Episode-2418- The Design Science of Permaculture – Part Three — 1 Comment

  1. Jack, I always enjoy your permaculture episodes, this series particularly. When you mentioned taking time to make a good design being like planning a living room, it reminded me of a very simple way to do this that might help someone get started. It’s so simple that I’m almost embarrassed to describe it.

    Because my Dad was career Army, Mom was always moving to new quarters or apartments sight unseen. She would get the floor plans and draw them on graph paper. She had made a little set of cardboard pieces to the same scale for every piece of furniture we had. She’d move those around the room plan until she had a good arrangement. Furniture was placed on moving day, there were no errors, and nothing ever had to be moved later. It should work just the same for a garden or any land use.

    I’m sure most people today would say, “oh, you could do that on computer.” Sure you could, if you want it to be more difficult or take longer. 🙂 Simplicity is elegant.

    A related tip is to keep one’s garden book in a graph-paper notebook. It is easy to draw out beds, plan successions, record results (accept feedback!) and draw scale plans for things you might want to make, for example for season extension. Again, so simple, but probably not taught in schools anymore. I can say also that doing this regularly and often has greatly improved my eye for distances. Maybe these simple tips will help someone put into action the things you are explaining. Thanks again for all you do!