ParaDIMES are Ready for Order — 22 Comments

  1. That’s a phenomenal deal/price – cheaper than 90% junk right now (per oz. of pure silver) if I did my math correctly. Very tempting…

    I assume the Liberty’s are minted at MM, too (not just the “Barter is Better” rounds)?

  2. I haven’t bought any silver EVER. But I’m going to now. Next paycheck I’ll be buying some instead of building my cash stores.

  3. I just returned from gun show … I sold out of silver… and if I had 1/10 fractional it is the perfect product… you need your guns, ammo and “trade-able” silver I say 10 oz would do.

    Every gun owner in America needs 10 oz for barter… this product is a true “para dime”

  4. Just placed an order Jack, hope to have them in a couple of weeks…keep up the great work!

  5. I ordered two: 1 oz rounds a week or so ago and got them in about THREE days. Now that is some fast shipping. I say great job Mulligan Mint!

  6. I have been putting 5 oz of silver a month away so this is just perfect. I got a couple of Galts too since I have been meaning to give my brother and sister-in-law them for Christmas for about three years now and they always seem to sell out during that time of year.

  7. I actually put my order in last night for them, I feel like a kid waiting for a magazine in the mail though 2-3 weeks for them to get here. can’t wait.

  8. You guys in the US are lucky. First of all MM will not ship to the UK 🙁 Secondly the premiums you pay are nothing compare to what we pay in Europe, because silver is liable for VAT tax. So on top of the premium 10% (if you’re lucky) you pay 22% VAT. Unless you’re in Germany where VAT for silver is only 7%, but only until end of this year.

  9. I’m glad I waited for you to put this up, because the moment I got the Mulligan Mint email about it, I was like “i’m buying.”

    Luckily we wait till a certain time of the month to pool up our savings for that month (and this month its pm. yay).

  10. Thank you for posting both sides of the story. That is a true sign of character, imho.

  11. So I guess I missed something, but it seems the deal for TSP in general and MSB as well has significantly changed. The original deal as I recall was $2.99 over spot for TSP coins and $1.99 for MSB. I recall that this was changed to require a minimum of 5 coins. Maybe it was 20 coins at one point, I don’t recall. Now to get this price I need to buy 100 coins from what I see. Let me be clear, I’m not saying this is a bad deal even for one coin. I guess I’m disappointed that this changed so much since the original deal to now when I’m prepared to use the deal and I can’t find where the change was announced.

    • Well yea you missed something a LOT of somethings.

      1. The deal on ONE OUNCE rounds is still 1.99 an ounce over spot in quantities for MSB. It is 2.99 over spot for non members both are great prices and competitive with anything anywhere in the industry. The reason you get a dollar off per ounce round is because 2.99 – 1.00 = 1.99 Yes the price is higher in quantities lower then 5.

      2. The deal on FRACTIONAL silver beats anything, anywhere, ever the MSB discount makes it even better. Quantity 50 yes but 50 1/10th ounce coins or 5 ounces.

      If you think either is a bad deal show me a better one, anywhere.

  12. ordered a bunch..

    w/ MSB & Qty discounts.. the cost came out to $2.50/each

    IMO that is an awesome barter interval.. and much easier for people to understand than using copper for change

    (mentally I don’t think most people think of copper as ‘valuable’ in the way they do silver)

    I’m going to be using these as tips, as well as getting as many as possible circulating in my community

  13. Hmmm tried to use the msb discount for 1oz.. I have ordered before with this and it still shows up in members benefit, but it says it’s not an active discount???

  14. Hate to be the fly in the ointment, but I’m not like the design they chose. Recreating the walking liberty design with all the US govt. markings just screams wrong to me. I don’t think I could hand this off to John Q. Public and have him not think that it is US currency. If someone wants to tell me how I’m wrong I will listen, but I’m gonna have to wait for the next paradime design, hopefully a TSP series, (nudge nudge, wink wink), to heavily invest in some.

    • Well first that is ONE design not the only design. Secondly who the hell cares if someone things that 3 dollars worth of silver is a 10 cent piece. Third, I don’t know why so many people are concerned about this? It seems people believe this is somehow wrong or something no one else does, to that I submit these pages on APMEX likely the largest seller of silver on the market, notice anything at these links

      I am guessing the reason for that design is Rob had dies for it and they wanted to get some options into production fast but as you can see, using old US coin imagery isn’t just done and legal but widely popular in fractional silver.

      This shit all started when the jackwagon that ran the liberty dollar used 6 dollars worth of silver and put 10 Dollars on it and passed it off as such. You will note that the designs at APMEX and the design by the mint don’t do any such thing.

  15. Just picked up my first roll of Walking Liberty Paradimes and they look nice. Two week turn around on the order, so not bad there either. Only disappointment … they are bigger than regular dimes, so they don’t fit standard dime-size coin tubes. All the copper and silver 1oz rounds I’ve purchased are the same size as Silver Eagles, so they fit standard silver dollar tubes. Won’t stop me from buying a roll of the new design ‘Barter is Better’ coins though. Keep up the good work.

    • Issues is with “circulating currency”, you can’t make any rounds the exact same diameter of a penny, dime, quarter, half dollar or dollar coin. There is no issue with the Eagles size because while it is technically currency it isn’t traded as such.

      Sadly this is mostly about vending machine theft or bank roll exchange theft. As if that could be done with silver?

    • Just a minor annoyance because they almost fit, but not quite. Real solution here … make tubes to fit the paradimes. Guess I’ll go back and find those podcasts about Maker workshops.

      • You can get plastic tube like that for less then a dollar a piece, most coin shops and coin type sites sell them they are spec’d in milometers.