I am on Parler – Come Parley with Me — 10 Comments

  1. By the way, “parler” means “to speak” in French. Pronounced “parlay.” Not important, but worth being aware of.

  2. One big difference from Twitter – AFAICT, you have to sign up to read anything.

    • No you don’t. If you have a link to a post you can read it. And isn’t this crowd supposedly all about privacy anyway?

  3. I signed up YESTERDAY, coincidentally you suggested this today! Parley on!!

  4. Interesting about Twitter. I guess it makes sense that they shadow ban like Youtube/Facebook. Unfortunately there still isn’t a good replacement for Youtube. I’ve tried a couple alternatives (LBRY/can’t think fo the other one right now) but they both freeze on me.

    As for twitter I have just used RSS to follow people so they can’t really ban me from following people. I usually just follow people that talk about programming but also @CoyoteBlog/@MattRiddley.

    Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll follow you on it!

    It would interesting to know what you think of Stefan Molyneux being banned from Youtube. Although in the past I have mentioned I don’t care for him with all the Marxists (BLM but literally Marxists) going around destroying things I was like, I haven’t paid attention to politics very closely for a long time I better poke my head out see what is going on. Reminded me of why I don’t, makes me overly negative about things I can’t change. But something positive did come around because of that. I finally put my money where my beliefs are and now contribute to projects that I believe will help spread the message of freedom and organizations (including you :-)) which defend people fighting for their freedom.

  5. I switched to over Twitter, and over Youtube.  Both based on blockchain and without censorship.