Episode-2033- Benjamin Page on The Pillars of Wellness — 3 Comments

  1. Great knowledge from you guys today, the theory on beries ‘wanting to be eaten’ verses ‘wheat not wanting to be eaten’ makes a lot of sense to me and is quite funny in that it is so obvious but I have never heard that theory before.

    I actually found Ben’s voice pitch/ tone and communication style difficult to listen to in that I had to pause the podcast a few times as I was getting a headache ! But Ben’s knowledge is brilliant.

    I just realized there is probably years of training reguired to develope a good Podcast voice, timing and audio communication skill, Jack has it, Ben just doesn’t have it yet.

    I think Ben should write a book on his knowledge of health and the body. Hope Ben returns again on a future eposite.

    • But Ben has an awesome beard so you have to take that into consideration, lol. Great podcast with a unique perspective.