Episode-1143- The Patriot Nurse on Medical Prep and Medical Myths — 22 Comments

  1. Hola Patriot-nurse! The TSA need to be vaccinated. They are obviously suffering from Jerk Flu. Love your channel. My very first exposure was to “Who Will Die First.” Chilling but needful. Ive used it to open the minds of some folks who depend on drugs that may one day not be available. Great show and dittos on getting your property.

    Sorry Jack, but I fear the cheese is a lost cause. 🙁

  2. In the realm of getting trained, I’d like to ask Rachel if she’s had any experiences w/ the Medical Reserve Corps and the free training they provide to their volunteers.

    • Hey Brian,

      Thanks for your question! I have not spent time with them due to personal convictions on their vaccination programs. To be honest, I try and stay as far away from the government working in healthcare at all.

      PN 🙂

  3. Nice program. That part about child birth rang a bell. Had a 18 year old complain about her wide hips due to bone structure. I tolled her that it was going to make childbirth easier down the road. That alot these narrow hipped girls would of died before C sections. If you look at old drawings and early photos the women had hips .

  4. Anyone who references ‘Guns, Germs and Steel’ is OK in my book. 😉

    Good episode.

  5. loved the episode!
    I agree 100% about staying out of hospitals unless absolutely necessary. I remember one time when my kids were young and I had to take them to the doctors office for a physical required for school sports. I’m in one room with my healthy kid and I hear the doctor in the next room say to someone, ” I don’t know- looks like scarlet fever!” I’m like, “great”

    They pull the magic new piece of paper over the examination bench in the doctors office (which I’m sure is effective) *sarcasm*, but every single one of those coughing, sneezing kids were sittiing in the same waiting room chairs right before me.

    Why anyone would choose to have their healthy baby born in the most disease-infested environment possible is beyond me.

  6. Some of this stuff is a bit over blown.

    Jack if your wife is having a severe allergic reaction the ER is the best place to go and not a clinic. Why? Well as a former army medic I’m going to tell you the first principle of life saving–breathing. If you’re not breathing or getting oxygen to the brain you could survive and be retarded. There’s not a lot of time to fix breathing and the lack of oxygen and its consequences. An emergency room can be chalk full of people and if you have a breathing issue you will be seen instantly. So what if the eppy pen or injection doesn’t work quick enough? You better hope the clinic not only has the ability to open an air way but the people are experienced and not just trained because injuries are easy to cause using the equipment.

    As for glutton the problem according to a doctor who was trying to figure out the problem his heart patients were having turns out to be when wheat et al were bred to drawf varieties. Not paying attention to any characteristics other than production and being short the genetic modification of these species had other effects that have led to people having glutton issues more so than would normally have occurred. I believe this happened in the seventies and that is why we notice the problem now a days more wide spread. So it is possible if you ate old wheat species you may be just fine. There was an article in Acres USA with the doctor two months ago, check it out.

    Any breeding is genetic modification. What we don’t like is transgenetic modification, where one takes the genetics out of a separate species and places it into another. Anyone who grows something and breeds it practices genetic modification, as they influence the genetic pool.

  7. I’d give this interview a 75%.

    Was fully on board until around 38:00 when the “artificial pregnancy” bit came out. I get the point of a morbidly obese or otherwise unhealthy women not be naturally suited for pregnancy.

    What we need to recall about history, is that child birth was extremely dangerous for moms and babies. A century earlier ago women regularly lost a fraction of pregnancies, either to miscarriage, still born, etc.

    Back then type I diabetics didn’t survive often either. Does that mean they aren’t worthy to be around today?

    I take this personally, as my second child was nearly lost during pregnancy. My wife was on bed rest for a full trimester, and today we have a healthy 7 year old girl. Maybe wanting our unborn child to survive was arrogant on my part, and I should have instead accepted that we aren’t worthy of natural selection or whatever…

    I think hanging out with James Yeager is rubbing off on Nurse Rachel – and not in a positive way if you must ask.

    • Just because you don’t like a fact doesn’t make it untrue. Her point wasn’t that anyone is bad for the way many get or go though pregnancy today, just what the consequences will be if the ability to do that after having it for 50 years goes away.

      We also covered the “how dangerous pregnancy was” myth, as we said if it was as bad as we are led to believe there wouldn’t be billions of people around today in a world where about 3 billion people still live without all the things we take for granted.

      • On June 20 at 10:30 am my wife gave birth to my baby girl
        on the floor of our bedroom. I was on my way back from
        dropping off my son at my moms house when i find my wife
        on the floor with my daughters head crowning . The first call to
        911 ended up with the operator hanging up on me. Luckily the second call was more helpful. By the time the paramedics showed up my daughter had already been born and was resting in my wifes arms while i used a shoe string to tie the ambilical cord. We weren’t planning on doing it ourselves but we managed.

  8. Sean, I really don’t think this is what she was saying. Instead, her point was that 100 years ago women such as your wife would have miscarried. This is just a fact. The technology and medicine are advanced to a point where they can detect issues early and initiate medical actions and bed rest. Without proper blood testing or ultrasounds and the appropriate medical actions the body would have given up on the pregnancy. Medical intervention is what she was calling ‘unnatural pregnancy’. She was not saying you didn’t deserve a daughter. What she said was that in a collapse scenario preventative measures would be much harder, nearly impossible due to lack of detection and many more pregnancies will end in miscarriages or still births. Lack of modern medical intervention is why birth rates/infant mortality were higher in earlier historical periods.

