I Got My New Property, Now What? – Epi-3285 — 1 Comment

  1. I would add some caveats to anyone looking to do the green acres bit. Me and my family bought 6 acres + house out in rural OK several years ago. We managed to take care of the property, do some basic hobby gardening/farming, and even took care of my grandmother who moved in with us during her last few years. But after 12 years we just couldn’t do it any more.

    Taking care of a rural property is a LOT of work, even just basic maintenance (especially if the property has lots of trees). And we lacked a large tractor, so any brush hogging/clearing had to be done the old fashioned way. Storms, earthquakes, droughts, floods, we faced it all in that decade. During that time we also had to replace the home roof, the barn roof, put in new fencing, replace the AC and septic, as well as install a storm shelter. Easily spent $30k just on repairs and installations. And all of that money and work was just to keep up a rural property. No commercial farming, no pot growing, no animal keeping… just maintaining the land.

    Moving out of the city and buying a little plot of land seems a paradise, but ppl should do some homework before jumping in. The peace and quiet of the country is great, but it comes at a heavy cost… both in terms of time, sweat, and $$$.