sure that my place and perma ethos would be a good fit, I think it would.

    I’m just curious as to what the arrangement between the land owner and perma ethos would be?

    It sounds like a large investment is required of the land owner over and above the land itself, I assume that would be for some of the design and establishment of the earth works and trees etc?

    Would there be a profit share arrangement of some sort? My gut tells me that this would be a fantastic thing for my land, so I would like to know what you have in mind for farms in the future.

    I only have 18 acres myself but, there are several small farms around me that have been fallow for 15-20 years, I am pretty sure we could do something right here on a total of 80 acres between 4 parcels, 3 other land owners parcels adjoining mine.

  11. Sounds awesome!

    I definitely want to be a part of this. So I will definitely be ready to be a founding member.

    Two PDCs in one year will be great arrows in my quiver!

  12. In the episode, you said that the PDC certification would be through Permaculture Global. Does that mean that the PDC would count as the PDC prerequisite for some of Geoff Lawtons more advanced workshops or internships?

    • I don’t think there are any such workshop that require a PDC as a prereq. But I don’t see why Geoff would not recognize a PDC taught by three of his personally certified students.

  13. This sounds like the perfect PDC. Out in the field starting from scratch, rehabilitating the land, and not sitting in front of a white board! Even if we individually do not have the acreage this farm has, this situation is far more realistic to what most of us may encounter. Count me in!

  14. I would love to see a “mini-me” version of Permaethos. What I mean is a way to take a smaller property and turn in into something that produces a profit rather than is just an expense for a family. In my case I have 10 acres on a main road with more than 1,000 houses within a mile. There has to be a way to make money off of this land, but it does need some earth-works or other infrastructure work to move into a permaculture place.

    However I cannot just quite my “real job” and start “farming”. I need to find a path to being a part-time farmer or maybe have someone come in and work part-time. Because of various departments of making you sad I don’t have the option of putting up housing for workers, but maybe someone living real close would be an option.

    Further being part of Permaethos would give someone like me support in my efforts to produce at least some food for my very local community. Maybe something like Permaethos “Partners”

    • I’m with you on that! I’ve got a postage stamp-sized suburban property now that I’m trying to come up with ways to make it more of a contribution as a homestead instead of an expense. But my goal is to eventually move from here and get around 10 acres and to have these concepts “mini-me’d” as you say is what I’m ultimately looking to obtain as well.

      Good luck to you in your efforts and hopefully I’ll be following suit sooner rather than later.


  15. I am very much looking forward to this. Very outside the norm of what I do every day for work, but can’t wait to wade deeper into the Permaculture world.

    Great stuff Jack!

  16. This sounds incredible! The money is set aside, and I cannot wait to sign up for the PDC. Let’s move that river- bring it on!

  17. I’m in as well. I’ll admit the first two iterations of the PermaEthos model didn’t excite me much. The first seemed a little to hippie-commune like for me, the second moved towards something better, but it seemed a bit convoluted in how it would get around the regulations and still required some significant investment. Version 3.0 is something I can get behind. It’s priced right and if the early adopters are sold out, it gives Jack substantial capital to move forward.

    The PDC is an interesting concept. While I’m one of those more interested in the education more than the certification, I’ll likely complete a design at the end to get it nonetheless. But I’m interested in soaking in as much info as possible, and watching the creation of the PermaEthos farm will be an invaluable education all on its own. Actually seeing the principles put into action is what I’m after; the absence of the “whiteboard model” is its most attractive component.

    Again, I think the price seems right, and the benefits afforded those early adopters makes it more attractive. I’m looking forward to seeing this come to fruition and am keeping an eye out for when Jack says “Go!”

  18. Jack, Wondering if this will be a ‘MSB gets first dibs’ offer as far as the first 1000 @ $300? I’m recently unemployed and PSYCHED out of my MIND at the thought of the PDC at that price, and really really want to get in on it!

  19. I hope it isn’t sold out before payday. I just started Geoff’s online PDC, but I’m hoping to get in on this to get a second PDC just for a broader understanding and to get in as a Founder.

  20. This will succeed.
    I have met Jack, Jesse, Nick and Josiah in person. I have been to several events with each of them. I can tell you this team will be a win win. All of these people are top quality individuals that are switched on.

    Being an individual that runs a $12.5mm a year business, I can see amazing potential with someone like Jack in the lead.

    I am really looking forward to investing in this model and hopefully emulating it.

  21. This looks awesome. Hopefully I can do something to afford the course when it’s released. I’m currently trying to get out from under being a razors edge individual.