Episode-960- Keith Pendlebury on Alternative Cancer Prevention and Treatment — 74 Comments

  1. Wow, this is awesome information, thanks Jack and Keith. I’m very lucky not to know anyone at the moment that has cancer, but i’m sure I will sooner than later. I think convincing anyone to leave the chemo for what it is and use this treatment right away will be difficult, but now at least we have something to try once the big-pharma sellouts have poisoned and given up on our loved ones.

    • Oh, a question for Keith, if he reads this, and what do you think Jack?…. Would it help to put selenium in our gardens? For example, I just saw a mineral additive for the soil that contains lots of minerals including selenium (crushed sea shells). The plant will than absorb that selenium, so when we go and snack from our garden we’ll take in selenium as well.

        • That might be a good idea. You have to be EXTREMELY careful with fertilizers that contain trace minerals because many of them contain toxic minerals from metal smelting but the mercury and cadmium and aluminum and tin etc etc etc are never listed on the labels of these fertilizers. Many farms in Oregon and Washington used these kinds of fertilizers and were completely ruined for all time because once these heavy toxic minerals are in the soil, you can’t ever get them out.

    • I could be wrong but I think it’s considered child abuse to seek alternative treatments for children with cancer.

      • In many cases YES IT IS, the state will impose chemo and radiation for the “good of the child”. While I see the point of this for parents of children with highly treatable illnesses who say shit like, we don’t believe in medicine it should not prevent reasoned decisions by parents to try less harmful things. Doctors don’t know as much as they think they do. My dog was diagnosed with bladder cancer by my vet a great guy by the way. He was never supposed to see Halloween of 2011 and Thanksgiving would have been “a miracle”, well it is about to be Halloween of 2012 not 2011 and Blackie while showing his 16 dog years is still happy and pretty damn healthy. Dr. Bob put it best last week when we dropped the dog of to be boarded, he said, “we doctors don’t know as much as we think we do”. Sad that a Vet can say it but so seldom can a MD.

      • Good friends of mine lost their daughter (age 10) to pancreatic cancer (unheard of at that age). They sent her home, terminal, morphine drips, etc so she could die surrounded by family.

        Her dad did much research into alternative stuff, looking for answers. Cancer had spread too far for any treatment, no pancreas transplants at the time, hers was gone and cancer spread to other major organs by the time it was discovered (whites of eyes turning yellow, first they thought hepititus, good news it wasn’t, they all celebrated, then day before Thanksgiving family was told cancer, terminal).

        One day the swat team showed up at their door, ready to take the dying child from her family as they heard they may be trying alternative treatments instead of the pricey (thousands daily) treatments which extended her life.

        As they hadn’t dropped the prescribed treatments, no kids were removed from their home. We were all in shock that such a thing could happen in our country. The drs already gave up on her. Yet parents can’t look for other solutions?!!! And they’d take a dying child from her family?!!!! Bigger question is why did they come by in the first place?

        He told me later, he was quite convinced that cancer research is based on coming up with the next new drug before the old one can be turned generic, extending life a few more days than the last one. But not much in traditional medical research in preventing or curing cancer.

        Since then, the dad has been diagnosed with MS. He did his own research and is doing much better on alternative solutions while being monitored by his dr. No longer taking pricey shots, etc. Other works better, not curing his MS, should have been found sooner, but doing so much better than before.

        • Bleagh, that’s a thing nobody wants to have happen, seeing a child get cancer.

          Could you give a bit mor info on that alternative treatment for MS? One of my neighbours has it as well.


        • @Jasper I’d have to find out if he’s changed anything. He cut out white sugar and flour, all processed foods. Grows his own honey. Was taking shark oil possibly other supplements. I don’t know what he is currently using.

          He brought his plan to his doctor, she could not prescribe supplements, but listened to him. She monitors his condition, saw no reason for him not to follow his plan. And at one time said he no longer needed the shots.

          He still has MS, is still in a wheelchair, no longer on the shots, thinks clearly, more energy than before. I do know diet change was a big part.

  2. It would be interesting to look at a correlation between the amount of selenium in the soil that the vegetables (especially corn) we eat are grown over time vs. the cancer rates. I would bet money that they are related

    • He covers this a bit on his website:

      “In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s when new farmland in western North America was being planted in wheat, we used to get about 200 mcgs of selenium in every slice of bread but as the selenium has been depleted from the ground the amount of selenium in the wheat and other crops has dropped substantially and the rates at which people get cancer has gone up from 1 person in 80 in the early 1900’s to 1 person in 2 in 2005.”

  3. Absolutely amazing interview and information.

    Obviously, there are benefits to taking the supplements mentioned in the show. However, this goes back to what and I and some other folks have covered in our interviews: nutrition comes from healthy, living soil. Minerals such as selenium come from healthy, living soil. How mineral dense is a cow that was raised on a concrete pad and fed corn from a mono-crop field that has sterilized soil? To quote Joel Salatin “If you think the price of organic food is expensive, you should price cancer.”

