Permaculture Design Course and Appropriate Technology Course – From Paul Wheaton — 5 Comments

  1. O.K., there is something I don’t understand here. What are the real differences between the 3 purchase options of $65, $200, and $300 if one can view any of the content at any time in the future? Does the $65 version have a grainy video and substandard audio compared to the hugely more expensive other options? I’m willing to spend the extra money if I really get a lot more for doing so.

  2. Are any of the PDC recordings downloadable? I usually listen to .mp4 or youtube videos converted to .mp3 files so I can listen on my phone while working in the garden.

    Is there a specific cutoff date of when you can no longer view the recording? It just says 5+ Years of Viewing

    Sounds like an amazing opportunity!!!

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