Paul Wheaton Kickstarter for Hugelkultur and Earthworks — 10 Comments

  1. Not sure which method Paul used to seal his pond and since his pond looks rather large from the pictures I am sure he didn’t seal it using the Gley or Glei technique.

    Those who are building small ponds in a urban settings should look up the Gley technique and how to do it without using plastic or petroleum products. Bill Mollison, Geoff Lawton and others talk about this method in some of their PCD courses.

    • The pond was sealed using the natural clay in the soil. It was compacted with the excavator tracks and the bucket. I was there. 🙂

        • Isn’t a keyway more likely used if you need to actually build one or more of the main retaining walls of a pond? With minimal or no wall construction, if you were just excavating a hole, for example, in an area of level or gently sloped ground composed of soil with a natural clay content (or adding clay, if there’s not enough natural clay content), and compacting with the excavator, you wouldn’t necessarily need a keyway?

  2. Paul, many of us live in areas with limited internet availability and can not stream large videos. Actual DVD’s are our only option. I download TSP every two weeks and burn to a CD to listen in my car, but this is not done from home.

  3. It is funded at $60K+, so Paul is going to replicate at his site, 2 excavators, building a 15′ berm, and building the foundation to grow lemons outside in Montana.

    If he gets 3000 backers to contribute he will give the micro-documentary to the world for free. He has 1300+ backers right now. You can donate as little as $1 and you get the micro-documentary.