    Don’t make excuses! You can afford local, high quality, nutrient dense organic food. You can grow much of it yourself by gardening. Buy as much protein as your budget allows. If you eat good protein, you’ll need less of it. Know your farmers, know your food. The quality of your life and the life of your family depend on it.

    • I’d like to draw attention to a point that Darby just made – if you are eating nutrient rich food you will need far less of it.

      When my family made the switch to raising our own pork and buying grass feed beef I noticed that my portion size went way down. At the time I thought it was just me. After a little research I learned that good food is far more dense that crap food.

      • You are “sort of” right. The problem is that virtually the whole eastern half of the US has almost no selenium in the soil and neither does the Pacific Northwest. No matter how organic you might wish to live, if there is essentially no selenium in the soil when your food is grown, you will get none. The Dakotas have the highest levels of Selenium in the soil in the US and water but it is mostly in a toxic form. The problem is, as I write on one of the pages on the website “If you want to have a reliable amount of selenium for cancer prevention or treatment you can guess what is in the food you eat and hope you guessed well or you can buy inexpensive supplements which have a specific amount of selenium in each tablet and this amount is known because it has been repeatedly proven by laboratory tests. ”

        Given what can happen if we guess wrong, having a reliable source of something as important as Selenium is something you have to consider very carefully.


        • I totally agree, and after listening to today’s show I’m going to start supplementing as well. But my point is, on our farm and others like it we are building soil, which builds nutrients and minerals. I’m testing for over 30 trace elements each year, including selenium. What I’m trying to drive home is that we have to work our way back the healthy soil thru sustainable farming practices. Maybe then in 100 years beef raised on our pastures along with veggies grown in our garden might be enough to eliminate the need for supplementation on a daily basis. For cancer, that will most likely never be the case. But we can reverse the negative effects of tillage farming and mono-cropping. We can produce nutrient dense food that assists in this endeavor for preventative care.

  4. Much needed and appreciated!! I will spread this news!! Thank your both, Jack and Keith.

  5. Excellent!
    Thanks Keith/Jack for this interview.

    I have been taking my daily Selenium supplemnent (50mcq) for over a year. I heard another interview back in 2010 which in relation to my MD suggesting it for high cholesterol made me consider it.

    I am and have always been healthy (not overweight, non-smoker, 2 glass wine/night) and I consider my selenium supplements as my in expensive health insurance against cancer.


    • Eddie;

      50 mcg is probably not enough, although any does help. The high cancer areas of the US, the Mississippi River Valley to the east coast and the Pacific Northwest have intakes of less than 70 mcg per day. I would bet that there is virtually no difference in cost between your 50 mcg per day tablet and the 200 mcg tablet used in the Pendlebury Protocol – about 7¢ a day. Sort of like it is best to have all 4 tires on your car and not just one. Eat good food, like Darby explained. If you need more detailed info or have a higher risk of cancer from family genetics or toxic chemical exposures, I would love to make some suggestions for basic foods and some very specific supplements that could be most helpful. I have even found one supplement that can help remove chemo drugs and toxic metals & chemicals from your body. The nice part is they are not expensive.

  6. Enjoyed listening to your episode today. My husband sent me the link and I had to listen to this. My 2 year old nephew just passed away a few weeks ago from AML (leukemia).
    His last round of chemo from his first time in the hospital caused congestive heart failure. The doctors thought he was in remission for four months. In June he was back in the hospital and the leukemia was there all along. This time he was in the ICU. They hit him up with another round of chemo. All it did was weaken his already weak heart. Not the long after his heart could not pump properly; his body could not fight the leukemia; and he developed pneumonia.
    I am not a fan of chemotherapy or radiation even before this happened. I have seen it help some but have seen it hurt more. In this case, my nephew passed away due to heart failure from chemotherapy.
    I believe there are cures out there that do not include chemo or radiation. Thank you for this podcast.

  7. Forgot to also mention that I take more Selenium starting the week prior to any airplane flights, as well as double dose the day prior to any dental xray. I have researched that being at the higher altitude exposes the body to more radiation and Selenium helps to prevent any illness related to high radiation exposure… not sure if it is true but it can’t hurt.

  8. Thanks Jack and Keith for this information. It’s great to hear truth without hype. I hear more people here that want to help than any other online source I know of, thanks!

  9. Thanks Keith – this sure helps defend against the evils and designs which … exist in the hearts of conspiring men (including those in the medical field).

    Oh, and my wife and I also want a large family. It’s not easy, but still rewarding!

  10. Great show. I use organic red palm oil to get all 8 types of vitamin E (you can Google it, it’s worth a Google). Not the best taste but I prefer food-ish supplmentation over pills. It’s fine over eggs plus hot sauce.

