PermaEthos Launch in 20 Minutes — 224 Comments

  1. This is just as bad as buying tickets at ticket master. The PDC show front row seating with Jack.


    That was close. Couldn’t get the add to cart button to come up.

    Just did #970 in case anyone was wondering at 2:46 EDT.


    • Hey there, 504. We’re almost brothers. 🙂

      “They looked into the deep recesses of my soul and assigned me a number based upon the order in which I joined.” –Homer Simpson on fraternities.


  3. All these comments are a shout of unity through independence instead of the mass collectivization that’s pulling us down. Hearts a-burstin cuz of y’all. Something this country hasn’t seen enough of in a long time.

  4. After 25 mins (and one impatient post on the board) of trying to sign up on computer and phone, finally got in at 520…thats right 5/20, the date of the Homestead Act! 🙂

  5. Was in line at Home Depot when I signed up!! #908!!! Man that was too close for comfort! Standing by to PDC this summer!

  6. I was 451 then had to cancel because I chose the wrong payment option. By the time I got back in I got 661! I’m so glad I got it!

  7. Holy Crap! I think I made it just under the wire! order #955!

    Glad I didn’t wait any longer!

    Brilliant Marketing Jack! You built so much excitment and tension into this it was like the online version of a black friday sale.

  8. I was going to email about this before, and I have no affiliation with them, but have you heard of I don’t think it is right for PermaEthos, because of the 20M individual file size limitations, but during the PermaEthos rush, I couldn’t get to your main website either, and I would expect with minimal loss of clarity, you could get your podcasts under 20M. You have mentioned several times that you pay several hundred dollars a month for your hosting vs. $24 with SS including e-commerce. Just an idea. I figure any dollar you save can probably be invested better elsewhere.

    Oh and they are preppers, as they stayed with the servers in NYC during Sandy and the CEO helped ferry diesel in 5 gallon cans up 17 flights of stairs to keep the servers up:

  9. Awesome Job Jack! This is going to be EPIC. I am so thankful for what you do and excited about this next evolution! You guys ROCK IT. # 77 here!

  10. Now we should workout ways to get together locally
    for study groups. Jack’s got it started – We have to
    build it!!!

  11. Can’t begin to explain how disappointed I am at missing it. It was in my cart and by the time I finished the checkout process it was sold out… Should have skipped out on work.

    • Try starting over as of a few minutes ago we still had like 60ish.

  12. Signed my husband up! I have my certificate from Geoff’s online PDC…can’t wait for Ray to get started!!! (With me tagging along on the content. :))

    • I found out on your blog post your husband works at Big Yellow…My wife and I live in the same general area. I used to work for Big Yellow until they sold off my business unit (external logistics).

      I am going to Sun Dappled Farms by Elmwood to see Mark Sheppard next Friday maybe I will see you guys there.

  13. WOW, I had no doubt it would sell out today.

    Congrats Jack

    I am order number #76

  14. Really glad I didn’t wait until I got home from work, even if it was going to be early today.

    Let’s do this thing!


    • Some people are starting but not finishing they are driving up the apparent numbers. You are only in if you complete payment.

  15. I feel so lucky to be doubling up this year. I was already doing Geoff’s OPDC, and now I got myself and daughter into PEPDC. I’m so stoked. Now to find some land…

  16. i clicked link right when it opened- took 2 minutes to complete paypal & was order #127 at 1:02 [eastern, noon central]…. a friend did it about 15 minutes later, he was in the 600s! wow… can’t wait…

    • Jack said earlier in this comments section that they had done several practice orders before the official opening so those first few numbers were used.

  17. Looks like I may have been the last one. My order confirmation came through at 2:59 Eastern with “Order #1001 stamped at the top. When the page refreshed after paying it said “Out of Stock”. Glad I didn’t wait until I got home either.

  18. Got #85 for myself, and not sure what number for my wife. We’re both wicked excited to do this. Now the wait til it actually starts…ugh.

  19. Was Assigned # 126 @ 12:03
    My response was “I’m not a number I’m a Free man!”
    I think I hear jack Laughing deeply in the background.

  20. Why wouldn’t you make more spots available? Seems like it would be a winner all the way around.
    I am so disappointed I could scream.