Episode-2776- Getting the Frack Out of the City with Dennis Alan — 7 Comments

  1. Another great option for income with rural property is becoming a Harvest Host member. We placed our farm/ranch in the network this fall and were turning people away because of limited space available to park rv’s and still provide a nice environment. They can only stay 24 hrs (unless you offer more time). They stay free, however, they are encouraged to purchase from your onsite business. We have a farm with pasture raised meats, beef, chicken and eggs, plus I have my Art studio and gallery at the farm. Our average sale per visitor is around $50. With many purchases into the $100’s. All visitors are vetted through the host site too. We have met some of the best people and are making friends across the country. We have also had many visitors who are looking for their next place to live. Many have sold properties(California, Washington, Oregon) and are boon dogging in search of the next place to live. Our business has exploded this year. We have ranched for over 25 years and many of these visitors are here just to learn from us how to make a small acre footprint work. It’s a great life here in rural Idaho.

  2. You know when people start taking poops on your stoop, it’s over. There ain’t no coming back from that.

  3. You’ve had a great few episodes in a row Jack, welcome back! Hope your week was great, and best of weekends to you!