Episode-2802- Big Tech’s Purges and Our Decentralized Future — 36 Comments

  1. Hey Jack… would you recommend leaving Gmail too? And if so, what service would you recommend.

    • I am also curious on this also. I’ve looked into blockchain email services but don’t see a viable one. My understanding is that email has so much data it’s hard to do

        • Except. . . you’d need to find a service that would store data on IPFS for free. Right now there are a few services that will pay ((or agree to freely host) small blobs of data. That won’t last forever. Data storage on IPFS is paid for with Filecoin, which I suspect you already know. Still, imagine a cheap email service as you describe is coming. I’ve got a few things uploaded to ENS addresses that are hosted on IPFS already. Solid and unstoppable.

    • Great to see so many who are knowledgeable about crypto and blockchains here. IPFS, Filecoin, Ethereum, ZCash and Brave/BAT will be great building blocks for a better future.

  2. I recommend a google-free android phone running lineage OS like those available from Works like android 10 but without any invasive google services.

  3. Great one!

    Something I have been thinking of it MDM = make data meaningless. I am very un-tech so love some people who are to see if there are ways to automate this and make it more effective and safe. Some ways to MDM

    * Go to numerous webpages that are random have no meaning to you (how to automate and be safe?). Do this on an overwhelming scale to make it impossible to see what you do

    * Trading phone/sim cards/log in: How do we have enough people doing this (need tech help). They can’t track you if they don’t know if it is really you

    * Having bots/others take over your social networks. Have overwhelming post or maybe just a chosen few make knowing you tough to do. As a person I can use discernment to know what is really you but algorithm is not able to.

    Just one of those thoughts not sure if realistic but just think so much crappy data out there big data can’t use it!!!

  4. Darren,

    For more secure email, check out these two simple possibilities:
    1. Protonmail (
    2. Kolabnow (

    A third possibility is Infomaniak, which is less known in some ways but has been around for a long time. If you have (or want your own domain with mail hosting), then I recommend Infomanik ( It’s a bit more effort, but one that I like and have used for a while with high satisfaction. It costs a little, but privacy is worth it.

    All these are Swiss solutions and do not actively “collaborate” with The Five Eyes alliance.

    Good luck and best wishes.

  5. Great show Jack! Thanks for all the trend forecasts and motivation and ideas!

    Here’s a concept that’s not new, but the word is. Copeium….

    It’s pretty much what the maskers are doing. It’s what people that just go along with the herd do. They endure it.

    Perhaps with a heavy dose of hopium and icantium!

    Many folks know what they are doing is a distraction, the toleration of events they (feel like) they have no control over. So they frantically find ways to cover their horrible reality with “something pleasant.” Like painting a rotting wall – instead of fixing it.

    Because it’s faster and cheaper than fixing it… But mostly because it’s easier.

    It like that saying, “you can ignore reality but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”

    I am not saying these tech giant folks are finally breaking out of their copium trance and “changing reality.” (By cutting off their enemies tongues.) But they are inducing copium in their user-base, by inducing fear that it might happen to them!

    Maybe the know the grass is greener elsewhere? Maybe they are happy in their cages? Maybe they don’t want to be pigs?

    Anyway, perhaps you can consider these folks that endure. The folks that cope. The copium users. Maybe there’s a way to inspire them.

    Perhaps you’ve already been doing it.

  6. How can I access Flote if I have no facebook account? Haven’t had one for years.
    Thanks for the show, great as always.
    Wishing you and your family the best in 2021.

  7. I will have to listen to the whole show another time, I have cut back on this stuff as it’s too depressing sometimes. I have to cut back on political stuff and just listen to bits and pieces.

    Should we be surprised with all this ? It seems like everything has been headed in this direction. I think it’s possible that greater restrictions could be implemented. I don’t know if you will be able to just live out in the country someplace and assume they will leave you alone

    I also disagree on other points overall because there is still arguments for the lesser of evils between this or that administration

    Cuomo apparently has changed his tune now that they think biden will get in

    • That’s because he can’t even begin to pay for his wish list budget! Not that he ever could, being $6 Billion short before Covid-19 ?

    • Good to hear from you Surfivor, Carver here.
      I deleted my Mozilla account today and am now using Brave, but apparently GAB has been grabbed as there is not trace of it.
      Keep your head and heart secure.
      I’m on mewe under a different tag.

  8. Can anyone give me a simple explanation of why you should use tor or a VPN, but not both together?

    • You could use VPN and Tor together. But, both techniques slow your internet browsing down. Using both at the same time will slow you down more. That said, I frequently use both at the same time.