    I’ve heard that Brazil nuts are loaded with Se, and cabbage plants are good at Se uptake, if it’s available. Wish soil tests for selenium weren’t so expensive. Here’s a very general survey:

    • I agree with Mike that Brazil nuts are high in selenium. Often our bodies absorb nutrients and minerals better through real food than supplements. And considering that one brazil nut has about 95 micrograms of selenium, 2 of them should be as good as one supplement.

      • Unfortunately, while the food tables seem authoritative, we can’t count on them quite as much as we would like to think. ALL values are averages and ONLY apply to the actual samples of foods tested. There is no guarantee that there is any selenium in any given Brazil nut, any more than there is any guarantee that every orange has 60 mg of Vitamin C. I have seen analyses of oranges everywhere from 5 mg to 170 mgs of Vitamin C per orange. The average is supposed to be 60 mgs.

        The problem with trying to get enough selenium to prevent or treat cancer is that getting some occasionally isn’t good enough. You need to get ENOUGH all the time.

        If you want penicillin, for example, you could always eat plenty of moldy blue bread, as one health store owner I know used to do when she got a cold, or you could take a tablet. The mold is the natural form of penicillin. Natural is always the preferred option if you can depend on it. Never met anyone else who cared to eat moldy blue bread.

        Problem is that since you have no way to know just by looking how much of any nutrient is in any food, honest supplements at least give you a guarantee of how much is in them. That doesn’t mean you should not eat Brazil nuts. What it might mean is that you eat them for whatever you like about them and take whatever supplements you critically have to have to be safe. Choice is always ours

        50 years ago, when most of the Brazil nuts were harvested from wild trees in the Amazon, they were considered pretty fair sources of selenium but now the overwhelming majority are farmed on soil that has little or no selenium in it. On the marketing end the wild nuts used to be sold only in the shell and the farmed ones were sold without the shell but now you can’t go by that either.

        Imagine the surprise of testing foods and discovering that the vitamin and mineral content of vegetables has drastically dropped – in many cases to half of what it used to be.

        That’s what happened to nutritionist, Alex Jack, when he went to check out some US Department of Agriculture food tables. The stunning revelation came after Jack compared the 2000 nutrient values with a 1975 USDA handbook he had been using. Some of the differences in vitamin and mineral content were enormous – a 50% drop in the amount of calcium in broccoli, for example. Watercress down 88% in iron content; cauliflower down 40% in vitamin C content – all since 1975.

        Jack asked the USDA for a reasonable explanation. That was two years ago. He’s still waiting. So is Organic Gardening magazine, which published an open letter, seeking an explanation from Dan Glickman, Secretary of Agriculture. Glickman didn’t respond, but USDA employee, Phyllis E. Johnson did.

        Johnson (who was head of the Beltsville area office), suggested to Organic Gardening that the nutrient losses should be put in context. According to her, the 78% decrease in calcium content of corn is not significant because nobody eats corn for calcium. So it didn’t matter. She further explains that the problem may not even exist at all; that the apparent nutrient losses could be due to “changes in the public’s perception of what the edible portion of a food is. In other words, maybe back in 1975 when the old food tables were made up, people ate the corn cobs too, so they got more nutrients. Right!

        There is almost always a difference between what you would like to be true or simple or fit in with your philosophy and what really works. I live in a negligible selenium area. Essentially zero. Probably better than most people I know how to put selenium back into the soil. I also fully understand the problems of doing it wisely and safely and have decided, for now, that as much as I would philosophically like it to be that way, I am much better off, in many ways to spend $20 a year on the selenium supplement and get what I need guaranteed, than spend $100 a year on Brazil nuts or specialty fertilizer and hope. We all get to decide what we want to do and how we want to do it but we don’t usually get to choose the consequences of our choices. I have learned that the hard way, don’t need to learn it again.

  11. I was currious, maybe I missed it, what was the form of vitamin E that had all 8 forms? Thanks !!

  12. Non-related, whatever happened to the Harris show discussing generators?
    Believe it was to be scheduled around last week some time.
    If it’s still in the works, recommend discussing propane and gas as well as converting gas to propane.

    Re this show subject, I still believe the approach to battling cancer should be holistic.
    Possibly cancer can be the result of 1 item or several.
    Diet, lifestyle, stress, negative thoughts, feeling a lack of worth, EMFs, other toxicities, lack of essential items, or the addition of bad items.
    For some it may be one or two things, for others, several.

    Maybe cancer is the body’s way of saying something is wrong, what that something is can range from a couple things to several.
    It’s hard to make a cureall for everyone imho.

    Either way happy to see people desiring to help.

  13. This show as a gift to humanity. The NY times cited that 50% of doctors would not take chemotherapy. Add that to the Cholesterol issue and I have very little faith in mainstream medicine, except repairing one smashed in a car. Keep up the good work. I wrote a letter to the editor about your show number and Keith. Bravo.