  9. One of the best shows I have ever listened to. Thank both of you for what you do and the information you share! Very thought provoking and encouraging!

  10. @ Sean, 1st I’m glad that your daughter has blessed with you with 7 years of her life. My wife was extremely “morning sick” and had to be hydrated multiple times via IV and was confined to bed rest as well for their final trimester. After birth, Nicole” went to NICU for 3 days and was on an apnea monitor for some months after she came home. She’ll be 28 this Oct. and is a wonderful productive member of society, except that she works for a financial liar (wink) “adviser.

    My point is , and what I believe PN was saying, is that in a major emergency that overwhelms “the system”, many of our daughters, and sons, aren’t going to survive w/o those interventions/ W/o all the bells & whistles, my daughter likely (and maybe my wife) wouldn’t be here today. It’s nothing “personal”, it just is.
    The baby that is “born” at half or 2/3 term and kept alive through 100 k’s worth of medical care IS a miracle, but remember that sometimes God’s answer is “No.” If the care isn’t there in a collapse or other scenario , there may be a lot more “no’s” 🙁

  11. So let me get this straight the reason the bad pregnancy myth is not true is because of how people are alive today.

    In Iraq when we searched thousands and literally thousands of homes during the cordon and search of Baghdad I noticed something particular in many Iraqis’ homes–medicines to keep their infants alive. Figure on a place where I watched a woman cut meat on a plate on the floor that was covered in flies. As she cut the flies barely moved out of the way of the blade and remained on the meat. I watched cows in the streets of Mosul eating garbage. The children didn’t survive merely on their own.

    Now if I were breeding an animal I would breed for easy birthing. Shocking as this might seem this eugenics approach to human birth is misguided and untrue. The reason there are billions of people on this planet is due to a cheap source of energy. Otherwise why weren’t the numbers the same previous to all of these hospital births? What I am getting at is I do not see the correlation in argument that says there are billions of people today while there are more hospital births now than before when the population was dramatically lower. In other words the argument ignores too many variables of a very complex array of events that have led to this population growth and suggesting that in vitro is wrong is a shallow misunderstanding. Maybe you just weren;t intended to have a child though there’s this technology that exists that is not natural. Well yes and no. It’s like arguing for God as long as God is on your side and thinking you know more than God who could have just as well planted the idea of in vitro fertilization in someone’s head.

    The verification is illegitimate and merely is we disproved it because we said this when this fails to describe ultimate causation.

    Alright I am done writing in that circle and dislike such logic that makes you run on a hamster wheel.

    Guess what knowing how to stitch is very important. But I guess I’m Rambo for being trained by the army the hows and whys to do things. Funny thing is I was taught drugs are a temporary therapy for most conditions. As in all trauma events you have balance risk with how immediate death can be. Basic prevention is the best tool but stuff happens. Splints, bandages and wound care are all important. You failed to mention that sterile water is one of the best aspects of wound care and got carried away on other topics. Ge sterile water in some sort of sterile bottle you can squeeze through a nozzle to create a steady light stream of water that exerts enough pressure to flush a wound. That is one of the best first steps for wound care. Now since skin is the organ in the body that keeps you safe from infection and regulates your body temp you will need to cover up the would. Depending on the placement, the size of the wound and the ability to control bleeding you then make a decision on how allow the would to heal. Sometimes that method is stitching a wound up due to the way our skin actually heals. Interesting to note one moment the nurse argues against adding foreign material like hot peppers used to cauterize a wound then argues that tape and butterfly bandages are the better methods. So what are we trying to achieve with would care? We are trying replace skin with something, control bleeding and promote epithealiazation free from foreign debris especially the tiny organisms we can’t see that can cause infection. Failure to use proper procedure, such as a sterile or best case scenario and sterilized equipment are the leading reasons why a stitched would fails to heal properly. That and added trauma by poor stitchmenship.

  12. Great show! How difficult was it to find gluten-free food in Israel? I might travel there for work. When I was new to gluten free living, I was able to eat wheat in Germany, Switzerland and Italy without problems. However, the consequences of cheating on the gluten-free diet became worse and worse until I cannot tolerate even a speck of flour. Sometime, I should identify the exact problem grains for me, but the trial and error process would put me out of commission for a couple weeks. I should warn that Celiacs may be doing serious damage that shows no outward symptoms, so they need to strictly avoid all gluten, assuming that those who are considered “gluten intolerant” haven’t been misdiagnosed as non-Celiac. (look up Dr. Thomas O’Bryan for more information on how dangerous occasional exposure is to Celiacs.) Also, ancient grains may be processed on the same equipment with modern wheat, so pure source would need to be located. Modern wheat is worse than GMO. Before transgenic technology, thousands of seeds were exposed to chemical and radiation mutagens and these were hybridized into commercial crops. (see the book Wheat Belly)

    Quadrotriticale, a wheat – rye hybrid is what killed the Tribbles on Star Trek. Star Trek consulted with DoD thinktank RAND Corporation for technical advice and futurist predictions

    Medical interventions in preganancy and fertility problems are now so common and increasing that a population decline/crash within the next few generations is a huge threat to humanity.