The is a list of some of the top resources for Permaculture on the internet.  If you have suggestions for more resources use our contact form and let me know.



Permaculture Resources — 10 Comments

  1. I really enjoyed it! I found many things I will be able to use. It seems like every property has it’s own set of obstacles. For instance I live at 8500 feet in the mountains of Colorado. We could get snow on July 4th but when the sun shines, it really beats down on things! And we also have very rocky soil. But, but applying these principles, I can really find benefit. Thanks again.

  2. I enjoyed your 6 Core Permaculture Techniques videos and am looking for the PowerPoint deck you used in that video. Thanks for everything you do, Jack

  3. Your video on 6 core principles was exceptional. Very rich and helpful. Thank you so much. The open handed way you share so much is inspirational. May you continue to richly prosper as you so obviously seek to prosper others. Much appreciation coming to you from South Africa.

  4. Over the last year Desiree has been setting up a “classroom” where she can
    share the things she has learned in her adventures. This is
    also a good place to put vegetables that you only pick once a year such as potatoes but in most
    houses, especially in the UK its also a good place to put
    your main vegetable bed as any properties with zones above this tend to have a lot
    more land to play with. You can also note what plant combinations work well together to
    control pests.

  5. I am starting a two acre cider orchard on a slope down to a one acre pond. I want to utilize permaculture methods for an organic cider. Please help! I have planted 100 trees and will plant another 200 smaller ones.

  6. Hey there Jack I was curious to hear again about who it was that was offering land to do and create permaculture? As a sustainable consultant and builder I am interested in committing to something like this…
    Thanks for existing
    Solaris DaWay

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