  14. I need to get ahold of this guy to find out if taking these
    supplements will not cause problems with my blood thinner
    pills I take. Can’t find his e mail addr any place.

    Ron, Hanford, Ca.

    • There are several email links in the eBook and website that Jack has posted. I did get your email later and answered your question. The pharmaceutical opinion is not that it does but is that it MIGHT make the blood thinner more effective so you would need less of it. I sent Ron a protocol so that, with help from his physician monitoring his blood, he could start to take the selenium perfectly safely. This is a very good question. Most people are amazed to learn that aspirin and even salad can conflict with blood thinners. The major point is that your body must have selenium or you will die. You body can adjust but since you have a very touchy chemical there now, the Coumadin, you have to wisely introduce the selenium in reasonable amounts. You are getting your blood tested regularly and can use those tests to confirm that you are doing the selenium safely. You would have to follow the same procedure for introducing many new foods and medications. Every physician knows this they just don’t tell patients. They want your whole life to be determined by the pill they prescribe. It is fewer potential challenges for them and a lot less wellness for the patient. I have had doctors repeatedly tell me that they prescribe dangerous drugs because they can “manage” the consequences.Problem is sometimes they manage the patient to death. About 1500 people die every day because they are perfectly following their doctors orders. There is a video on the last page of my website by Dr. Peter Glidden who tells how and why.

  15. This was a great show.

    I’ve been saying for a long time that these Susan G Komen type of companies are a big waste of money. No cure from cancer will ever come from that, just based on sheer logic. If YOU were a company getting billions of dollars, annually, for essentially doing nothing (what results do we have to show for 30 years of dumping money?), how quickly would you make a “cure” for cancer? It defies common sense.

    It makes me happy to see people out there researching and coming to substantial conclusions outside the mainstream. This is always where substance and change has happened. Keep up the good work, Jack and Keith.

    • Thank You. After I had first published the One Cancer Cure eBook, I went through the internet and send full copies of the book to every cancr oriented organization that was claiming to be interested in finding a cure, Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, the lot. Also sent the eBook to hundreds and hundreds of newspapers and hundreds of regular radio station all over North America. The results NOT ONE RESPONSE. Thousands of emails in total. The best response has been from individuals helping other individuals and the rare gem like Jack and Dorothy Spirko who care about real people with real problems. The pure and simple truth is that the mainstream media and cancer organizations will ignore this as long as they possibly can and will put it down every way they can, use every regulatory pressure they can bring to bear to get it off the internet and keep it off. There is no way I can do this on my own. I simply don’t have the resources financially or the connections to other people of influence to spread it to all the people who need it.

      For that important function, I need help from every person who reads the eBook to share the link with every other person they know. If everybody who visits the website refers 6 friends they they do 6 more and they do 6 more and that happens a total of 12 times, One Cancer Cure could be in the homes and helping over 300,000,000 people worldwide and 80% of all the big killing cancers would be on their way to being eliminated within 5 – 10 years. That is my goal. I can’t make it happen but WE CAN!

  16. Great episode! I think Keith drives home something that a lot of us have been saying for a long time — what we eat matters. If we eat crap, we’re going to be sick and unhealthy. If we eat well, we’re way ahead of the game.

    Personally, I’m not a fan of getting my food from a supplement bottle, but I do understand the importance of some nutrients that we just don’t get in adequate quantities from our food. I like what Robb Wolf says. In essence, he says, “Don’t let the persuit of perfection stop you from achieving ‘good enough’.”

    Food can be powerful medicine. Keith’s protocol reminds me of Dr. Terry Wahls. She was able to get her MS into remission with a Paleo plan that focuses on color, sulfur, and greens (along w/the kinds of protein sources that we’d expect from a Paleo-type plan.)

    I absolutely see that Keith is on to something here, and I’m grateful that he’s sharing what he’s learned. Now we just have to get people to actually LISTEN. 🙂

    • Oh! And one other thing of interest. Not only do tumor cells take up selenium like Keith was talking about, but they also metabolize sugar at a significantly increased rate as well. SO… when we dump a bunch of junk sugar into our bodies and we don’t get enough key nutrients from healthy sources, we’re definitely guaranteed to set ourselves up for failure.

      • The reason cancer cells use sugar is very simple. They are constantly growing. However overly restricting sugar and starch isn’t going to help because your liver makes blood sugar for the cells in your brain because that is the only fuel your brain cells can use. The cancer cells will take as much of that as they can get.

        What you do need to know is that the amount of sugar in a single can of soda or its equivalent, from any source, raw sugar, honey, fruit, potatoes, bread, cookies, cake, pizza, chocolate, french fries, whatever will make the white blood cells in your body virtually stop trying to find viruses, bacteria and cancer cells for a 24 hour period.

