Thanks for filling out the MSB Application, to complete your purchase, choose the form of currency you wish to pay with below, send the money to the address for your chosen currency.

The cost of MSB is 50 dollars a year unless we currently are running a sale or you qualify for a discount.  You can pay for one year or multiple years, the choice is yours.

Once you do send an email to me at jack @ put “TSPC Crypto” in the subject line.

In that email tell me the name you used on your application for MSB and the form of cryptocurrency you made payment with.

With in one working day I will set up your account.  Thanks for making a statement about real freedom and doing business in cryptocurrency.

  • To pay with Bitcoin send payment to – 1E7MoDbNwGwm3amZvq5DmEKKVEqrPvg9G7
  • To pay with Ethereum send payment to – 0x1febdd417d7d81a8690c0b8d548684428469289b
  • To pay with DASH send payment to – XbVKXaVAaKmz22zpaxSbPdqC8Yej6QRckZ
  • To pay with Litecoin send payment to – LiSw5sT5iZWRbXc9rsZKuFEze7QH8aQbnY
  • To pay with ZCash send payment to – t1PfMMLTxcyXmKVawD3wqaHj1j8Zi79rR3L
  • To pay with Augur send payment to – 0x1febdd417d7d81a8690c0b8d548684428469289b

If you have any questions or concerns or need any help in completing payment just send me a quick email and let me know how I can assist you.

NOTE – If you have been offered a specific discount or there is currently a sale running, make the adjustment yourself to the correct price.