Permaculture Classroom Earthworks Course – Now With Certification! — 8 Comments

  1. Wow! what a cool looking swale! I think I may recognize it!? If you would like to see what it looks like after three months of the wettest summer I have ever witnessed in Central Western IL I’ll send some new pix to Nick! Thanks soooo much Nick!

    • There is no better measure of a consultant than a happy client, thanks for weighing in and send me that picture I will post it here.

    • Hi, Kent — Where are you in central IL? I live just east of Farmington and would love to see your place!

      • I’m between Jerseyville and Godfrey, in the “suburbs” of a tiny community called Delhi. I think that puts you about 2.5 hours from me.

      • Oh, that is quite a ways. Too bad! But I’m glad to know you’re out there. If you’re ever up near Peoria…