        At least part of the cancer epidemic is caused by people snacking on high sugar foods and inactivating their own cancer defenders, day after day out for years. I do have a foods list that I give out free to anyone who asks that will keep your blood sugar in normal range and help you be safe. On the food list you choose the kinds of foods you want for 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. All good food you can grow yourself, find at a Farmers market or in a grocery store. Nothing weird.

  17. Would the selenium treatment be effective against leukemia?
    I know it is a type of cancer but I did not want to assume that it would act the same as other cancers when treated with selenium. Thank you both for an informative show.

    • The qualified answer is yes. There are a number of different types of leukemia. It isn’t necessarily as dramatic and impact as Roger had having his PSA drop from 7 times above normal at 44 to just 1/5 of normal at 1.31 in 98 days. Some people with leukemia have contacted me about the protocol and are using it. They were near death, have improved but we have no final results that I know of yet. Contact me directly through the links on the website or in the eBook and I would love to work with you.


    • Very interested how this works with CML Leukemia, my wife already has had a bone marrow treatment, a second less invasive transplant, and put on the drug Gleevec. That drug stopped the cancer but caused her retinas to detach. (Dr.s wont confirm it but took her off the drug the SECOND they heard about her eyes and no one will give a straight answer) After painful intense surgery she is still blind in one eye.

      • Aaron;

        Called you 10 am my time Thursday morning and left a message on your answering machine. If you get back to me I would love to work with you and your wife and help in any way I can. There are several direct email links to me in the eBook.

        Warm Regards


  18. From a permaculture perspective how do we get selenium back in our soils? Clearly we make it or mine it from somewhere for the supplements. I’d rather grow and eat selenium rich salid greens than keep taking supplements.

    Great show!

    • The big problem is that Selenium is not normally in most soils in any good quantity. I know the extreme value of organics more so than most people but one of the fallacies of some organic philosophy is that all the minerals are in all the soils if you just get enough compost or other organic matter in the soil. In the form the Selenium exists in the Selenium yeast tablets it is perfectly safe. You would need to take 3 bottles of tablets, – over 250 tablets a day – for months before you would have any symptoms of an overdose. However in the form you would get it as a fertilizer, it is not in a safe form. In that form it would be very poisonous. It is only safe after it is taken up by the plant and incorporated in a part of a protein. You couldn’t just buy some Selenium and safely sprinkle it on your garden like you could do with limestone for calcium. The theory is nice but you would have to know exactly how much you were putting on how big an area, make sure it was evenly spread around. I believe it could be done, like many other thing, it isn’t quite as simple and uncomplicated as we would like. The process is simple enough, the problem is you can’t tell if you have too much selenium in one spot and how much selenium is in the food your harvest from that spot. I have the same concern for my own food that I grow. I believe there might be some soluble Selenium supplement available for hydroponic gardening that could be dissolved in water and sprayed over a garden area. That would allow for far more control than any powder or granule. I have tended to pursue things that were far more certain as far as getting enough selenium into people to prevent cancer.

    • @keith

      I understand there are some complexities to building it back in to eco systems. Luckily Jack knows permies people who are just as passionate about serving humanity though rich soil as you are about preventing and curing cancer.

      The logical conclusion of your work is to get Selenium back into the soil, back into the food supply, and reduce or eliminate the need to take supplements.

      I am just going to put this out to the universe;

      Paul Wheaton, Helen Atthowe, Geoff Lawton, Jack Spirko, and Keith Pendlebury in the same room for 3 hours. I’ll bet a nickel that meeting could generate a statistically significant spikes in cancer deaths and life expectancy data over time.

      • If every teenage girl in the US would take 1 Selenium Yeast tablet a day – cost about 7¢, by the time they were mature adults breast cancer and most of the other cancers that affect women would have been at least 80% eliminated. The same would be true for teenage boys. The belief is that at least 90% of all cancers are not caused by anything related to any family genetic issues. If people ate good food most of the rest of cancer would never exist. We have the tools, we know the process, we need to share it.

  19. Thank you so much for this show. My wife was diagnosed with non-hodgens lymphoma last week and got chemo on sunday. Its overwhelming the amount of information and stuff to deal with and this show was super timely for me. I will definitely be checking this out.

  20. Read the wikipedia article on selenium before experimenting high dose selenium intake.

    Kidney failure is a complication of overdosing Selenium accordning to:

    If you want to reduce risks of Cancers watch this youtube video from GrassrootsHealth and University of California TV:

    Vitamin D Prevents Cancer: Is It True?

    Vitamin D and Cancer Prevention

    Possible 75% cancer mortality reduction with Vitamin D

    • I may have missed it, but we’re the supplements you can take to “cleanse” your system once a week or so ever mentioned specifically? I do a periodic 24 hour fasting in an effort to give my body a rest from processing food but would like to further explore the supplements mentioned. Thanks.

