Episode-2846- Permaculture Property Design for The Everyday Person — 2 Comments

  1. Great episode, Jack.

    We’ve slowly put some of these principles into place in our suburban lot, but now it looks like we’re about to get our dream property, so we’ll need to think on a higher scale. Any chance you could do an episode on the next step up from here? If someone is on 5-15 acres and wants to do small scale agriculture, how do you come up with a plan on where to put chestnuts/walnuts, which alley crops to use, how big of a pond should you put in if you want to stock it with bass/sunfish, do you pick one large project a year so you don’t overwhelm yourself or is that not aggressive enough, etc…

    Typing all this out, maybe we need to see if Nick Ferguson is available to help design.

  2. This was badly needed in the permaculture space. Good stuff.

    Fwiw Dave Boehnlein is pronounced “Bane-line” I heard an interview with him years ago, when he was the head intern at the bullock brothers homestead on orcas island. Some of Mollison’s first students taught him permaculture.