  9. FYI – Microsoft built their new browser, Edge, based on The Chromium browser.
    I will only use it for my job.
    I am going to stop using everything Google and Microsoft for personal use because they, and many others, are moving to a subscription model where everything is in the cloud.
    Some apps/services I recommend:
    If you have to use a strange computer; ie, hotel, friend, etc:

  10. Not to mention, you doing TSPAZ has helped many of us get what we need for our homesteads to help build that better life. Notifying us of deals on there has paid for my MSB membership at least 3 times over in the past year on stuff I was going to buy anyway.
    Sure, there’s other options and I use them when the math and timing work.

    I also have an affiliate account, albeit with teeny tiny commissions. But even that gets used to help live the life I want regardless of what Amazon believes and does. For the time being, it’s the easiest service to use with the broadest selection of products. (And fewer logins and accounts for a small creator to maintain.)

    And if nothing else, this crap could create opportunity for the next Amazon. Something like Sal’s method of buying 3D printers with crypto, but on a larger scale.

  11. I think the establishment is overplaying their hand on this one. The rhetoric has gone from, ‘we need to go after the violent protestors who incited this riot at the Capitol, to ‘anyone with an American flag on their truck or wearing a MAGA hat is fair game.’ Bit of a stretch, and it only leads more evidence that the D.C. riot was ‘helped along’, with the majority of protestors ending up as unwitting accomplices. The video of D.C. police opening the barricades for the crowds to enter was enough for me.

    But there’s always a silver lining. Perhaps these purges will begin to finally convince people that the establishment openly hates their guts and wants them removed from the political equation… perhaps just removed, period. Plus the open-handed cancelling of individuals only means that the wolves aren’t hiding their fangs any more.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger made the connection between the D.C. protest and Kristallnacht, or ‘night of broken glass’ in pre-war Germany. I tend to agree with him, but not from the perspective he has. The MAGA folks aren’t the nazi larpers here. The point of Kristallnacht was to begin the de-humanizing and vilification of the jews. Here is where the Trump crowd has found themselves. Scarlet letter, yellow star of David, or MAGA hat. All symbols of witch hunts and identification of a group’s enemies.

  12. A good guest to have would be Rob Braxman, on YT and Odysee. He works in IT, and dives deep into privacy issues with phones. He does sell de-googled phones, and is a proponent of Linux phones Librem 5, and Pinephone.

  13. It took me over a year of listening to Jack recommending purchasing some Bitcoin and learning how to use it. I am over 60 I not tech savy and it took me longer to buy my first bitcoin but I did it and is gone up almost 4.5 times. I registered on Polarity Exchange Jack mentioned and sold some BTC for tether and bought some ARRR. They use Dapp, Turtlenetwork, gateway that are open source. They use a vault to store your information ( name, email, phone etc.) and that means Polarity Exchange can not access the vault. Polarity security/privacy is great, since they are less established they may take a little longer to trade. Start small learn and share with others, if a old man like me can use it so can you. Thanks you Jack

  14. Great thread guys!
    You may want to check out this DEX also,
    It’s a true decentralized exchange, you trade peer-to-peer directly from your wallet using atomic swaps.
    No KYC required, no email addresses, you stay completely anonymous.
    Also the order book is decentralized, not hosted on a website.
    The only downside right now is it has low volume like all DEX’s but that will change as more regulations are put in place pushing people off of exchanges.
    Unfortunately the way things are going Dex’s will be required in the new economy, it’s best to get onboard now and support their growth.

  15. With Youtube you can put clips up on youtube and say “go over here to watch the rest of it”. That way you are helping people cut the habit of using youtube and get them used to using other platforms.

  16. My son worked for a startup several years back. He loved the idea and left a better paying job to help get it going. Basically it was a home based server which stored your data, you could decide what to make public and what not to make public. You controlled your data, block chain type technology to keep it all running, facebook, etc type aps etc.

    They were looking at ways to use this to get connection between small towns in places like India etc.

    Sadly it went downhill. Internal politics, product not going to market in spite of pre-sales, someone in charge wanting to control data instead of letting user control data (which defeats the whole idea.)

    Something like this could still be a possibility.

  17. Because of this episode, I decided to try Brave with Tor again. What is it about Tor that results in some web pages not displaying and some entire web sites not displaying?

    • It is very common for providers to block known tor exit nodes because there is a perception that a significant amount of bad traffic comes from them.