      • Sorry Kay – the supplement for what some people might call a “cleanse” wasn’t discussed in the interview. We had so many other things to discuss. The supplement was developed by a world famous toxicologist at Stanford University to remove heavy metals and toxic chemicals from your body. He is internationally regarded as a pioneer in toxicology and cancer research. He was at the leading edge of disease-prevention science for 50 years. His honors include Ph.D., Sc.D., D-ATS, Toxicologist, Pharmacologist, Member of Ten Scientific Societies, Consultant to the World Health Organization, etc.etc. I feel I can trust that extraordinary quality of science and experience.

        It was created to remove the left over chemo drugs still in your system and prescription drugs as well. I don’t know of anything normally called a “cleanse” that is anywhere near as easy on the body or as potent as this is.

        I would be happy to send you an email telling you all about it but it is too long for the comments section I think.

        If you like I could also send you a 2 page list of the Toxic Chemicals in regular household products so you can see the chemicals in them and the known diseases they cause and body systems they affect. Pretty scary stuff but you are better off knowing and getting rid of the really bad stuff than being exposed every day. I did seminars warning people about the toxic chemicals in household products for almost 10 years and used this checklist in the seminars. No charge to Jacks’ listeners of course.

        There are 90 tablets in a bottle and you only need to take 2 tablets a day for 1 – 2 months and probably not need more than 1-2 tablets a week after that. Cost is l$38 for a bottle plus applicable tax and shipping. Email me at

    • The actual quote from the link is “MASSIVE OVERDOSES TAKEN ALL AT ONCE can result in kidney failure, breathing problems, and death.

      Too much selenium taken over a period of weeks or months can cause more gradual toxic effects.

      Early signs of selenium poisoning include vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, irritability, garlicky smelling breath, and numbness and loss of control in the arms and legs. Long-term effects can include hair loss, discolored nails, skin rash, and loss of nails.”

      I believe most people could figure out that the 250 tablets a day of Selenium Yeast supplements they would need to take very day for 60 – 90 days might have something to do with those symptoms. I know I might wonder about that if I was taking 3 bottles a day of Selenium. Of course, I would have died already if I had taken that much aspirin or any other drug.

      We actually know of one case of Selenium overdose from supplements. It happened about 40 years ago when on supplement company not operating by strict rules mistakenly made a selenium supplement that instead of 25 mcgs of Selenium had 25,000 mcgs of Selenium. The only way the mistake was found was when the people who had taken the supplement every day for almost 90 days started to have hair loss and discolored fingernails and very heavy garlic smell on their breath. No other problems were reported and those symptoms vanished when they stopped taking the supplement. I know of no reports of any overdose of Selenium before that or since.

      The links to Vitamin D are nice to have but it would be better to note what is in the videos, such as the fact that people need to take 10 times as much Vitamin D as has been considered normal. That may prove to be absolutely true but there have been zero trials that proved anything so far, just some small evidence that it may be worth investigating. Vitamin D3 combined with Calcium and Magnesium are all included in the supplements to work with the Selenium. I would love to see a case of someone who had some form of cancer and had been given just Vitamin D and seen the lab tests that proved it actually did something.

  21. Keith & Jack, thank you for sharing your info w/ the podcast family! My mother died of cancer at 56, originally breast cancer that later metastasized to the lings & cervical spine, just a month and a half after her 2nd granddaughter was born. My girls will never get to know the joys of this wonderful woman in their lives because of the Big C. I WISH that this info might have been more widely disseminated back in 1989, maybe she’d still be around.
    As there is likely a genetic weakness/predisposition, possibly exacerbated by my now living in the PacNW, I stopped at my local health mart on the way home from work. We’re already spending hundreds of dollars a month on “health” insurance, can $.07 a day really hurt?!?
    I also intend to share this ‘cast with a woman I’ve known since childhood who is now undergoing chemo. Hopefully it’s not too late for her. You may be getting an e-mail from “Bunny” Keith. You always speak of the “synchronicity” in the TSP family, Jack, I hope this is another one of those instances.

    Thanks again for the sharing on this subject gentlemen!

    • Brian,

      Please email me directly at I have a Household Product Checklist I would like to send to you so you can reduce/eliminate the toxic chemicals from your home. It will be of great benefit to your wife and girls particularly. Your wife because she has the greatest exposure from using the products herself and your daughters because children are are greatest risk of damage from even small exposures as their body systems are still forming.

      Most people are stunned to learn how many poisonous chemicals are in normal product they buy in stores and use in their homes every day. I taught seminars on this for almost 10 years.

    • What a great map! You can plainly see that the vast majority of the United States has only a very low amount of Selenium that occurs naturally in the soil, By clicking on any given county you can see a list of all the minerals they tested for.

      I randomly checked on Westmoreland County in Pennsylvania which appears to have a higher level of Selenium than just about any place else in the Eastern US.

      The soil there has and average of 0.669 parts per million of Selenium – with a low of 0.342 parts per million and a high of 0.996 parts per million but it also has 36.301 parts per million Lead, 10.81 parts per million of Arsenic which is a deadly poison, 1896.060 parts per million of Manganese which can also be highly toxic and 21 parts per million of copper which can also be toxic.

      I would strongly recommend everybody check out where they live. It is important to note that there are even very different levels of Selenium withing small parts of each county, even between neighbors. if you need to know it would be worthwhile to have your soil tested. One of the comments had a link for that for only $20 I believe.

      Now the BIG QUESTION is, how much Selenium has to be in the soil to guarantee you a quarter pound of some vegetable that you can reliably eat to get 200 mcgs per day of Selenium. That is the challenge.

      The average Selenium in the diet of people in the eastern half of the US according to the Cornell University studies is only 100 mcgs or less per day. Obviously no matter how much may be reported to be in the soil not enough seems to be making it into the people in a way that can meaningfully reduce their cancer risk..

  22. @ Keith, it’s probably much like say, radon levels in one’s particular homesite or not. One person in community could have put their place right on top of a deposit or not by a 100 yards or so. And “where” one chooses to put their garden plot or “who” they get their “coloreds” from is just as variable.

    I completely understand Darby’s point, that it’s optimal to get one’s minerals & traces the way Nature intended. But with the way that produce comes in the stores, or even from co-ops etc, one would have to test each bunch of broccoli, kale, peppers & such to “know” how much Se is in each bunch. And for those that get produce from say Ecuador or Chile in the winter, who knows what their levels are?!? Our last co-op basket had tomatoes from Mexico in it. Tablets w/ a ‘guaranteed analysis” would just seem to take one less bit of stress out of the equation.

    To get some greens from a place w/o or low Se would almost be like taking a placebo, but absent the control factor in a trial.

    • Brian; I don’t like putting down an idea without knowing for sure what the real world experince has been so I checked to see if there was some experience in supplementing soil fertility with Selenium and I found a case in Oregon. The link I found is…/Selenium.pdf

      They use 5 grams – about I teaspoon of Selenium spread over a full acre.

      This is the quote I selected

      “A trial was initiated in the spring of 2002 to look at several different selenium materials. This research work will continue through 2005. We now know that the use of sodium selenate on pastures in early spring can raise selenium levels in plants. The major difficulty is that the life span of the results is pretty short, being only a couple of months. Applying too much sodium selenate may result in toxic levels in the plant. Sodium selenite, another form of selenium is being investigated to see if adequate plant selenium levels can be sustained over a longer period of time without the danger of toxicity.

      A word of caution to anyone thinking about fertilizing with selenium. While a little is necessary, putting on too much can result in forage that is toxic to livestock. Rates of use must be carefully noted and the amount of selenium applied per acre needs to be precise or losses can result.”The risk appears to be that so little Selenium can do so much that you may be in far more danger of poisoning your livestock and you with fertilizer based selenium than you are of getting too little.

      If you could find a fertilizer that includes Selenium that does not have a whole bunch of toxic minerals in it – as many do – the toxic metals just aren’t listed – and could spread that fertilizer evenly enough that would be a victory in itself. I would think that would be a good thing. I would suggest people who are interested in improving their soil values of Selenium follow the Oregon trials. Apparently they are using a similar strategy in New Zealand which is also very low in Selenium. One way or the other we would still be supplementing. If we supplement the soil we get some in our plants and meat but we don’t know how much, how often. If we supplement us, we know how much and how often but we don’t have the satisfaction of having gotten our minerals all from the preferred source. The question for most people will simply boil down to this “How do safely I get ENOUGH Selenium to prevent or treat cancer?” Whatever the perfect way or preferred source may be, we have a tool that will do the job and until we can come up with a better way, we should save as many lives as we can with it.

  23. Wonderful show. On my day off Tuesday I was looking up the Webber Naturals Selenium that Keith recommends. I had already shared the website with family and friends. Well, I got a call later in the day from my aunt saying that my 91 year old grandmother has liver cancer. That was a shock. Well, she’s been taking supplements for years so I knew she would be okay with taking this Selenium. I went online and ordered five bottles and had it sent to her from Amazon. (Natural Vitamins Direct, who fulfilled the order through Amazon, is actually cheaper direct from Canada even if you have to pay higher shipping. You should use Keith’s referral code ‘mycure’ when you set up your account.)
    Keith, I did write about the Vitamin E source but I haven’t heard back yet.
    Thank you so much. I’m going to be sending you a Paypal donation too.

    • Dear Greg;

      Your email arrived yesterday afternoon at 4:20 my time. I receoved notification of this posting about 13 minutes ago. I started to answer the original email but actually fell asleep at the computer. i had been answering emails and phoning people for about 12 hours that day by that point. Previous days have been longer. Can’t say no to people who need help.

      When I woke up, my computer had shut down after not being used for a while and when I started it up again the mail program was closed and I did not remember about my email to you. It is 5;21 pm on Wednesday and you will have an email on the way within 10 minutes. if you send me your phone number I will call you and we will talk as long as you have questions.

      Warm regards


  24. Thanks so much, Keith. I knew you were probably very busy. I only mentioned that I had already written to you because you were asking lots of people to write to you already. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge with us.

    • Did you get the email and attachments Greg? Yes I was busy but when people are very sick, if you care, you can’t work just when it is convenient for you. You have to help by meeting their needs.

      As someone who is far less sure than I used to be that I will be around forever, I take the following poem very seriously.

      I know that when I stand before my Maker and all the stupid things I did come up for review, He will be able to say to me “Keith, you weren’t exactly the brightest bulb on the tree of life down there were you?” and I already know without a doubt that is true.

      I hope I hear “But towards the end you got with the program and helped a lot of people and we do have a place for you with the rest of the family. Welcome home My Son.”

      I have a lot of work to do to make that possible. I also would like to stay here with my WONDERFUL WIFE Michelle and my children and grandchildren.

      Every evening I ask myself the following question and think on the true meaning of service as exemplified in this poem. I put my name in it to personalize it.

      Have I Earned One More Tomorrow?

      Keith – is anybody happier because you passed this way?
      Does anyone remember that you spoke to him today?
      The day is almost over and its toiling time is through.
      Is there anyone to offer a kindly prayer for you?

      Keith – did you give a friendly greeting to a friend who came along?
      Or a sort of churlish howdy and then vanish in the throng?
      Were you selfish pure and simple as you rushed along your way?
      Or is someone mighty grateful for the deed you did today?

      Keith – can you say tonight in parting with the day that’s slipping fast
      That you helped a single person of the many that you passed?
      Is some heart rejoicing for the kind words that you said?
      Does a man whose hopes were fading now with courage look ahead?

      Keith – did you waste the day or lose it? Was it well or poorly spent?
      Did you leave a trail of kindness or a scar of discontent?
      As you close your eyes in slumber, do you think that God would say
      You have earned one more tomorrow by the work you did today?

      Author unknown

  25. Have heard you can starve cancer of sugars ,This BBC Horizon Documentary ” Eat, Fast and Live Longer” which aired a forthnight ago might be of help

  26. I wish this podcast was available 3 – 4 years ago when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She died on Christmas 2010. Today would have been her 63rd birthday.

    • The use of Selenium to fight cancer goes back to 1911 when the most toxic form was injected into cancers that had broken through the skin. It liquified them.

      The successful use of even 1 tablet or selenium per day as a way to prevent cancer was reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The knowledge was there but it wasn’t profitable enough to use.

      Big Pharma can’t patent a natural substance like Selenium which works so they work on something like platinum which only sort of works once in a while, maybe.

      One survey of cancer doctors who specialized in giving patients chemo some years ago reported that 95% of those doctors would never have chemo and would oppose anyone in their family having chemo.

      See the videos on the last page of One Cancer Cure website. There is one titled “Death By Doctor.”

  27. Thanks to Keith & Jack for this informative episode. Cancer has been prominent in my family for the last 25+ years. I am reading all that’s in your website & ebook. I am also sharing this episode, your website and ebook on my facebook page (695 friends) and if 10% get something from it and pass it on maybe that 10% can grow.

    • Dear Loren;


      The eBook is just the first part of the story. There are links to almost all of the 200 different recognized cancers on the website, videos and news stories about Chemo, critical questions to ask your oncologist BEFORE you decide on what to do and more is being added every week or so. Several pages have been added even since this podcast was made.

      I used the Creative Commons copyright on the eBook so people could share it with friends but now believe it would be much better to share the website link as so much more is there now.

      I have always believed that the most effective sharing was done by caring and informed friends. I have tried to empower everyone with the knowledge of how to prevent most forms of cancer and if they did get cancer, provide a proven way to treat it effectively that preserves their quality of life and doesn’t ruin them financially. You can help spread that knowledge. As a matter of fact you and your friends are the most important part of that process.

      If you wrote a short email note to your friends telling them how you found and explaining why you feel it is important to you and if you shared your note and the link to my website with just 6 friends and they each shared with 6 of their friends and they each shared with 6 more of their friends, by the time 12 sharings had occurred, we would have reached EVERY FAMILY in the world and Cancer would be on its way to being a disease of the past we only read about in the history books. My prayer is that every person shares with everyone they know. We can’t do too much sharing of something that can save lives and end the suffering and tragedy of cancer.

      Warm Regards

      Keith Pendlebury